Introduction from a strange source

My girlfriend and I had always been interested in group sex and talked about it a lot especially in bed. Talking was as far as it had got. The problem was neither of us fancied advertising for partners and walking in to a sex club didn't really appeal either. We had a great sex life anyway and I suppose neither of us really worried too much but in the back of our minds it bubbled away.A new game developed where we would speculate which of our friends and associates 'might be up for it'!

It was the thought of 'getting it wrong' and propositioning the wrong people that held us back. Imagine reading the situation wrong and blowing your cover to all your vanilla friends. Strangely one day fate took a hand and life changed for good.

We were out for a lively evening just the two of us and were fairly well refreshed after quite a few drinks here and there. As we walked past a lap dancing club Dee asked what are lapdancing clubs really like. I said I'd only been a couple of times but in my experience no where near as seedy as you might think and usually there were women, (customers) in them too. That started her off, she wanted to go in.

We paid at the door and sure enough the club was very smart, better than most nightclubs. We headed to the bar and bought a drink.Just being inside with half dressed dancers circulating and a pole dance floor show in progress got Dee very horny. She dissappeared to the ladies and returned with a naughty look. "Was there someone in there" I asked? "No" she replied and laughed.

We were soon approached by a dancer who gave us the usual preamble but was very nice. I kept quiet, but wasn't surrised when Dee suggested we book a dance. We opted for a VIP, a long one, sfter all it wasn't every day was it!

In the mini booth we were led to we settled down. The curtain was pulled across and Nikki started her dance. She was lithe and slim with nice breasts and very very supple. Dee slid back in her seat and relaxed. I saw her short skirt ride up and noticed the dancer staring at her legs. I placed my hand on her thigh and saw Nikki smile. I was concentrating my gaze on Nikki when my hand slid up to Dee's crotch and realised the dirty bitch had taken her panties off in the loo. Nikki said you better wtch yourself or you'll get chucked out. She laughed and and she loved it though and was really enjoying having us there.

When the dance ended I'd love to say we both dragged the dancer down with us and had a fantastic threesome, but you know thats a lie. Still it wasn't a complete loss.It turned out the dancer was a swinger and only worked one day a week and she gave us the name of a website where we could contact her.

If you'd like to know what happenned I'll post the next story
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3 years ago
Nice story. Ready for part 2.
3 years ago
Hell yeah, I want to know. Every little dirty detail ;o))