life is a beach

so there is this twenty year old girl i work with a very good looking girl with big tits and a nice round ass she is a good girl from a nice f****y. i talked to her a few times and i could tell she has alot of pent up sexuality. so we talk and we talk for months she has a boyfriend and dont want to cheat . she has only had sex with kno the story...needless to say she cheats after about four months...she has unbelievable pussy and it needs to b beat up and im the man for the ive been putting pipe to her for about 6 months now andl the weather in ohio is beginning to brake..we go to thkis small local beach and no one is there i convince her that we could fuck her and for the first time she cuts lose and lets the moment take her away..we end u starting out on a washed up log . she is on top of me riding away for like ten minutes then her knees begin hurting we change positions so now im behind her she begs me to her harder and harder and thats exactly what i do ...only i slip a finger in her ass..ive been slowly braking her in...normally she wines today she did not so im pounding away she cums her young litle pussy is soaking wet my balls are soaked my shirt is soaked and my boxers are soaked...i just cant bust partly because i dont want to and partly because im shocked that she let lose....we move to a grassy area where i can get on top . im digging and laying pipe like ill never do it again i pause and begin working deep and getting all the walls.. i pull myself down and go really deep.. she moans and suddenly im she pissed on me.. i laugh and ask her if she did indeed piss on me ...she didnt as it turns out ive got a squirter on kmy hands boys ill tell more stories as they come...and they will come we are taking pics next time...but if she dont want me to post them i wont but i will tell the stories
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