Sometimes the Dark Side Has to Come Out

First post, and it's just a hard R rating folks. Just needed to tell the story so I apologize if I wasted your reading time. If you're looking for hot, filthy sex, this won't be it. Yes I love that shit too, but sometimes you just gotta go with softcore erotica. :)

So by day, I have to be the consummate professional. Reliable, clean cut, married with k**s stable, all the trappings of the "normal" American middle aged man with a fairly high paying job. At 53, I have a couple extra pounds, but workout regularly and keep a trim, lightly muscled profile. I'm not a church going person. I believe but not in the hypocrisy of organized religion. There may be a set of horns in my head somewhere.

As is the case with many here at xhamster, there's a dark side that sometimes must be satisfied. Lustful, uninhibited, needing to be satisfied and satisfy someone equally as frustrated by the day to day rules of life.

About six months ago, as warm weather was bringing out the legs and cleavage that so make my dark side pop, I decided to attend a mass service in my home town. Not for the community and christian spirit mind you, but rather to see the winter-strapped bodies of average women begin to shed the heavy coats and long sleeves. I sat in the back row, with only a couple other "part time" church goers. Not much to tell about the first visit other than some hot young women wearing the short sun dresses or shorts and flip flops that make my cock twitch. It wasn't until the third visit some time later that I began to make eye contact with some solitary women to see what they might be thinking under that guise of christian going woman.

In early June, during a rather hot streak of weather, a middle aged woman perhaps 49 or 50 sat in the row next to me. Leaving space but a little closer than normal for a stranger I guess. Throughout the first 15 minutes or so I noticed her in more detail. About 25 extra pounds, wedding ring, thick legs stemming out of a rather short swingy summer dress. Flip flops...oh the flip flops. Painted toenails and a toe ring. Her face showed some lines and wear that indicated maybe a taste for vodka on Saturday nights and a cigarette or two when away from her hubby. She glanced at me several times and I noticed a slight twinge of smile on her face. Nothing much more until the sign of peace where I reached out to shake her hand and exchange a pleasantry to two. She reached back, gave a bit of a smile and said "peace be with you too, you don't look familiar here". I smiled back and whispered "just here for the summer scenery and then confession." At that she laughed just a little loud. We parted with a little wave and goodbye whisper. I watched her walk out, her light summery dress embracing a rather thick waist and wrapping around a wonderfully round ass. Thick legs tanned by lightbulbs in a dark room I thought. Nice touch. Probably shaved I would think if she cared enough to want the color.

Two Sundays later I'm back...the dark side calling out to go back and see what's what. Back row, and in comes my lady. Sits next to me but this time wearing cutoffs probably a little too short for church, and those wonderful tanned legs and feet. Her top was more conservative but clearly made for the boardwalk as opposed to mass. A nice section of cleavage popped from her top as her plump tits rode up in the clearly blue lace bra she wore underneath. She crossed her legs, bouncing her sexy tan toes in her flips. I detected the slightest whiff of alcohol, probably from the night before, coming through her rather delightful perfume. I imagined that perfume came as much from between her tits as it did from a light stroke down her legs as she was was getting dressed.
"Still checking out the summer attire I see, you were missing in action last weekend!" she whispered as church goers filed in.

"You caught me!" I whispered back. "I see you've been working on your tan".

"Now if I could get rid of some of this winter baggage" and she lightly grabbed her middle which was thick but not unattractive.

"Well you're looking just fine to me. Love the toe ring." I bravely stated.

"So what's your story?" She whispered and moved a little closer, still bouncing those sexy feet with the flip flop dangling off one foot.

"Married and happy, just needed a little diversion." I said

"Yeah me too, not sure why here. I think there's something a bit bad about being here for a diversion but it seems to stoke the fire if you know what I mean."

At this, my cock began to grow in my cargo shorts and I shifted a bit to keep it from being so noticeable. I sensed her looking but c'mon, this is just going to be another blue balls event.

We stopped chatting as mass began. I was able to take in a full look at her at communion. She walking in front of me. Her hips swayed beautifully in her shorts with just a hint of cellulite that seemed to turn me on even more. Her blue bra shone brightly through the scant material of the summer top. By the time we were on the return parade to the pew, my cock was 3/4 erect and I just needed to sit down without embarrassing myself.

As the service ended, I walked with her outside into the heat and our cars were both close by. She started talking as we closed in on our adjacent driver doors. "Look, I'm thinking I know why you're here and it's a hot concept." But you realize I'm having the same fantasy release and not looking for a relationship or anything." She waved the ring up a little higher, "married and all".

"Hey me too" and waved mine back. "But sometimes I need the thrill of being a little bad y'know?"

"I know what you mean and last night I drank just a little too much and now my body wants to do bad things." With that she flashed a gorgeous smile, licked her bottom lip a little and said "see you next week maybe?"

I said "Count on it, if you wear those shorts!" We both laughed and drove away with a final glance and smile.

The following Sunday was a typical hot, rainy muggy Summer day. I was in my usual spot and in came my lady joining me in the last row. Her hair was wet, hanging in black loose curls around her face. Her tight red tank top was wonderfully low on her tits, and I noticed specks of rain on her cleavage. Shorts...cutoffs but black this time, fringes from the cut line which rode up very high on her thighs. The freckles of tanning clearly calling me to stare and wonder what design she may have shaved into just three inches higher.

"I look like hell." She whispered.

"On the contrary, you've made my morning" I laughed back.

"I'm drenched" she said. "Really?" I asked with a more wicked smile. "I'd love to know that!"

"You're a slut" she said quietly leaning over to my ear. "Damn right baby" I snorted back.

Now she moved very close, like we were a couple. Her perfume filled my nose lightly and I could smell the rain on her. Those damn feet of hers, with the toe ring and now an ankle bracelet.

Leaning in even closer, she handed me a weekly newsletter, and whispered in my ear "I got fucked last night, want to know more?"

I blushed uncertain how to continue this conversation as quietly as it needed to be.

"You're going to make me come right here in the church" I whispered back and turning my head in close to her ear, making sure to brush against her lobe as I did. She could feel the heat in my breath and within seconds her tank top exposed two wonderfully hard nipples poking through.

"Look, my husband is on a fishing trip, so I went by myself to a bar, got way too d***k and brought a guy home with me. I'm not proud of it, but it was the best fucking I've had. I'm still dripping wet even after a shower."

"Maybe you need a clean up?" I looked at her with half amusement and half lust.

"I do, but I think we both know that's beyond our little fantasy here" she said and laughed.

My cock was clearly straining in my shorts by now and as I laid the newsletter over my crotch, she slowly slid her hand under the paper and gave me a stroke through the material.

"Um, pretty deserted today" she said, and I noticed we were alone in the back row, with more than a several rows empty in front of us. And then her legs parted a bit, making the shorts ride into her crotch. The she stretched our her leg a bit, and I looked down to see a perfectly shaved portion of her pussy. I looked up, smiled and said, "that's pretty".

Then after a quick check behind and to the side, I slid my hand down her soft thick thigh and felt a hot, wet pussy. I slipped just my pinky finger into the lips as I stared ahead and pretended to be attentive to the service. She slid imperceptibly down a few inches to give me more access. She pressed one tit into my shoulder as I fingered her a little faster and pretended to be reading the hymn book.

She came within two minutes, quietly with a soft moan and pretend cough. Her thighs were soaked though and I imagined there was going to be no way she could walk to the altar this week. I was raging hard and needing release.

She leaned in "thank you, I needed that really really bad".

"My pleasure, and oh, I won't be washing that finger." With that she laughed a little, slid back up in the pew, pulled her cutoffs down best she could and reached over once more and gave me a squeeze of the cock. I looked at her to see her look into my eyes, lick her lips and said "I gotta go. See you again?"

Disappointed I said "Mass is still 30 minutes to go, can you stay?"

"Nope" she whispered, "gotta clean up the evidence from last night's bender".

I smiled, she smiled, gave a final squeeze to my painfully hard cock, and said "thank you for being my dark wicked fantasy".

"Thank you for being why I beat off twice a day now!" I whispered back.

With that she was gone and now I wake up every morning hard and counting down the days to Sunday. Not sure where any of this is going but it's somehow so dark, so bad and yet so innocent all at the same time. Maybe it shouldn't go farther than fingering and squeezing in the back row, but I'll update someday when I feel a little dark and wicked again.
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Cool Story. Ya gotta go back for more.