my first fuck

I am a guy who has always thought of myself as a straight male. I loved pussy and that was good enough, thats before I joined the military.

While in the Marines, we would all take showers in a big open room. Guys would get undressed and would casually walk around naked. It was normal to see naked men, sweaty, dirty, walking around in the buff. During the first few months everything was fine.

But then I started to notice that something was changing. I kept looking at guy's asses, but mostly, I kept having to stop myself from checking out each guys dick. There was a guy who had, with no exageration, a 7-8 inch cock when he was soft... He would walk around gyrating his hips which would make his giant cock act as a windmill. Once in a while, he would walk past you and slap his dick off your arm, leg, hand, as a joke. Little did he know how bad I just wanted to grab it. The hardest thing I had to do in my day was to not get hard taking a shower everyday!

Thats when I first noticed bi-sexual thoughts. They urges got stronger and I got more and more tempted to grab that dick. I started to experiment with my ass. I tried to work my finger in but virgin ass is TIGHT! Slowly, I got one finger in. It hurt but I liked it. I knew I wanted more.

One night I was in the barracks, looking at porn, and it finally got to be too much, I needed a dick in me. NEEDED to finally feel what I fantasized about for endless hours. I wanted a guy to use me. Suck his dick until its hard, then let him shove it in my ass.

I was on a mission. The local clubs my have my buddies in them meaning i had to travel. I packed a pair of clean underwear, clean socks, a toothbrush, and condoms with lube into a backpack, hoped in the car heading for a gay bar an hour away.

Pulling up to the bar, I almost lost my nerve. Courage gathered or just too horny to stop, I walked into the bar. As soon as I walked in, I could feel eyes on me. On my body. Checking out my ass. bl**d already started to find its way to my cock.

The huge, good looking bartender noticed I needed a drink. As he walked over, I couldn't help to notice the huge bulge in his pants.

"what can I get you?"

'Your fat dick in my mouth...', I thought to myself. "Makers Mark on the rocks, please."

I sat down, took a swig of my whiskey, and glanced up from the bar. For the first time, I just didnt feel the eyes staring at me, I saw them. Guys, really good looking guys, eyed me up and down. OVer and over, it turned me on so bad. It felt like they knew I never have been with a guy.

To hell with the drink, where is the guy whos going to get lucky enough to pound my virgin ass? As I was looking, Dan walks up to me and starts a conversation. I forgot that I didn't have to basically do anything besides pick who I wanted.

I picked him, Dan it was. Ill make the 30 minutes in that bar even more breif. I told Dan that I was a marine, horny, didnt want to have small talk, and that I was a anal virgin.

We got to his house and walked in the door. I didn't wait for him to show me the grand tour. I got on my knees and started undoing his belt. Belt off, pants down, and his underwear straining from his huge dick's girth, I reached and felt my reward. My fantasy.

My mouth opened and I couldn't wait to feel his dick slide into my mouth. I felt his head hit my lips, then my tounge, and then the back of my throat. He grabbed my head and started to work that dick in and out of my mouth. Gradually picking up speed.

I loved feeling that dick get hard in my mouth. Feeling it grow. Hitting further down my throat, even making me gag. He fucked my mouth until his dick was rock hard.

He pulled his dick from my mouth and told me to get on the couch.

"Take off your clothes and get the lube, you fucking slut," he demanded.

I stripped as fast as I could. I bent over the couch arm and spread lube all over my asshole. He jerked off as he watched me fuck my ass with one then two fingers.

"Move your hand, its time you felt a dick."

He pressed his dick up against my asshole. Pressing harder and harder to get it into my ass. It hurt but I loved it. Stroke after stroke, he got further into me. Harder. Faster. His dick was all the way in now.

He would pull out almost entirely and then slam it back all the way in. He didn't care it was my first time, he was fucking me like I was a whore. I kept begging him to fuck me harder, even though it hurt. I wanted him to beat my asshole up. Stretch it out more and more.

Jerking his dick out of me, "Get on your knees, now! Take this load on your face!"

His dick went straight in my mouth. He fucked my throat hard. His moaning, thrusting got faster. He was about to cum!

I ripped the condom off his dick and let him jerk off onto my face. The warm nut ran down my face and onto my chest. I rubbed it all over my face.

Dan walked towards his bathroom. As he turned the light on, his last words were to me, "Time to get dressed and go. My wife is about to get home. Thanks for the fuck."

The bathroom door shut and I was alone, covered in cum, asshole still throbbing. I left. Used, disrespected, treated like a filthy slut, and covered in dried cum, I walked to my car.

The only thought I could think is, 'Why did I ever wait to do this?'
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2 years ago
i love being used like the sissy slut i am
2 years ago
you certainly enjoyed that arse fucking
2 years ago
Well Done!
2 years ago
u loser
3 years ago
Hot story!
3 years ago
3 years ago
hot as hell
3 years ago
Loved it, Great story!
3 years ago
hot fucking story - write more please ;)
3 years ago
You certainly are a little bitch and desreved to get treated as such, I fuckin loved your story
3 years ago
Great Sttory Had Me Horny Can Yall Aqree
3 years ago
Very good story...carry about some more
3 years ago
Fun story, thanks for sharing