Consoled by a Cousin (Part 2)

James’ head spun as he stood in the shower. He held his head still to listen, wondering if he had heard something. This time the noise was unmistakable, someone was at his door. Had it been 20 minutes since Jessica called? He quickly turned off the water and sprang from the shower, reaching for a towel as he stepped from the bathroom.

In the hallway of James’ apartment building, Jessica stood at his doorway waiting anxiously to see her beloved cousin once again. She could not explain the nerves in her stomach; she had crushes on boys before, but never had she felt a desire like was coursing through her veins as she waited for an answer to her knock. Guilty thoughts ran through her head as she began to realize how badly she wanted James to recognize her blossoming beauty. As she reached forward to give another knock she glanced down at her choice of clothing. A light sundress was a smart choice on such a warm September day, and she had chosen her favourite, light blue with bright yellow flowers and spaghetti straps that ran to a neckline that showed just a little of her cleavage.

Her knees buckled slightly as she heard his voice from the other side of the door. “One second, I’m coming,” James shouted as he skipped across his living room with a white towel flung around his waist and water dripping from his muscular body. Despite his rush to make it to the door, he realized how excited he was to see his favourite cousin for the first time in so long. How much has she changed he wondered; was she still the skinny lovable geek he had grown so fond of over the years, or had she begun to inherit some of the curves that her mother was blessed with. Either way, she was a wonderful girl wise beyond her years and he couldn’t wait to lay eyes on her.

With one turn of a door handle his question was answered. He caught himself before the stair lasted too long and before his jaw dropped open too far. He couldn’t believe what he was looking at. There was no mistaking Jessica’s high cheek bones and brilliantly blue eyes, she had grown into her lovely facial features and stood before him now with the face of an angel. Everything else about her was new to him, she had grown out her hair, light brown with golden highlights wrapped around her face and dropped just past her shoulders. Her skin was creamy white as ever, but now it shaped into curves that took his breath away. Her sundress revealed the top of what had developed into tremendous young breasts, from there the dress contoured in to her narrow waist but finished the hour glass shape nicely by sliding out around perfectly shaped hips and down to her knees where the rest of her now much longer legs went down to the floor. Realizing he still hadn’t said anything he blurted out “look who turned into a woman since last I saw her.” He realized as the words finished escaping his lips that they may have been a bit forward for his 17 year old cousin, but they couldn’t have been more accurate.

She gave a noticeable gulp as the door swung open to reveal her handsome cousin in nothing but a towel. He hasn’t allowed his studies to get in the way of keeping himself in amazing shape she thought. His chest was taught and muscular and his stomach showed of a subtle but perfectly defined six pack. She began to lightly bight her lower lip as illicit thoughts sprang through her head. Then she realized it would be best if she turned that awkward look into a sheepish smile as she awaited her cousin to speak the first words. Then he opened his mouth and the words she heard sent chills down her spine, it was all she could do to keep herself from jumping into his arms and wrapping her legs around him. Oh my god she thought, not only did he notice how she’d changed but it was the first thing he could think of to say when he saw her. Although she was young, the brief look she caught in his eye was unmistakable she thought, it was the look of lust. Even though he had quickly caught himself, his opinion of her cousin’s body had been revealed.

Jessica giggled at the words for longer than what was appropriate, than blurted back, “oh sorry, looks like I got you out of the shower.”

“No worries, I had to get out eventually.” He searched for what to say next, “can I get a hug?”

She didn’t care about getting a little wet and before he knew it she had stepped through the doorway and wrapped her arms around his naked torso. She held him tight with a guilty grin on her face until she realized she should probably let go, but then she got a great idea which would allow her to hold the hug a little longer. She turned her mouth towards his ear and spoke softly, “I’m so sorry about your parents James, they were such wonderful people; I can’t imagine how you must be feeling.” As she re-embraced him she felt a pang of guilt when she realized she was using the death of her aunt and uncle as an excuse to cop a longer feel from her cousin.

As she pulled herself away James looked into her teary eyes and said, “thank you for your support, Jessica.”

Those words made her feel even worse with guilt and she took a deep breath in search of the words that would give her a fresh start. “I always looked up to you when I was a k**, James; you always made me feel special when no one else would. It’s an honour to be here for you now that you need someone.” As the words passed her lips tears welled in her eyes and by the time she was done they were streaming down the side of her pretty face.

Tears began to overwhelm him as he looked at her and he leaned forward to give her a gentle kiss on her tear filled cheek, and followed through to give her another hug as he began to weep. She stood rigid in his grasp for a moment, reluctant to enjoy a moment that was filled with such sadness. After a few moments the though crossed her mind that standing like a post was worse than accepting the gentle hug of her cousin. As she loosened to her grip she felt him squeeze harder and as she squeezed back she recognized a bulge resting against her stomach. Before she knew what hit her, her body was covered in goose bumps and a flash of heat quickly developed between her legs. She immediately became aware of the embrace. Her hands were stroking his naked and muscular back, her firm breasts were pressed against his strong chest and she could feel his manhood pressing against her.

As quickly as the hug began, James stepped back letting go of Jessica. He took a deep breath clearing his eyes and said quickly, “I should go get dried off and put some clothes on.”

“Yes of course,” Jessica responded reflexively.

“I’ll just be a few minutes, come in and make yourself at home. There is plenty of food in the kitchen if you’re hungry, and there are lots of different drinks in the fridge.”

“Oh, thanks, I had plenty of snacks in the car but forgot to bring along much to drink so I could really use a drink.”

“Help yourself,” he said with a reassuring smile.

As James turned to walk away from Jessica back towards the bathroom she couldn’t help but admire his muscular figure and notice how tight his butt looked; I’d love to get a good look at that in the buff she thought to herself amusingly.

Jessica made her way to the kitchen to get a drink and as she got there she took a quick peek back in the direction of James and noticed him walking into his bedroom across the apartment. She opened up the fridge and quickly decided on a can of Pepsi, and just as quickly she whipped her head back around to see if she could steal another glimpse of her cousin. As she peered around the corner carefully she saw that he had left the door to his bedroom open out of what must have been habit from living alone. Trying not to look suspicious she glanced around the apartment and every few seconds she poke a glance back towards James’ bedroom in hopes of catching a glimpse of him. On her fourth attempt her patience was rewarded as she noticed him step to his dresser with a shirt on, and nothing else. Her mouth became agape instantly as she marvelled at its perfect roundness. Her mouth watered and she felt moisture grow in her pussy as she admired him. She felt herself breathing heavier and caught herself staring just as he was turned around with a pair of boxers in his hand.

Just as Jessica got her head flung around and looking out the adjacent window, James saw her elegant figure standing there and realized he had forgotten to close the door. He wondered if she had caught a glimpse of him before he noticed his mistake, but before he could give it much concern he began to study his cousin’s new found figure. She must be close to 5’8” now, still a half a foot shorter than him he thought, but certainly nice and tall, just the way he liked them. As she stood there like a beautiful statue he noticed that the sun shining through was giving a slight silhouette outline of her figure and his mouth watered guiltily at her incredible curves. He stepped to the side so his eyes could peek around the corner to get a better glimpse at her, but to be safe not to get caught. He felt the muscles in his cock spasm as he imagined her creamy skin stretching over those gorgeous mounds, and down her back sloping out to that plump ass. As he realized he needed to stop what he was doing he stepped completely out of view and looked down towards his boxers to put them on and realized that while he was entranced by his cousin’s figure he had developed a partial erection; not rigid enough to penetrate a woman’s vagina he thought, but close. Before he could think of it any longer, he quickly threw on his boxers and allowed the thought to escape him.

Jessica couldn’t move for fear. If she looked back and he saw her, he would know that she had been looking at his naked figure. She knew she couldn’t stand there indefinitely but she had to wait a little while longer. As she glanced at the scenery her thoughts roamed to her now aching pussy, she wanted to jam her fingers inside it so badly, she wanted to feel her wetness and pound her clit to orgasm and she didn’t care about the guilt that might come with it. She decided she needed the release now or she would carry it with her the rest of the day. With a bold turn, she averted her glance from the bedroom and made a straight line for the bathroom. “I’m going to use the ladies room,” she called out into the apartment so James’ would know, and hopefully to cast doubt on whether she had been checking him out.

As soon as she was inside the bathroom she looked into the mirror with a mischievous smile and almost involuntarily reached up with her right hand and clutched her breast. She bit her lip as she gasped with enjoyment. Her fingers reached up to the neckline of her dress and she pressed the tips into her skin and pulled down all in one movement, and as she moved she was sure to grab the top of her bra, allowing her light pink nipple to pop out with the rest of her breast. Instinctively, she brought up her left hand and grabbed the naked flesh of her tit and squeezed it. The touch increased the moisture gathering between the lips of her vagina, and she knew from the tingles that ran through her body that it would take but a few moments to reach climax once she began to play with her pussy.

She turned towards the toilet and put down the lid, she spun around and all in one motion she had reached up under her dress and with her thumbs she had clasped the sides of her underwear and yanked them to her ankles. Quickly she sat down on the cold seat and the shock on her bare ass only helped to intensify the extreme pleasures that were flowing through her loins. She arched back enough to allow her pussy to face upwards to the ceiling, her legs spread wide, panties hanging gently from her right ankle. She reached up with her hands and pulled both tits completely out from the cover of her lacy bra, squeezing them intently, forcing herself to wait a few moments longer before unleashing her fingers on her aching pussy. She strained her neck towards her left tit and realized for the first time that on the right angle she could pull her tit towards her mouth and stick out her tongue to lick her nipple. The sensation overwhelmed her and she gave out a light grunt with enjoyment. It was the first time her nipples had been licked and the feeling drove her crazy, she could wait no longer, she needed to cum now.

She slid her right hand down her tight stomach and slowly let her fingers caress past her mound of bush and slide over her clit, the touch made her shiver, but the ache was further down. Without hesitation she extended her middle finger and thrust it into her soaking cunt. She was so wet she could feel her juices flowing out of her and dripping down over her ass. She pressed her finger in as deep as she could manage and then began to flick it as hard and quickly as she could. Her face strained with the face of someone grunting in ecstasy as she thought back just a few minutes to when her arms were wrapped around her cousin. She recalled his bulge pressing into her and instantly her pussy creamed even harder. Her breaths became quicker the pleasure grew inside her. She reached with her tongue to lick her nipple but this time she pulled on her tit even harder and she was able to get the tip of her nipple inside her lips; she sucked at it and let out a gasp of pleasure that was noticeably audible but her mind did not comprehend the sound as she continued pounding her pussy.

Moments later she realized it was time to let the build up explode from her pussy. She pulled out her finger and ran her fingers to her clit. It was swollen beyond anything else she had ever experienced, and she pounded it intently grinding her hips into her fingers. Just as she was about to have what would undoubtedly be the greatest orgasm of her life, she had a brief moment of clarity and was able to remind herself not to make any loud noises.

Just as her climax approached she squeezed her left hand tightly around her tit and cupped her whole hand around her gaping pussy. Her palm pressed hard into her clit, rocking back and forth her spasms began. Her face strained in amazement at how good it felt, and it was all she could do to limit the noise to a low “hhhmmmhhhhhmmmmmm”. Her body was shaking uncontrollably, her panties flung from her ankle and dropped to the bathroom floor, the moisture poured from her pussy and drenched her ass, her fingers worked her pussy hard to prolong the enjoyment.

As her shaking body began to settle she started to take some deep breaths. As sanity rejoined her she realized her eyes had filled with tears during her feverish movements. She noticed suddenly that she was sitting in her own juices and gave a chuckle at herself for being so out of control. She stood up slowly getting her wobbly knees under her, glancing into the mirror to see her face completely flushed. With one deep breath she gathered herself and began to clean up.

Moments later she heard a voice at the door and her heart jumped to her throat as she froze with guilt. “You ok in there, Cuz?”

Jessica quickly searched for the right words and responded, “I’m great, just freshening up after that long drive.”

“Ok good, just checking,” James responded supportively. “Listen, I was thinking, I’m not up for driving back home tonight, and it isn’t fair to have you driving another four plus hours today.” James spoke through the door, “why don’t we just hang out here this evening, get a good sl**p tonight, and head back in the morning?”

The thought of spending some time with her wonderful cousin all alone gave her goose bumps and it wouldn’t take any more to convince her of this plan. She gathered herself and responded, “That actually sounds like a good idea, I was kind of dreading getting back in that car tonight.”

James was happy to hear his plan had been accepted graciously. “Great, we’ll relax for the night and catch up.”

“Great, it’s a date!” Jessica said excitedly, hoping anxiously her comment would go over well.

“It’s a date!” James responded quickly.

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3 years ago
Great continuation.. Looking forward to part 3