Extreme oral session

This is a story my Friend Amy ( name changed for privacy) wrote to me telling me her fantasy that she has about me. Her and I are always pushing each others limits to see where we can go.

“Amy” I hear you say. “Amy, come on” as you grab my hand and pull me along. I feel my heel catch on the carpet as I try to keep up with your long strides. I sneak a peek at your crotch and I see your pants are bulging out. My mind races and my forehead begins to sweat as I try to hurry. My eyes move over your chest, to your face and you are looking down at me intensely. I am unable to read your expression as you turn and enter the bedroom, pulling me in behind you. I see you shut the door and as you slide over a large bolt at the top I know it is too high for me to reach.

“Undress” you say, “get on the bed”. I do it quickly as you seem to be in a bad mood. As you turn, I see your enormous cock pushing up at me. “Lay down” you tell me. The air feels cold as you open my legs and pull me to the edge where you are standing. You bend over and sniff my pussy. Again, you sniff and then lick at my hole. Swiftly, you flip me over on my stomach and smack my ass so hard I feel the tears spring to my eyes, the red imprint of your hand spreading out over my cheeks, getting redder even as you turn me back over. You hook my legs over your shoulders and as you bend, cupping both hands around my pussy, your mouth licks and sucks at me, your tongue feeling hot as it pushes inside me. “Ohhh” I moan “feels so nice. Please don’t stop….”. Quickly, you flip me back over and smack me again on the bottom. When that did not bring tears you smack me again until I cry.

“Stop crying” you say, “slide up against the pillows”. I feel your hard cock against my face as you straddle me and move close. As it catches in my hair, you push your balls against my mouth, my hair becoming tangled over your hardness. You turn my head and push your cock into my ear. It feels wet as you drag the tip over my cheek and across my lips. I feel your hand quickly grabbing my neck, cupping my face and squeezing, my jaw expertly drops open. As you f***e your thickness deep into my throat my body involuntarily convulses and my throat tries to push you out. I feel my spit sliding over my lips and down my chin; I gag and push my hands against your thighs as I pull my head back, trying to get away. “Ha ha ha” you laugh, “you weren’t ready for that were you” My teeth clamp down and I feel your left hand yank my hair, pulling me back, my jaw going slack as you slide out. Your right hand slaps me hard, stinging my cheek and lips. I can tell you are furi
ous by the way you look at me and I kick my feet and slap your chest.

Quickly, you grab my arms and pin them down. “Look at me” you say, “look at me”. I look in your eyes and you smile at me. I feel your hardness throbbing against my throat, then I feel the head of your cock pushing into the base of my neck; the dry, vulnerable, soft hollow outside to contrast the wet muscular tightness of the inside.

I start to turn away and I feel your hand in my hair again, pulling my head back. “Chin up” you say, “ha ha ha, chin up. You know you have to do the things I need, Amy”. You yank my hair down and unwillingly my chin raises, exposing my throat even more. I feel more vulnerable as your hand again guides the tip into the soft hollow, pushing harder as you feel more of the hardness of my windpipe under the tender skin. I feel your fingers slip behind my neck, pulling me hard against you and I see you watching me, waiting for a reaction. Then as I begin to cough, a rush of air is f***ed out of my lungs and I feel my ribs squeeze tight and my throat contracts and I feel like I am going to be sick. Your palm strokes my forehead, pushing my hair back and I feel fingers from your other hand pushing down in my throat, running around inside my mouth, and pushing into my throat again. You leave your fingers in my mouth as your hips begin to rock, pushing harder and harder. You
watch as my body again convulses, my ribs squeezing. Again, you push your fingers into my throat, smile deepening as your intended result materializes. Leaning back a little, you allow me to breathe.

“Here we go, Amy, here we go” I hear as I realize you have my head trapped down with your fingers in my throat, and I feel your cock pushing harder. Again, my air is cut off as you push against me, I choke and cough, your fingers searching in my mouth. I close my eyes tight as again and again you make me choke. The spit is on my face now as I cough harder. I feel you spread your hands out on either side of my head, pulling me up as you side your cock back and forth on me. “Open your mouth, little girl, come on now” you say as I look up at you. I feel the head of your cock pushing against the roof of my mouth, towards the back and I begin to gag. I try to gasp some air before my body convulses again. I gag and choke again and again…..the spit filling my mouth and covering my face. My hands push against your thighs, trying to get you away, but you are too strong, I can’t do it. My ribs squeeze tightly over and over as your cock pushes at a point I can’t swallo
w or spit it out. I feel so helpless and I begin to cry as my ribs ache and I am scared. This makes you smile and you tell me I am doing good. Then the f***e of your thrusts intensifies and my head jerks back. Over and over you watch as I gag for you….because you know I want to please you….you watch as I choke and gag again and again just for you….you do it again and again until you know I am ready…my throat is closing so tightly ….then you plunge your thickness deep.....you cum with power and it goes directly down my throat. You pull your cock out and rub the little bit of cum left on my face. I am panting shacking and you hold my tight. Holding my head against your chest and saying "Good girl" . I smile and feel so safe in your arms. I look up at you and you kiss me. I smile again knowing how much I pleased you.
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1 year ago
WONDERFULLY kinky... very hot!