The b*****r Inlaw

Day 1
I was really horny and Little Dicks b*****r cam to visit us. He lives a few hours away and rarely visits. Little dick was working late, so I told my b*****r In Law I was going for a dip in the hot tub. . I wore my pink bikini into the hot tub,,, He joined me a few minutes later. We talked a while,, he knows how sore my shoulder is because of an injury I had. I kept rubbing it, and pretending to try to line my sore spot up to the jets. I rubbed it more,, and sighed,,, he asked me if I was OK,, I said kind of,, he asked what I meant. I told him I was sore and the jets weren't doing it tonight. He asked me it I wanted him to massage it for me. I said,, I don’t want to bother you with my problems. He said any problem of mine was his problem. He rubbed it for me,,,I told him to untie the top tie if it would help him reach my sore spot better. He did a nice job on the back of my shoulder. I asked him if he could do the front too. He said sure. I turned in a way that had the power jet push against my breast. It pushed my top down on my right breast,, my most sensitive one. he smiled a bit when I said whoops and slowly picked it back up. He started rubbing the front of my shoulder but I noticed,, he had a really big cock was rock hard. I turned,,, a little and my knee rubbed across the head of his cock. He had loose shorts on,, It was then I realized he had to be like 9 plus inches. I had to have it, but I wanted move slow, so that was it for tonight,, he was visiting for a few days so if I had some time to work my sinister plan. He told me he would rub it again tomorrow for me,,,This gave me time to get advice from my wonderful teacher (Bootyscooter). He is ,one fucking believably smart Teacher! He is also one handsome Motherfucker too! I did exactly what he told me to,, he is such a wise man. When I went to bed that night, I told little dick I saw his b*****rs hard dick in the hot tub under his shorts and how good he is at rubbing my shoulder. I asked him why his dick was so little and his b*****rs was thicker and 3 times longer than his. I told him how cheated I felt., I told him I wanted him to call his s****r inlaw and tell her how little his cock was and how she was lucky she chose the right man. I told him to beg his s****r inlaw to allow me to have a real man,,,He didn’t want to,,, but I told him he had no choice,,, man up and do what he was told. Little dick is always so macho with her because she is very hot,, I figured if he begged,,, it would keep me as a victim in her eyes and she could see him as the little dicked looser my little man really is. I hoped I could pull it off,,,I knew it was bold,, but I love her and wouldn’t ever want to hurt her,, she’s like a s****r to me. She looks like Jamie Lee Curtis,,, same type of body and everything.
Day 3
My little man, called his s****r in-law last night,, she was hard to reach but I wouldn't let him come to bed until he got through to her. I heard him talking to her about 1 am but was too darn tired to go downstairs and hear the conversation. I didn’t know how that part turned turn out, I know she would never see my little one as macho man again lol. I did get another massage from the b*****r in law tonight. He told me he didn't think he was going to go out to the hot tub tonight. I told him that was fine, but I was going. I wrapped myself in a towel and got ready to go out to the hot tub in in my birthday suit. I told hubby to come out and rub my shoulder and try to do it as good as his b*****r had done it last night. He looked at me in surprise and said what? I told him your b*****r has great hands and he had better do a good job tonight. His b*****r had a big smile on his face and he looked down at the floor. I think he was wondering if we had done more,,,,I got in the tub and laid back against the jets,,,hubby cam out in pink swim trunks I got him last month and saw me in my birthday suit. Out of the corner of my eye I could see my b*****r in-law looking out the window at us. I was positioned in a way that he was sure to see me naked. Hubby looked upset and pretty curious what we had done last night. I told him to get his ass in and rub my shoulder now. He paused but did what I told him to do. I hear the door close and out came his b*****r in-law naked too! It was like a fuckin dream His thick cock was soft, but was so big it swung when he walked. He got in the tub and made sure it was pointed my way as he entered the tub. My little fucker said nothing and didn’t know what to do. I did! (Thank you my great teacher) I told little dick he might have well get his girly shorts off. I said,,hey why don't the two of you stand up so I could see you together. When they stood up,, they looked like twins,,, hubby was actually bigger than normal, so I could see this uncertainty had aroused him a little,,,,,he was not his normal inch but two inches. He still looked very small compared to his b*****r. He was around 6 inches soft and 3 times thicker. We all know little dick ranges from 1 to 3 inches! I told his b*****r,, now you know that I got the short end of the stick here. I told him his b*****r has never been able to satisfy me. Than I told them my shoulders will feel great tonight with two guys massaging them. I turned around and pointed by breasts against the mini jets like my teacher suggestedand was on my knees in the corner. They sat on both sides of me and worked on my shoulders. I reached back and could feel them I grabbed their shafts at the same time,, they were both rock hard,,, his b*****r was the size of my good friend in my pictures,, perhaps even bigger, I could not get my hand around it,, and than there was hubbies,, like a toothpick,, but that hard too lol. damn,, the possibilities,,, I told them to get the front of my shoulder too, because it was sore there too. I released their cocks and grabbed their hands and placed them on the my breasts. They both squeezed my nipples and I came,,, it was incredible,,, they had no doubt what had happened. My fucking goodness,,,, I thanked them for the massage and told them it was too hot in here and went back to the house,,, I left them both out in the tub,,, It was hard,, but there was no way I would hurt my s****r inlaw by going farther.,,,,Grrrr moral values suck sometimes. I went to bed wet. There was no way I was going to go there without advice from my teacher....

Day 4:
it was more of a replay with a massage from the day before, but this time I was on my little ones massage table and me naked. They both massaged me for hours. They were both very horny after, I was moaning pretty good. Little dick said fuck it, to his b*****r and pulled down his shorts and put his cock near my hand. I told him he was tiny, but had been very good today so i started jerking him off. His b*****r said.. I was good too wasn't I? I told him yes you were and he dropped his shorts too. He was so thick and it was throbbing,, His big fat cock felt so good in my hand that I almost forgot about the little one lol. I made some comments about how a real cock feel’s and how very large it was. Little dick came very quickly as usual, I aimed his tiny dick to the floor when he started to gasp,, he shot about 4 little globs of cum on the floor. I told him to clean his little mess up. He went to the bathroom to get a towel. His b*****r whispered into my ear, that my s****r In Law had called him at 2am last night and given him permission to fuck me . He said she has thought a lot about her call from little dick and said, to take care of her s****r,,, we are really close. I love to kiss her,, she is so hot. I told him thanks,, and to follow my lead. I started to work his b*****rs cock hard,, Hubby got back and started wiping up his mess.. I led his b*****rs cock to my mouth with my stiff grip and started to suck him off. Hubby said,, What the fuck? I told him to shut up and it was his fault I wasn't being satisfied and to watch what a blowjob looked like with a real cock. As I worked it,, little dick had moved to the other side,, and I could see he was back to almost his full 3 inches. This told me he was turned on so I thought I would push the envelope a bit. I increased my speed with his b*****rs huge cock and when he started to moan and spasm,, I I pointed his cock to my 36ddd's and jerked it empty onto them. His b*****r thanked me,, I said,, don't thank me,, thank his useless b*****r who left me in that condition. I told little dick to go get a warm wash cloth for me. He did,, his b*****r sat on the couch and looked exhausted. Hubby came back with another towel and was getting ready to use the wash cloth to clean my breasts, There was like a cup of cum on them. I took the rag from him. I washed my hands and face with the cloth. I screamed at hubby,, clean me you useless excuse of a man. He reached for the towel.. I said with your tongue you dumb bastard. He just stood there. His b*****r said,,, you deaf too you little dick bastard,, I love you b*****r,, but you are pretty useless in the sexual department,, better do what the lady says or I'll have to kick your ass! LOL,, little dick did a great job cleaning after that but I know it was the most demoralizing thing he had done ion his life.. (There was only one Alpha male in that room!
. My sweet little little man was not too happy with me when we went to bed. He was not too happy being humiliated by having to lick his own b*****rs cum off from my stomach and tits. I told him I would give him a treat later and went to bed. I laid on my side so he wouldn’t have access to my vital parts. But I did have a devious plan,, I was planning to offer up my pussy to little dick for all of his progress. He had not had it since I have been under my teachers tutelage. That is over 3 months now! I also know hubbie is about useless when he is woke up in the middle night. It just doesn't work.
Day 5
At 3 am I rolled over and shook my little man,, and said,, sweetie,,it's time for your treat. He started kissing me and was all excited,, I could see him playing with himself disparately trying to get a hard on. I said,, put it in baby! I need it now! He said he needed more time,,, I said,, I said I need it now! I had told his b*****r what I was going to do before bedtime and knew he was waiting and ready. I told little dick if he couldn't finish his duties as a man, he needed to go into the other room and get a man that could. He tried one more time to enter me, but it was still too soft. He was still only an inch or so long and the diameter of a fucking pepsi cap! He hung his head and headed to the other bedroom looking for backup, knowing that he had passed up on an opportunity. Possibly his last, to have me. He followed my ready and waiting b*****r in law back into the room. I told him I had a LITTLE problem and needed a real man to fix it. He asked what was up. I told him his useless little dicked b*****r can’t get his inch long pencil hard enough to use ir even rub my clit for that matter. I was still hot from finally sucking a big cock. I looked at little dick and said well,,,, well what! he said. You need to ask your b*****r to finish your work,,, my satisfaction is your responsibility. He turned and mumbled,, will you help me by fucking my wife? He said,, because you asked so nicely,, yes. He quickly mounted me,, he worked his thick rock hard cock into my slippery wet hole. I moaned and quivered as his thick long cock stretched my pussy to it’s limits! I came the third time the head of his cock pounded my cervix. I squirted cum all over his cock and balls. I came over and over again as his b*****r sat in the corner and watched. My s****r in law had always told me he was a great lover, but my god he can fuck!, When we were done I had little dick lick me clean. I kissed his b*****r good thanked him and faded off to sl**p. I and laid there in bliss. what a visit! Little Dicks b*****r left that morning and will be missed! My s****r in-law called a week later that her hubbie had been a raging bull in bed all week and thanked me. I love it when a plan cums together!

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1 year ago
awesome story. agree with tandfus! can I visit ?
1 year ago
loved the story i liked the humiliation part the best thanks for sharing
2 years ago
Excellent, I wish I could get talked to that way more often as I am certain I deserve it :)
3 years ago
Love it
3 years ago
loved the story. wish i had a woman like you.
3 years ago
Good story, although I don't like the humiliation part, but still enjoyed it. Thanks for posting.