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Nylons in the Office

I work in an office where attractive women are few and far between. There is one analyst for whom I would die for one torrid lesbian affair.

She's blonde, blue eyes, 5'7", 110ish, mid 30's and All-American good looks. Yesterday, I was briefing our director and she was sitting behind me. Since the weather has changed, she has switched from dress slacks and heels to skirts/dresses and boots, and she was wearing her leather boots with black nylons, black pencil skirt, and a nice fitted blue blouse.

As I finished talking, questions started being fired around the table. I leaned back in my chair while two managers argued over something and everyone's attention was averted. I turned and saw Andi sitting there, legs crossed away from me, but her hips faced me. Her skirt had rode up several inches, and the tops of her stockings were clear on both thighs; not pantyhose or thigh-highs. I was SO excited, and had an instant erection in my pants. For a split second I considered straining for a good upskirt shot, but decided it wasn't worth being busted in the middle of a high-profile meeting. Distracted and aroused, I kept peeking back at her luscious legs and managed to not get caught.

I masturbated the moment I got out of the office and several times since in the last 24 hours, dreaming of stroking her stockings, fingering her garters...

And was rewarded when she wore another hot, fitted black dress with nylons and boots today!

Posted by noellejordan 3 years ago
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