Wifes night out and cuckold hubby

hi the other night my wife told me that she wanted to go out for a few drinks and a dance and flirt as to which i was instently hard and very horny.
She led me upstairs and made me sit on the bed. She got out my stockings and outfit with bra and fake boobs and told me to get them on straight away. Once i had them on she told me to sit on the bed and watch her try on outfits for the night out she was about to have as to which i did and again was hard and ready to burst.
She came across a nice tight red lycra dress which was open down the left hand side from neck to bottom of dress only pinned togeather by buckles down the side. It wrapped around her size 12 body and 36e chest perfectly clinging to the shape of her boy as it touched she looked amazing no knickers or bra with her pert nipples on show threw the tightness of her dress she then found out her black hold up stockings and red stiletto heels which altogher and on looked mouth watering on her.
She took them off and neatly placed them on to the bed and grabbed my already rock hard and dripping cock and led me into the bathroom to which she told me to run the bath for her. I eagerly did as she asked and in what seems like an eternity the bath was full. She stepped in to the bath and slowly lied down on her back till the water slowley ran over her boobs and touched her nipples with both hands wetting all her front of her body. She lied back and lifted her toes out of the water and told me to start bathing her from feet upwards so i knelt on the floor beside the bath and started softly massaging and rubbing her feet and toes with my soapy wet hands. After both feet and toes was done i started to move my hand upwards to the bottom part of her legs upto her knees and again from her knees to her top of her thighs. She then grabbed my hand and told me to start from her neck down wards and that the best bits need doing at the end. I moved instently to her kneck and soaped my hands rubbing all round her neck and ears moving down to the top of her cheast. She then lent forward and told me to rub all over her back by this time i was dripping cum all over the top of my stockings and thong was pritty wet and ready to burst. After her back was clean she layed back again and i got the soap and rubbed it all over her beautiful 36e real boobs and pert nipples. I slowley rubbed in the soap and covered both boobs massarging very softly. I then follewd down towards her belly and top of her pussy. She then grabbed my hand and guided it round her tight warm wet pussy lips and clit and with her hand over the top of mine rubbed softly all over. She then turned over in the bath got on her knees and i did the same round her arse cheeks and hole as she looked over her right shoulder in a dirty horny gaze at me. Shee got up and sat on the side of the bath then got the shaving cream and smeared it all over her pussy and began to shave herself.
After a while she said i had been good boy and that i should wait on the bed for her. She came in to the bedroom dripping wet with her hair dripping water beautifully over her boobs and watching it drip past her belly and over her nicley shaven pussy then running down the inside of her leg. She dried off and then told me to get her stockings. She walked over to the bed and put her toes uptowards my hard cock softly rubbing it and told me to put her stockings on her legs. I opened them and ran them up her leg and again same sinareo on the other leg she turned round and pussed her arse cheeks into my face lettin me smell her warm pussy and ass hole but not licking she then got the red dress and put it into my hands. She lifted her arms up into the air and told me to slip it over her as to which i stood up and as she was there cheekley had a quick suck on her hard nipple. I slipped it over her and pulled it over her as it was all the way down se told me to kneel on the bed. For sucking her nipples she said i was bad and then spanked me hard 5 times over my ass. She then told me to get her heels and get them on her feet at that i needed to get on my knees on the floor for her to step into them. I held her ankle and guided it into the shoe and again on the other foot and fastened them. She told me to go down stairs as she finished sortin her hair and make up.
A few miniutes later she came down and came into the front room and wow she looked perfect. I was amazed and so horny she sat down and crossed her legs showing the tops of her stockings and told me to get her a glass of wine. As she was sat there sipping the wine she was telling me what she was hoping for that night and that the taxi was not going to be long. She told me that when she returned i must sit in the dinning room and not come into the front room as she was planning on pulling and that if i was good i might be able to peek threw the crack in the door and clean up after. I was very horny and needed to cum . Just as i was about to pull out my cock from my thong and wank off there was a horn going outside it was the taxi.
She kissed me and said be good then lifted her dress up as she left the door showing me her no knickered ass cheeks and waved good by to me. Once she left i instently got out my cock and came all over my hand. Some hours later there was a sound of a car outside my house to which i opened the curtin slitley to see if it was my horny lil wife and was pleased when i saw my wife and another man getting out of the taxi. My wife saw me looking smiled at me and then turned and put her tounge down this other males throat. I quickley got up and ran into the dining room and the door went my wife and this other mae came in and went straight into the front room. He was a older male some 20 years older than my wife. i began to peek threw the crack in the door and saw my wife and this guy eroticly kissing and her hand was squeezing his ass as he had one of his hands on hers and the other on her boobs. she pushed him onto the sofa with her hand and straddled him after he was fondling her boobs she lifted her arms and he lifted it off her body exposing her beautiful fit body and hard nipples leaving on her stockings and heels. She threw her tits in his face and lifted her head back in pure pleasure as he hungrly sucked on her tits whilst one of his hands was pulling her arse into him. She slowly crawled off him and he undid his belt and pulled down his troused and boxer shorts exposing his man meat. He was bout 8 to 9 inches with thick girth and my wife looked at him and gazed down at the cock and then hungrly started to suck on it. She moved her tounge right up and down his pole and then rubbed it with her hand over her right bood and nipple. He then got his hand at the back of her hair and pulled her up then threw her on her back on the sofa. He got on his knees and started to munch on her warm wet pussy as if he was starved. My wife was moaning in pure pleasure as his tounge and fingers was all over her pussy his other hand was softly tweeking her nipples and she was squirming all over his face. After he was close to orgasm she put her hand down and started rubbing his cock to which he moved round closer to her and she lent over and started sucking him as he was still giving her oral. She orgasmed and then was ready wet and willing for his cock to go deep into her. Hesat down on the sofa and told my wife to sit on him she got up and climed onto his cock holding it with her hand and guiding it to her warm wet pussy. Once it was inside her she then began to buck forwards and backwards on it and she was squeeling with pleasure. After some 5 to 10 mins of this he was sucking her nipples and fucking her hard and fast he got up and turned her round. She got on her knees and lent over the sofa whilst he got behind her and started to plundge into her doggy style. She gripped the sofa with a dirty hot sweaty look on her face he got hold of her hair and pulled it back arching her back on to his cock he pounded into her for 5 miniute. My wife was calling out to him to cum in her as she was cumming all over his cock he then let out a roaring moan as he spunked into my wifes hot pussy. He got up and my wife got up and sat on the sofa with her legs up on the back of the sofa saying that her cuck hubby will clean her up once he left. He got dressed and gave her a kiss and sucked on her nipple then said bye and left the house. Before he got to the hall way i snook back into the dinning room.
The door closed and he was off my wife shouted me to which i locked the door and came in to the front room. My wife was laying on the sofa with her legs spread open and a warm sweaty sex look smooged make up and d***ked eyes. I got down beside her and could smell the oder of sex and began to lick her pussy cleaning up all thee spunk that was falling from her pussy. She told me to lie on my back on the floor so i did and she got up and stood above me crouching over my face. I layed there and could see the warm sticky cum getting closer to the end of her pussy then it strted to drip on to my face. My wife got her hand as threw her legs began to smear it on my face and rubbing it round. She then sat on my face and told me to lick and make it clan to whic i did with great pleasure. once it was clean but still warm and wet she told me to fuck her. She moved down my body and sat on my cock after just a few mins of feeling her wet used pussy overr my cock i came up her as she clamped round my cock as she orgasmed aswell. It was a very horny amazing night and one to which i will never forget. I hope you like this story and enjoyed it as much or half as much as i did.

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3 years ago
I loved the story. It made me super hard and horny. I don't know which one of the three of you made out the best in the deal. ;)
3 years ago
very sexy
3 years ago
on the 6th line the shape of her boy is ment to say the shape of her body sorry misspelt hehe i tryed hehe