Fucking the Bi Builder from the Pub

This is a true storie that happened a couple of years ago

It was a week or two before christmas and the weather here in the uk was quite cold and snowy so i decided to pop into thelocal gay friendly bar for a drink on my way home , as i walked in the bar it was around 5,30 and there where only a handfull of guys in there 2 of whom i knew the barman asked what i would like to drink and as i sat at the bar i saw a guy about 25 sittong there on his own he was quite fit so i said hello .as the conversation went on he just said outta the blue so you like getting fuked too do ypu,,i paused for a second looked at his crotch which looked as if he had a semi and simple said no acually i prefer to fuk a guy. he smiled broardly and i thought then i had a chance the weather as i said was cold and snowy so i asked him if he facied comming back to mine for a drink to which he soon said sure ,,we didnt even finish our beers and went to my car for the short drive home, in the car he told me he was straight but liked a bit of cock fun with guys ,Soon as we enterered my flat he said he wanted me to use him as i wished and that he was willing to do anything i wanted. We got a glass of wine and then we rolled a spliff ,,he then stripped off to reveal his perfect body in all its glory he quickly dropped to his knees and took my cock from my works trousers asking if he could suk it. i then decided that i wanted to take the lead in this and said lets go too bed ,i took his hand and took him into my bed room where i procided to strip also we had a drink and the joint then he started kissing meworking from my neck so so slowly down to my rapidly hardning thick un cut cock. at this point i could not resist rolling him over and suking his nice cock it smelt like a mix of pre cum ,,fresh manly sweat and raw sex,,as i suked him he moaned loudly saying its ages since a guy suked him,,i licked his bell end teased him and slowwly played with his arse at the same time,,he was really hot and kept asking if i was going to fuk him,,i asked at this point if he wanted to stay the night to save a taxi in such cold weather ( bearing in mind it was still only about 7,30 ish)he quickly agreed sure and asked if he could call his parents to tell them he was staying over ,i found it odd a guy of his age lived at home but this turned me on even more ,,soon after he rang home we had another spliff and started playing again i knew that his arse was mine for the night as i rimmed him he kept saying fuk me please i spat on his now opening hole and slowly pushed my cock into his tight builder butt as it entered i felt my forskin pull back and his tight muscles sqeeze my rapidly thickning cock i fuked him slowly at first then when i felt he was getting close started too fuk him harder ,he said he was going to cum and he shot a massive load all over the bed,,seconds afterwards i pumped 5 or 6 thick wads of cum deep into his hole,,as i pulled out he put a finger in his arse and licked some of my cum from it,we had another glass of wine and fell asl**p i woke up to him sucking me again ,,i fuked him again ,,before we finally fell asl**p for the night ,,as i woke up about 6 am with my usual hard on i strokeded his semi erect cock it soon hardened so i sucked it rimmed him and asked if i could fuk him again before dropping him off on my way to work,,i never saw him again but what a fuk ,,one of my fav ever
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10 months ago
wow nice story, reminds me of when i worked in a bingo hall. and i was walking with this guy home when he got his cock out what a shock
1 year ago
one horny tale..
2 years ago
fuck that's a mint story mate
2 years ago
Well DOne.
2 years ago
hot story