My Bus Journey Part 2/6

After a few minutes he asked me if I was warm enough and I told him that I was. He mentioned that when the bus makes its only stop at a city which was midpoint to our destination, maybe I can get some coffee or hot tea. Although at that age I was not a coffee or hot tea drinker.After a little bit, I realized that his right leg was touching my left leg and that he had moved closer to me. I figured maybe he did that so the blanket would cover both of us.

A few minutes later, he asked me again if I had warmed up and at the same time put his right hand on my bare thighs to see if my thighs were still cold. I had removed my jacket off my lap and put it to the side. He remarked that my thighs were still a bit cold. But he left his hand on my thigh. My thighs were very sensitive at that age. I was feeling a bit excited and was starting to get hard. So I did not say anything and just enjoyed the feeling. Since I did not protest, he started caressing my thigh and then very slowly inched his hand up my thigh. Having had some experience in this area already, I kind of knew where this was headed and decided to just enjoy what was happening. I just passively sat there and looked outside the window. As it was already getting dark and the lights in the bus were very dim, it was pretty dark inside the bus. I was not worried about anyone noticing us. The old man across the aisle seemed asl**p. As his hands teasingly reached my crotch, he stopped and leaned over and asked me if I was feeling okay. I just looked at him and whispered a yes. This gave him the encouragement he needed.

Next, I felt his fingers slowly caressing my already hard cock over my shorts. I was already leaking pre-cum. He played with my cock through my shorts for a while and then reached for my zipper and expertly lowered it. He reached inside my underwear and with a little help from me, freed my hard cock through the underwear out in the open. He complimented me on the size of my cock for a 15 year old. At that moment I wondered as to how many 15 year old cocks he had played with. But I didn’t care much as I was enjoying the feel of his hand on my hard teenage cock very much. He played with my cock for some time, spreading the pre-cum over my slit again and again. Then just as my orgasm was building up, he let go of my cock and went back to caressing my thighs.

I thought he was done playing with me. So disappointingly, as I was reaching to put my cock back into my pants, he leaned over and said that we have just started, and to leave my cock out and just relax and enjoy.

I did as he told me and after sometime when my orgasm had subsided, he came back to my cock and started playing with it. Again, just when my orgasm had started to build, he stopped playing with my cock and went back to caressing my thighs. He continued alternating this way for quite some time. I was immensely enjoying the touching and teasing. I realized he wanted me to enjoy this feeling without cumming.

He asked me if I have ever cum multiple times within a few hours and I told him I had. He smiled at me and whispered to get me a bit more comfortable. He reached over with both hands and unbuttoned my shorts and then whispered for me to lift my butt. When I did, he pulled my shorts down to my knees. He then did the same with my underwear and I lifted my butt for that too. He now had open access to my cock and balls. He cupped my balls expertly and I was on fire. I was so horny and ready to cum but he was taking his time. He then bent down towards my legs and took my shorts and underwear completely off my legs.

Now I was completely naked under the blanket from my waist down.It was a good thing that the seats were cloth and not too cold as I set my naked butt on it. I got a horny feeling as the cloth of the seat touched my naked ass.He then asked me to sit at an angle towards him with my back to the window, so that my left leg was bent and rested in his lap and my right leg was spread and on the ground. He started to jack me slowly and expertly while he played with my balls with the other hand and within seconds I spurted my cum with an amazing f***e and intensity. I had to chew on the blanket to keep from screaming loud. He continued jacking my cock until I stopped cumming. Milking my cock completely. He took out his hands from under the blanket and discreetly licked my cum off it. Then he gave me a handkerchief to clean the mess I had made under the blanket. I cleaned myself and the inside of the blanket as best as I could in the dark.
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5 months ago
@chiefwantcum..would love to hear more details of your experience on greyhound.
5 months ago
lovely story, would have loved to have been that older man;o)
5 months ago
Good story. I have had quite a few good times on the Greyhound Bus, mostly in the back seat and once with two men at the same time. Both of them used me from about New York all the way to Chicago when they got off.
5 months ago
Thank you. Part 3 coming up soon.
6 months ago
looking forward to reading the rest of your trip story