Masturbating on the Airplane... Sort of

I was on my way back from Boston after a torrid night of partying. I was tired and it was early in the morning; I really felt like I had JUST gone to sl**p when the alarm went off to go to the airport.

I threw on a long t-shirt, black panties and leggings, my boots, and a red pull over, since it was cold. I hadn't brought much with me so I would not have to check a bag. The cab took 25 minutes to get there, and I was standing at the gate charging my phone for nearly an hour.

My mind kept wandering back to some of the shenanigans from the night before. The faux lap dances we were giving each other at the club probably turned me on as much as the boys who got to witness them, and already had me excited again.

The flight was barely half full. I took a window and nobody was seated next to me, and nobody was directly behind me. A very attractive brunette sat in the window seat across from me. She was wearing very sheer black leggings with Uggs and a belted sweater that barely reached the bottom of her ass. When she bent over, it rode up and it was clear that she was not wearing panties.

We took off and the entire time my eyes were glued to her amazing legs. For whatever reason, cabin pressure, boredom, etc, I always get noticeably. Today would be no different, and I was glad I had worn tight panties underneath my leggings. However, when we reached altitude and I shifted in the seat, my cock slid free, sneaking down my left inner thigh. It continued to grow, and at first I just stared at it, admiring it, and that was even more of a turn on. It swelled, and I could feel my foreskin start to slide back, my head stretching the fabric out obscenely.

I tried to pull my sweater and t-shirt down to cover it, but it was halfway down my thigh. The girl across the aisle looked up from her book for a second, as I must have been clearly in anguish. I rested my hand over top of the bulge and looked away. My cock head was so sensitive that the moment she turned her attention back to her book, my fingers we instinctively stroking it, attempting to relieve it. My hips bucked, my body near orgasm in just seconds. A couple more strokes and I probably would have drizzled my leg and everything in front of me with a sticky mess had the stewardesses not rolled the drink cart out. I sighed and leaned back, closing my eyes.

I opened them a few seconds later and noticed that the brunette was staring at me again, focused on whatever my left hand was doing to my leg. I doubt she realized I was trans, but she smiled and winked before going back to her book.

The moment I made it to my car in the parking garage, I slipped my cock out and jerked it furiously while picturing her and full lips and neatly trimmed pubic hair through those sheer leggings. I ended up with ropes of cum all across the steering wheel and dashboard, as well as my hand, leggings, sweater, and even a couple drops that found my chin ;)

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2 years ago
DAMN! I hope that I am on a plane with you sometime.
2 years ago
we would have had to slip to the little gurls room and join the mile high club
2 years ago
hot story
2 years ago
Wow. great story. I'm going to have to start flying more lol.
3 years ago
Wow what a trip reallerotic thanks
3 years ago
Hell, I woulda sucked you off right then and there in front of the whole world.........I'd have served jail time just to taste your pretty penis.............
3 years ago