True account of my history of sharing ex wife

I shared this personal history on another open forum many years ago. Thought some may enjoy it here. Forgive grammar and punctuation, I'm no English major. This is all true events. (Note) Many of these events happened while under the influence. Enjoy.

My ex wife and I used to do a bit of swinging I guess you could say. We never attended clubs or anything, but would on occasion get together with others after being out for the evening at the bar or club ect. We were married at 18 and divorced by 30, but over those years we had a good deal of adventures that over time escalated from very tame to down right wild (in my opinion). Well, not that I miss my ex wife, but I do think quite often about the amazing sexual times we shared, or we shared her should I say. Since my new wife does not share in this particular kink, I don't have much of an outlet anymore. I have been basically holding all this in for some time, I think I would like to share some of this kinky history. Is this a good place for it? Perhaps one of these yahoo groups I keep reading about but can't seem to find. Any ideas?

I don't know when the kink side of things started for me personally, but I did always find it a turn on for others to think of my ex-wife a hot, sexy, attractive. As for sharing her, I think it would be the intense pleasure of watching her perform and be in total lust that would be the turn on. Ours started late in high school for us, as we were high school sweethearts that ended up getting married. We would talk about fantasies of each other, and ended up with one of her lady friends joining us one evening. A little pre warning would be that we would generally use alcohol as an inhibitor for our actions...imagine that. So, after a night of partying, her friend joined us for our first threesome ffm. That was really great, I got to have two women in high school, every guys dream! We did all the different positions you would imagine, with both the girls servicing each other and myself. Very good times at a young age.

Well, not long after this first experience, my exwife (GF at the time) saw an add in the local rag paper for models with no experience needed. As we were both young and she was very uninhibited, the money was pretty good for only a few hours, she called and went for a shoot. I didn't really know how to feel at first, except that I do remember getting turned on by the thought of her posing nude for this older gentleman. My mind did race a bit wondering about her safety, but more as to what he would have her do. The photographer picked her up at a local diner, then took her in his truck to the shoot. She was gone for about 3-4 hours before I heard from her. I was nervous, excited, and really horny! She called to let me know she had finished up and was on her way home. When she got home, I wanted all the details. She exclaimed how she had gotten sun burned all over and showed me by taking off her clothes. I was taken back by burn, but even more by the fact that her once red little bush was totally shaven now. I asked "what happened"? She says the photographer told her he needed her "natural" for the shoot. He had her shave everything before taking pictures in his back yard, around the garden. Nothing really happened at this time, but this was the start of something bigger, and we didn't know what at the time. I think she was only 17 at the Im I allowed to write that? I will get to the real fun soon enough, unless you all tell me to take a hike...LOL Also, bear with me, I've never in my life ever posted or written anything about any of this. If you must know, by the end of our relationship at age 30, she had been shared with and participated in unplanned gangbangs as well as other fun times.

I just read what I put to paper, I'm not very good at this, but it's nice to finally get it out.

Ok, so she goes to the nude model shoot, comes home with a nice shaved little kitty, and that really gets my mind spinning. Some time goes by and we talk about how exciting it was for her to have done the photographs, especially since it was just her and the older gentleman. He was around 45-50 and we were both about 17-18 at the time. This in time leads to some interest on her part in older men while she is still very young. While during these few photo sessions, we discuss the idea and fantasy of her being seduced, and fucked by this older man, she never admits to anything like that happening. She does however tell me how hot she gets, and goes into detail about playing with her pussy for him while he takes her photo. On the following shoots, she comes home with a soaked and red pussy, but never says anything happened.

The photo shoots only lasted a short time, but along with the ffm threesome were very much a catalyst for things to come. We were now 18 and 19 years old, and had our own little house with a few housemates. I'm pretty sure we were married at this point. Anyhow, I had the chance to run into my good friend from my Jr and high school days that I had lost touch with. We connected and he came to stay at our place for a week or so for a visit. During this time we did a lot of partying, and just hanging out. He and I would make comments out of fun like "hey, how about a twice over once"? We would all laugh it off. During this time she and I talked in private about how she was attracted to my friend "who just happened to be hung like a friggin horse" and what could or may come of it. We were all getting along one evening with some other friends, when my pal said he needed to go lay down for a bit. My wife offered our room for him to take a rest. After everyone else end up leaving the house, we look at eachother and just know....I tell her she can go ahead in and check on our friend.

I followed not long after, she was laying in bed next to him, sort of cuddling. I came in and lay down on the other side of her. She rolled over with her back towards him, (now this is our first time with anything like this). She just leaned into me and kissed me. She says she has been playing with him, I reach down and feel her pussy, her pants are now down under the covers. As I feel her soaking pussy, I also feel his fingers inside of her. I pulled her face to mine as she was now panting, she then told me in a husky voice that he was starting to fuck her. I couldn't even help myself, I pulled her face to my cock and came right in her mouth. He fucked her slow and hard while she sucked me dry, then filled her up. We never spoke about it, he and I. He got up early the next day, left, and we actually never heard from him again. I have seen him in passing over the years, but we have never spoken. I guess he got freaked out....not us, we were just getting started. we have any questions? Do I just keep going? Its really fun putting this all down.

Don't really recall how much time went by before we had any more encounters. I think it was a year or so. We ended up moving to another house, had a few different house mates. Nothing happened with our house mates, not at this time anyhow. The next experience I remember would be with another of my friends, a bit younger than us, I think he was about 19 at the time. Once again we were all hanging out partying, drinking, bbq ect.. The wife was really flirting it up with my buddy. As the night wore on, I ended up in another room with a girlfriend of hers, and she was in our bedroom with my buddy. For whatever reason, the gal I was with got cold feet, so I got up and went to our bedroom. I found them in bed, but just making out a bit. I slid in on the other side of her and gave my approval and encouragement. She did the same as the first time and turned her ass towards him, offering her pussy from behind. Poor bastard came in about 15 seconds...LOL We all laughed this off, and kept going until the early morning. We both fucked her repeatedly, split roasted her, she gave us both head at the same time, only no DP..not yet anyway. That was our second experience. I do love my new wife, but miss the old wild days of kinky sex.

I started to take an active role helping or making these situations happen. Either choosing to hang out with certain people or attending functions where I knew things would escalate into a possibility of some kind of encounter. We would have a lot of after parties at our place when we would close down the local bar or leave early. I found myself inviting more of (usually our friends, but not always) the ones that were flirting with my wife or she was with them. Once I actually started taken steps to make things happen, they sure did. We ended up leaving the bar one night with her girlfriend and my buddy, whom we had already had our second mfm threesome with. We all got it on and had a fourway, (there was never any male on male sex..just to get that out there). During this encounter, a few of our friends as well as my b*****r showed up to our place after leaving the bar. They let themselves into our living room. We were all in the bedroom, and they stayed out, but the cat was out of the bag with that group of friends.

As I said, the cat was out of the bag with a few of our friends. And not to long after that night, one of our buddies was having a night on the town bar hoping for his birthday. A bunch of our regular crew was going out, I however did not for what reason I can't recall. Anyhow, my wife dressed very sexy that evening, skirt, tall boots, titt's poppin out of her tight low cut get the idea. Oh, she's a redhead about 5-9 and taught classes at the gym. So, off she goes, and I never gave it any thought really. I started to wonder where she was after midnight, and she finally came home around 230am. She looked...well she looked like she had the hell fucked out of her. She proceeded to tell me about what happened. She says they left the last bar to walk to a mutual friends to take a taxi. Along the way, she stopped in an alley with one of my friends, (who's b*****r we actually shared her with as well, that is a story in itself) and began to make out. He wound up turning her around, lifting her skirt and fucking her up against the chain link fence. I couldn't believe I followed suit and fucked her right then and there. Her pussy was soaked....

I wasnt jealous and didn't feel cheated on at all. Since we were already sharing her and it turned me on so much as well. We started to share her more often after that, getting to be every other weekend or so. We were about 21-22 yrs old at this time. Our friend from the alley and his b*****r were both good friends of ours. Its kinda funny, because only one knew about the other for some time. One night, we all went out together, myself the ex wife, the two b*****rs and the guy from the second time we shared her, (the early cummer!). We all went out bar hoping till closing. That night we all ended up back at our place since it was close to downtown and nobody could drive. We had plenty of booze and beers so we kept up once we got home. Once in a while, the wife would slip off for a few minutes with one of the guys, maybe they would both be in the bathroom or down the hall. She was pretty loose from the booze and had that special look going. Eventually as everyone was finding there place to crash, we ended up in our bedroom with one of the b*****rs. We both took her in the bed and stripped off her clothes. She was in heaven, sucking us while we ate her pussy and began to fuck her silly. After a little while, I got myself a good idea, I told them I was getting something from the other room. I went out and both the other guys were up and listening to us from the living room. I asked if they were coming in? We turned the lights off and came into the room kinda quiet as we could. Everyone stripped and climbed on the bed. This was her first all out gangbang. Me, the two b*****rs and one more friend. She had a cock in every hole, we fucked her every way we could, she got dp from all of us, and when we were tired, someone else took over. She never let up. I remember very well, passing out to wake up every so often to her being fucked by whoever was up at the time, or taking a cock up her pussy and ass at the same time by the two b*****rs. This was one of my favorite times...totally unplanned and perfect.

I do wish
I could relate some of these events to my current wife, but I do not think that would be a good idea. She is very sexy, loyal and great in bed, but not the same. I don't know if I would enjoy sharing her the same. The ex just had that special slutty, sexxy appeal.

Well, we had one particular camping trip that would be one of the sluttiest I can recall. There was a pretty good sized group of us, myself and the wife, the fella from the alley and his girlfriend at the time(one of our regular friends at this point, not his girlfriend though), his b*****r, (another regular friend) as well as another couple and two more of our single male buddies. We found ourselves at a lake a few hours from our home town. It was the end of summer, around August or September, I don't remember the date, just the weather was awesome. As would most young 20's k**s, we brought more booze and party supplies than anything. We played in the water all day, fishing, drinking beer, sunbathing and watching all the partially dressed ladies play around. As night wore on, we all started to get pretty buzzed, bbq was blazzin and after supper, we got a good poker game going. We were all trying to get the girls to make out and show us their titts, as all self respecting young men should! This carried on for a bit, the girls would flash us occasionally and would entertain us with a little make out session for our benefit. Eventually the one couple left for their tent, leaving the wife and myself, the single b*****r, our single buddy and the b*****r with the girlfriend. My Ex-wife wif flirting with everyone there, even the girlfriend at this point. We all gathered around the fire, drinking and grabbing at my wife as she would come around. Eventually she sat down on one of the b*****rs laps, the one with the girlfriend (Mike). She laid a big ol kiss on him and reached down his pants right in front of us all, including his girlfriend. We all kinda laughed as she stood up, giggling about the hard on she just gave him. She continued to flirt her way about, till it was about lights out for the other guys. We found ourselves with Mike and his girls in our 6 man tent. As the ladies started out with a little show for Mike and I, we sat in our beach chair in the tent and watched for a bit. Both gals nice and warmed up and naked, we joined them. We each started with our own women, and they would like and fondle eachother. After a bit of time though, Mikes girl started to feel woozy due to the liquor.

She took herself to hers and Mikes tent to crash, and Mike helped her. We were still both pretty worked up, and kept going ourselves, till we heard someone outside our tent, it was Mike. We invited him back in. He said his girl had passed out. I assured him that mine had not! We both immediately put her on all fours and started to fuck her mouth and pussy. This was great, she was already soaked from our play as well as her and Mikes girl licking and playing with each other. Mike and I continued to fuck her for quite a while, as we were both pretty buzzed and it took a while for us to Eventually Mike blew his wad in my wifes pussy and fell to the side spent. He informed us that he should head back to his own tent, so we said goodnight. The wife was still fired up and rearin to go, and so was I for that matter. She asked what other fun we could come up with, I said what do you have in mind? She asked if she could go check on any of our other friends? I said SURE!! She immediately got up, buck naked and left our tent. I could hear her going to the tent not too far away from our own and unzip the door. This was Mikes b*****rs tent. I could hear her lightly talking then kissing and shuffling around. It didn't take long at all before you could hear ever grunt and moan as he was fucking her for all he was worth, and she was like a cat in heat, asking for more and more. I heard her cum a few time while he fucked her, then a great grunt as he came in her already fucked pussy. I can't believe I didn't get up and join em, but I was enjoying laying there listing to tell the truth.

When they were finished, she returned to our tent for a quick second. She asked me if I heard her, and I said of course, I think everyone could..LOL! She then said she wanted to make another stop. I asked her exactly what she had planned for this night? She said she wanted to fuck us all, and have us all cum in her pussy by the end of the night! I gave her my blessing, and she gave me a kiss and disappeared again. Now I could hear the tent on the other side of ours, just like before. Some light giggling, then kissing. Then I could hear her begin to get fucked, this time hard. I could actually hear her soaking pussy and their bodies slamming together. This was the hottest night we had ever had to this point. Again, I just stayed in our tent and enjoyed to show so to speak. Once they had finished, she again came back to our tent. I was so horny at this point, I threw her down myself and pumped her full of my own cum. I was about 130am at this time, and we were both pretty spent, myself more than her if you can believe it. She asked if I would walk with her to the restroom, I said sure.

Now, this camp ground was pretty spread out and not a lot of folks were around. There two guys in the site just up the hill from us that we had some beers with earlier in the day, they had an RV and had made margaritta's. On our way back from the outhouse restrooms, we saw the two other guys. The wife had also been flirting with these two earlier. They waved at us and I waved back, but the wife started to walk over to say hi. We would up at their site, had a few shots of tequila with them, and then they told us that they had a real good view of our site from where they were. With the night we had already started, the tequila, and very little hints from these two, and we were inside their RV. They had my wife stripped down and bent over in the center of the camper. One of the men fucked her from behind and the other enjoyed her mouth, they switched it up, I stepped in from time to time. They both came in her mouth and pussy, we just collected ourselves, and left. They left the next day, and we didn't speak with them again. That's pretty much it, that was one of the nastiest and craziest times we ever had. Booze and Sex!! I wish I was a better writer, my punctuation and grammar both suck! I have a few pics of her hidden away, I'll have to figure out how to post them or send them out if anyone is interested. Oh well, I hope others have had this kind of fun, I know I enjoyed it at the time.

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1 month ago
wow great story really hot and very sexy
5 months ago
Yeah it's a crazy thing, relationships! Even when or if they seem perfect there's always some disappointing compromise that needs to be made or else it's a showstopper, huh?
6 months ago
thanks for sharing :) this is a hot hot post and i re-read it every other time :)
6 months ago
Thanks for the compliment on the writing. It's hard to remember all the details of every event and the order ect ect ect. What a wild ride though!!
6 months ago
Thank you Logans!
6 months ago
Thank you!
6 months ago
Not at all the reason for the split. The sex life was really great, but there is more to a healthy functioning relationship than just crazy sexual adventures. Hope you have as much fun as we did! Keep an open dialogue and communicate.
7 months ago
Hello mate, you're a good writer and very well written story. Thanks for sharing this, I wish I was your friend too lol
Please check my message in your message box!!
7 months ago
we have just started... n its pretty much exactly the way you guys did... your post is super duper hot... m sure my hubby will agree... do hope this wasn't the reason for you the two of you to split... worries me sometimes...
7 months ago
Awesome story! Really hot!
7 months ago
omg yes! :) wish I could have those same experiences, because that was sexy as FUCK...

thanks for sharing & by the way...the way it was written, was just fine. in my opinion. :)