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My fiance and i have been together 5 years now, and our sex life has been great in that time, but, as is the case with most relationships, it can get a little stale if you allow it to, maybe we have to a degree. I have always enjoyed anal porn and it really turns me on, think it's because of the element of 'naughtiness' involved. To date, the furthest my girlfriend would go was licking and tickling of her arsehole, which i love doing, and gradually moved on to fingers insertion and bullet vibes, which she still remains a little afraid of, no matter how small (i don't understand it). Recently, she was away for a couple of days, and as i was masturbating, i decided to try a small bullet in my arse as i stroked my cock, it felt incredible, and for days after this i became more and more determined to try something bigger, so, one day, when i was out shopping, i walked past a sex shop which got me thinking, so, i went in, and after perousing the various toys, i bought a vibrating butt plug (not too big) and some anal lube, and when i got home i decided to try it out, the vibrations on my prostate as i masturbated let to one of the most intense orgasms i've ever had, it was fantastic.

Since then i've tried all of my fiance's vibrators and i just love the sensations of the vibrator as i come. With regards to my fiancé, she still is unreceptive to anything penetrating her arsehole, as hard as i gently try to probe her further in that region. One night, while out at dinner, the conversation (after several drinks) turned to sexual fantasies, at which point i told her of my curiosity for all things anal, and how much it turned me on, she said she would be willing to try it when sufficiently aroused as she was afraid of the pain, at which point i told her about my experiences, and that if you relax it really doesn't hurt at all. That night, once home, both being turned on, we had amazing sex, and she allowed me to probe her arse further, with a vibrator, as i licked her pussy, she had an incredible orgasm which literally left her speechless.

When we were lying in bed after, i mentioned that i would like to take my experience even further, and asked if she would ever consider wearing a strap on and fucking my arse as she played with my cock, she was very uneasy but said that if it turns me on she'd give it a try. So, the following day i shopped around online and found a double strap on vibrating dildo, with a smaller dildo for her which would pleasure her at the same time as she was fucking me. When it arrived she got a little scared and intimidated by it and it kind of sat there for weeks, until last week.

We had been out for a few drinks on a sunny afternoon and returned home horny, so we went upstairs and she took control of me, tying me up to the bed and placing a blindfold over my eyes, she began to lick my whole body, teasing me with her tongue, my cock was rock hard by the time her tongue gently flicked at my balls, she licked and sucked my cock while pinching my nipples and i felt ready to burst, she began to lick down my shaft, past my balls and lower, till her hot tongue reached my tight arsehole, she teased me for around 10 minutes before she stopped, and i then felt her dripping pussy lips on my mouth as she straddled my face, she moaned in ecstasy as i licked and flicked at her swollen clit, and lapped at her soaking wet pussy lips, tasting all her delicious juices. i sucked at her clit until she exploded all over my face.

She then whispered in my ear, "your turn"........and i was expecting her to straddle my now throbbing hard cock, however, what i felt was even better, i felt a lubed up finger circle my arsehole, and slide inside me, i was in heaven. she pulled her finger out and told me to wait, i heard a drawer open, and after some time, i eventually heard a vibrating noise, she took off my blindfold, and allowed me to see what she had planned, she was stood over me with the strap on on, and she was dripping lube all over it and stroking it like it was her own. She asked me if i was ready to be fucked, to which i replied of course, i was already about to burst just looking at her!! she lifted my legs and massaged yet more lube to my arsehole, before kneeling down in preparation. She pressed the tip of the vibrator on my arsehole and began to gently push it inside, the feeling as my arse began to pull the vibrator inside me was unbelievable, she eased in bit by bit unti the whole 7" was inside me, the vibrations on my prostate were incredible, and then she poured lube onto my rock hard cock and began to stroke me as she was stationary inside me. As my arse got used to being filled, she started easing in and out with the strap on, moaning as the second dildo penetrated her pussy and vibrated against her clit, we were both in ecstasy, and, after only 5 minutes or so, i was so close and then it just hit me, the most incredible orgasm i have ever experienced, and my cock just exploded cum all over my own body and the bed sheets, she came too and then bent down and began to lick all my cum up from my body, until she had cleaned me and swallowed every drop. She eased the cock out of my arse and even this felt fantastic. What a horny experience!

These days, we do save the bum fun for 'special occasions' but we now both love it and are certainly converts!! Guys, i would highly recommend losing any 'gay' fears and give it a try, it is truly an incredible experience!!
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very good