...(The Older Woman) Part 4

After a few minutes of her grinding me into the bed, we stopped we repositioned ourselves. This time she was on the bottom and I wanted to pound-her-hard. Just before we resumed she went into the nightstand and handed me another condom. I was too sweaty to open it with my hands so I tore it open with my teeth as she had done. Yuck, it tasted awful. When I re-entered, I felt like every man on the planet who has ever had to wear a condom, I appreciated the protection but hated that sort of "numb" feeling. I was again becoming aware of my performance and didn't want “Mr softy” to return. I slid back inside her immediately and began some slow and rhythmic thrusts. That seemed to work.

With each glide in and out, I tried to be as creative as I could. I contorted, twisted and rotated. I began reacting to her body's reactions and did more of what I thought she liked most.

We made love for almost an hour (true). I was so nervous and anxious. I honestly couldn't cum even if someone offered me a million to do it. So, I just kept going...and going...and going. She moaned and shook several times. I remember how she'd whimper before each climax and I really liked how I could feel her opening tighten around my penis each time she came. It worked for me. I guess it would have been worse if I had lost my load within those first few minutes.

Here, my story takes a strange and unexpected twist. It is a moment that I have mentally revisited a little more often than I'd like to admit.

After some time of our really hot sex, she picked up the vibrator again on the bed and turned it on. She rested it on and around my lower back. I remember thinking, “Funny, this thing really can be used as a massager.” The vibration felt so good and made me tingle all over. It was even better as she moved it down and around my buttock just over my rear. I began to really relax and my shaft began to tingle. I remember hearing, “Tell me when you’re close baby.” A few moments later I felt myself building to climax. I then whispered to her a simple, “Yes.”

Quickly, she then carefully rotated the vibrator and began to slide it almost halfway into my hole. The vibration went through my body and I'll admit --it felt so good. To this day, I really enjoy a carefully placed finger at that poetic moment. Although I don't remember doing it, I must have shouted because the next thing I remember she was giggling and had stuffed a pillow in my face.

I rolled off of her completely spent. I was so satisfied... I felt my eyes roll to the back of head and passed out in her arms.

Stay tuned: ... and prepare yourselves for a sort of sad epilogue.

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1 year ago
Still waiting for the epilogue !
3 years ago