For Ashley

We would start with both of us standing. I would pin you against the wall with my body and start nuzzling your neck. My hands would move over your perfect body, working my way down over your breasts and find their way to your waiting pussy. As I run my finger along the outside of your lips, I can already feel that you are damp. You wrap your fingers around my cock, feeling it get hard as you move your hand over it. I continue to nibble on the side of your neck and I feel you take a quick intake of breath as I slip a finger inside you. I keep you pinned to the wall as one hand is on your breast and the other starts to work in and out of your wet pussy. My cock is hard in your hand and you feel the head pressing against your stomach. I slip another finger inside of you, stretching you slightly, getting you ready for me. Your knees start to buckle beneath you. After fingering you a little more, I let your knees give way and guide you to the floor.

On your knees in front of me, you take my cock into your mouth. You run your tongue along my shaft and ease it into your warm mouth, and I feel a shudder run through my body. I let you enjoy my cock for a few minutes, getting it hard and wet, then I take control and start fucking your mouth. I grab the back of your head and start working my cock in and out of your mouth. Once or twice I can feel the head of my cock at the back of your throat, making you gag a little. I feel my cock start to spasm, so I slow down a little. I want this to last, so I guide you back to your feet and lead you to the bed.

I lie you down and run my hands over your body again, starting at your face, over your shoulders, along your breasts and stomach. I just graze your pussy, just to tease you a little, then I massage your thighs. I spread your legs apart and lie down between them. My face is right in front of your pussy, and you look so tempting that I can't resist. I kiss along your inner thigh, then gently run my tongue up the outside of your pussy, starting at the bottom and working my way up to your clit. You feel like heaven in my mouth. I plunge my tongue deep inside of you, making you gasp and moan slightly. By now I can't control myself. I start to devour you. I lap up your juices and I can feel your clit get hard under my tongue. I run my hands along your thighs and up to your breasts, tweaking your hard nipples. My cheeks are wet from your juices as I continue to lick your sweet pussy. I can feel your breathing start to quicken and you start moving your hips up and down, pushing your pussy against my face. You start to moan and I know you're close to cumming. I slide a hand under your ass and position my thumb just over your asshole, giving a little pressure there and making you squirm a little, but you don't push me away. I gently wiggle my thumb against your hole as my tongue moves along your pussy and flicks against your hard clit. Finally I feel your orgasm build and I keep my lips clamped around your clit as your orgasm sends waves of pleasure through your body. You body twists and squirms as the orgasm rides through you. I lick your pussy until you're finished cumming, then I let you catch your breath...but only for a moment.

You're lying back on the bed and I get up and stand at the side of the bed. I put your ankles on my shoulders, opening you up to me. I rub my hard cock against your wet and waiting pussy. The more I rub, the wetter it gets, and the more your pussy seems to open for me. You reach down and start playing with your clit as I start to ease my cock into you. You gasp and brace yourself as you feel the first penetration. I work my cock inside you, slowly at first, but going deeper and deeper with each slow thrust. You put the flat of your hand just above your pussy and you can feel my cock work it's way inside you. You can feel my filling you up...deeper, deeper. You play with your clit again as I work my full length inside you. You are tight and wet, and it takes everything I have not to cum too soon. Once I have my cock all the way inside of you I start fucking you. I hold onto your thighs as I start pumping away at your pussy. You grind against me as I watch your tits bounce with every thrust. I start fucking with long, slow thrusts, but then I start pumping faster. You rub your clit as I work your pussy with my cock, filling you up and making you moan. Before you get too close to cumming I slow my pace and pull out of you. I flip your body over and put you on all fours.

I get on my knees behind you and start massaging your perfect ass. I spread your cheeks and see your pussy open for me. With one hand on your hip, I take my cock in my other hand and guide it into your wet pussy. You arch your back slightly as you feel it slide in. Again, I work it deeper inside you...inch by inch. Once I have my whole length inside of you I grab onto your hips and start fucking you. The head of my cock is rubbing against your G-spot and you start to moan again. I start fucking you faster, my balls slapping against your clit. You start fucking me back, pushing your body into me. I reach forward and grab a handful of your long dark hair and tug on it slightly as I fuck you. You turn your head to the side slightly and I see you lick your're loving every minute of this, and so am I. Letting go of your hair, I reach around you and start playing with your clit as I pump away at your tight pussy. By now you're moaning loudly and I can feel the walls of your pussy tighten around my cock. I know you're close to cumming so I start fucking you steadily, quickening the pace as you get closer and closer to cumming. You get down on your elbows so your face is on the pillow and your ass is in the air. I start fucking you with quick thrusts and I spank your ass. You bury your face in the pillow to muffle your loud moans as I bring you to another intense orgasm. I don't stop fucking you until you're done cumming, then I slowly pull out of you. My hard cock is glistening with all of your sweet juices. By this time you're exhausted, but I'm not done with you yet.

I turn you over on your back again and straddle your body. You are weak and don't resist me. I move forward so that my cock is right in front of your face and I start stroking my cock. My balls are over your mouth, and you stick out your tongue and start licking them. You watch me jerk my cock as you suck on my balls. Every now and then I move back slightly and rub the head of my cock against your lips and tongue, then I start stroking again and you suck my balls some more. After teasing you like this for a while, I slide my cock into your mouth and start fucking your face. You can taste your pussy on my cock, as well as a little precum as it starts to seep onto your tongue. I plunge my cock deep into your mouth, making it hard for you to breathe. I fuck your mouth and you roll your tongue underneath my shaft. I pull out and let you catch your breath, but then I thrust my cock back in again. You feel incredible. I want to cum. I'm tempted to fill your mouth with my cum and make you swallow it, but there is so much more I want to do to you.

I pump your mouth a little longer, then I pull out and move back so that my cock is over your tits. My cock is wet from your pussy and your mouth, so I slide my cock between your tits, squeeze them together and start titty-fucking you. You like the feeling of my cock between your tits, so you put your hands on your breasts and squeeze them together for me and let me fuck them. I slide my cock in and out, and you watch as the head of my cock emerges from between your tits. You stick your tongue out and try to lick it as I move forward. After fucking your tits for a while I'm finally ready to shoot my load. I stop fucking your tits and you grab my cock in your hand and start stroking it. I reach down and play with your breasts and tweak your nipples as I watch you jerk my cock. You pump it faster and faster and I can feel my orgasm building inside of me. You can feel my cock twitch in your hand. I let out a slight moan as I start to cum. You keep stroking me as I pump spurt after spurt of hot cum all over your tits and face. It shocks you a little as streams of cum hit your face, but you open your mouth and let some cum land on your waiting tongue. I keep cumming and cumming until your tits, your neck and your cheeks are covered with it. I move forward again and f***e my cock into your mouth one more time, making you get every last drop out of me.

Finally I collapse in a heap next to you. We lie close, side by side, content and satisfied. I run my hand over your warm body, feeling your breasts and working my way down to your clit again...hoping I can make you cum one last time...
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3 years ago
Very hot. Love the multiple positions. Isn't sex and fucking wonderful? Nothing feels better! I guess that you wore Ashley out cause it looked like she retired. I want to be the next lucky girl that you fuck. Good paragraphing too.
3 years ago

when can we play again!