Playing with my first Titties (true but with diffe

Well I was 17 and had a crush on my best friend's younger s****r (Theresa). She was was two years younger. She did not drive and she knew I had a crush on her. So yes she talked me into driving her over to her boyfriends house. Obviously, I wasn't getting anywhere or so I thought.

Anyway, her boyfriend comes out and they start to make out in the passenger seat. I guess I got as a consolation prize, his s****r. We had never met, she was a bit younger than me, blonde with small tits. So they told her to sit on my lap and she did. I wanted to kiss her and she said no. A bit later, I worked my hand toward her bra and that was OK. So while Theresa and her boyfriend sucked face, I played with my new friend titties. She let me go under her bra. Not a big thing now but when I was 17 it was. And yes, massaging her boobs was fine but she still did not want kissed. And I am am sure she could feel my hard-on as she sat on my lap :)

So I got to grope her for quite awhile and then Theresa wanted to go home. The bummer is I never got her name. And while I knew where she lived, exactly how do I introduce myself? "Remember me? I am the stranger who played with your boobs as you sat on my lap?"
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