The Female Doctor bares all.

This is a TRUE story. It happened to my then girlfriend when she was at a baby shower party at some ones house. This is how she described it to me. The party had been going for about 3 hours and there where only 6 them left now. The lady hosting the party, a female doctor, a female politicion who was the member for the local area, a very pregnant lady, another lady and my girlfriend. They where all close friends of the host. They where in the lounge room sitting around talking. She said the doctor lady seem to be giving out advice to everyone the whole time. She was a very demure brunnet lady in her late 30's. The pregnant girl started talking and said how horny she felt a lot of the time. She said her husband was to afraid to fuck her in her present condition. The doctor lady said it was normal for her to feel hornier than usual. Then the host lady said "when i was pregnant, because my nickers where tighter they used to rub on my clit and i used to get turned on a lot." The pregnant girl said "my pussy is a bit sore maybe my nickers are to tight." And then she stood up and pulled up her long white shirt top up over her stomache and she pulled down her loose fitting black trowsers down till they fell at her ancles. She had on a pair of white floral nickers. The doctor stood up a went over to her and bent down in front of her and had a close look at her groin. She ran her finger around the edge of her nickers and said "well they could be a bit tight." She said "oh really i should take them off then." My girlfriend said to me then that she was just talking bull shit she was just feeling horny and she wanted to get off. She'd been talking sex the whole time she was there. She then pulled off her nickers in front of every one. She had a clean shaven pussy. She sat down again and put her hand down to her pussy and said "oh that feels better." She then pulled the shirt off over her head and she was just sitting there in a white bra. Well seeing all this must have turned the doctor on. She stood up and said "I have an announcement to make, your not the only one with c***d. I'm pregnant as well." As she pulled her dress down tight over her stomache. And they all started congratulating her. She said "you probably can't notice my slighty swollen stomach in this dress." She had a long one piece black dress on that went down below her knee's. The host girl said to her "well you don't look very pregnant." The doctor said "i'll show you" and she reached down and grabed the bottom of her dress and pulled it right up to her chest. And she had no knickers on underneath and she had a hairy pussy. She stood there rubbing her slightly swollen stomache. She said "look at my swollen stomache." My girlfriend said we where all stairing at her hairy pussy. The pregnant girl got up and stood real close to her and ran her hand down through her pussy. The doctor rolled her head back and closed her eyes. And she let out a moan. She said "i'm feeling so horny as well." She pulled her black dress off over her head as the pregnant girl stood there rubbing her pussy. This went on for a couple of minutes with all the rest of them sitting there watching. The doctor then bent down in front of the pregnant girl and moved her legs apart and started licking her pussy. The pregnant girl stood there enjoying the attention to her pussy. She undid her bra and let out her 2 big tits. By this time the host lady was getting turned on and she pulled off her shirt and undid her bra and slipped it off. She bent down behind the doctor and proceded to take her bra off too. She then looked over at the rest of them and said in a coy way "do you ladies want to join in." The polaticion lady said "no way i'm sitting right here." Now my girlfriend worked for this politicion lady. But i know she is Bi. So when i asked if she joined in she said she wasn't sure if she should with her boss watching her. She was the youngest one there at the party. Her boss was in her early 40's. She then thought to hell with it she was getting to turned on to not join in. So she stood up and undid the white longsleve shirt she was wearing and slipped it off and then undid her black trowsers and slipped them off and her shoes. Untill she was just standing there in her white g-string and white bra. She looked around at her boss who was watching her intently with her mouth slightly open. She thought she was going to say something to her but she said nothing. She turned around and then slipped her g-string and her bra off. And showed off her cleanshaven pussy and her little size A tits with her big nipples. By this time the Doctor lady and the pregnant lady where sitting together groping each other. The host lady was sort of lieing on the floor with her jeans undone and her hand down her pants. My girl went over to her got down on all fours and proceded to pull her jeans off and her panties off and spread her legs and stuck her tongue in her cleanshaven pussy. She then said to her. "I think your boss is getting turned on. She's been stareing at you arse." She turned around to see her boss with her shirt pulled up over her stomach and her jeans and white panties around her ankles. And she had her hand rubbing her big hairy pussy. She gave her a smile. Her boss stood up and stood out off her jeans and panties and and removed her shirt and took off her bra and 2 big saggy tits flopped out. She came over behind her and said. "Sorry I couldn't help stareing. I never seen you like this with your 2 cute little holes on display for me here." The host lady got up and sat between the doctor and the pregnant lady. And my girl let her boss lick and finger her to an orgasim. She then proceded to do the same for her. There was a lot of panting and moaning going on in the room. A lot of cum being spilt. Except for the other lady there who wanted no part of it. And left.

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