Nerdy Girl is a Total Freak!! True Story

Wanted to post a story about the freakiest sexual encounter I have ever had. A few years back I was finishing up my junior year in college, and like most college guys I wasn't really interested in anything except getting laid. Being a taller guy with an athletic body it was probably a little easier for me then most. It was the middle of spring semester and I was really struggling with Anatomy and Physiology and close to failing the class...and that was not gonna fly!! I was telling a buddy of mine in the class that I was worried about failing when a small high pitch voice from behind me chirps out "I am Teaching Assistant for the pre med dept and could help you study sometime" ...I turned around to see a slightly over weight brunette with her hair pulled back in a messy bun and black frame glasses. "That would be great" I'm Zach and stuck out my hand... "Paige" she says with a delicate shake but the most intriguing twinkle in her eyes, I can still remeber that look perfectly. "How much do you charge?" I ask "Nothing, I'm required to tutor 3 times a week to maintain my scholarship"

At first there was nothing really remarkable about Paige she was about 5'5 with what appeared to be pretty big tits under her sweatshirt, her vibe was the usual "just here for class and not worried about appearance" college thing. On second look tho she had a few sneaky tattoos on her wrist and behind her ear which led me to think there might be a lil more to Paige then meets the eye. We talked for a minute about when and where to set up our study session...and decided I would come by her apt the following evening as Paige was without a car and didn't want to bus to the campus to tutor me. "Great see ya at 8 tomorrow" I said and headed off to my next class

The next night I arrived at 8 and knocked on her apt door. When Paie answered I noticed right away that she was wearing a little make up and had her hair down, she was wearing yoga pants and a loose fitting t shirt and smelled like vanilla. I said hello and reached out to do an awkward handshake as we just met, Paige was having none of it and gave me an enthusiastic hug. She led me to a kitchen table and asked if I wanted a drink "Sure whatever your having is fine" ...Paige returned with 2 very large glasses of wine. "Hmmmm" I thought to myself but rolled with it. Paige sits down across from and we begin the usual chit chat. Suddenly Paige blurts out..."this is the 5th class we have had together and I have had a huge crush on you for 2 yrs!" I instinctively blushed and was a little taken aback, I had never even noticed her 1 time in 2 years. She was that unassuming. So here I am unsure of what to say, when Paige says "2 yrs of wet panties in class and now your here in my apt and you are speechless" a devilish look in her eye like a lioness eyeing her prey. I cleared my throat and said "if someone was making my dick hard for 2 yrs I would have to say something sooner then that" Paige looked me right in the eyes and asked "are you hard right now?" Yes, I croaked..."good Bc I have been wet all day waiting for you to get here" I couldn't believe what was going on this unassuming shy girl has set a trap for me and has seduced me with the skill I had never experienced. Paige stands up and I can see a large visible wet spot in her yoga pants, my 8 inch cock turned into a cruise missile as soon as I saw it. "Come with me Zach I want to show you something" I follow her to her bedroom, as soon as I get thru the door she attacks me with a wet passion filled kiss our tongues dancing in each other's mouths, I begin to lick and nibble her neck and she moans softly. I run my hands all over her soft ass and up too some very real dd tits. Paige's hands are rubbing my cock thru my shorts and whispers in my ear, " I knew you had a big dick and I have been waiting 2 yrs to suck it" She dropped down on her knees and pulled my shorts all the way down. "Your cock is so fucking sexy it looks just like Peter North's" I start to laugh a little and can not believe this girl knows who Peter North is and secondly it actually does look a lot like his. This is the point where things start getting pretty intense. Paige looks up from her knees threw her black rim glasses and says flatly "I am going to suck your dick until you cum in my mouth and all over my face" She then grabs my cock and slides it strait down her throat in one agressive deep stroke holds it there until she gags and comes up with saliva and precut running down her chin and chest. "Holy shit" is all I can get out as Paige begins to tongue bathe my balls and slowly strucks my slick shiny cock after about five minutes of deep throat and ball worship she stops, gets up and grabs a pink rabbit vibe from her nightstand she says to me "your cock is so fucking big and sexy I want to watch you stroke while I play with my pussy!!" I can't believe how freaky this chic is and gladly oblige her. She is on her bedroom floor legs spread buzzing her pussy which is so wet I can it. I'm standing over her slowly stroking my cock right in front of her face and she is softly sucking on my nuts. Randomly she would deep throat me or say filthy things about how bad she wants my cum. I'm getting so close to cumming my legs are trembling but Paige haas more surprise she begins to really masturbate with the toy and is telling me she is gonna cum and for me to cum in here face. Paige clenches her whole body and has a massive orgam that's squiring out of her pussy in a puddle not the ridiculous fire hose stuff in porn. That is it for me I tell her to open her mouth and sit back ...she does looking directly in my eyes with her tongue out. The first rope of cum is thick and goes into the back of her throat, second shot on her face, Third one is a huge blast that leaves a long cum line from her chin into her hair right over her glasses...a fourth into her mouth 5th on her face...I'm cumming so hard my knees are buckling. 3 or 4 thick gobs right into Paiges mouth and she swallows all of it and smiles at me saying that was the hottest cumshot ever. To be continued

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