A video shoot - Part 2 of 2

Now there are even more guys on set. About half seem to be jacking off. I ask John what he has up his sleeve and what he needs me for.

It a Bukkake film. Damn, I get to see Tina covered in cum. My cock twitches at the thought. John tells me he needs a fluffer. I don't quite understand. After all Tina is just damn hot. Who would need a fluffer to cum on her? John says Tina is too girly. WTF? He says well some of the guys are gay and are having a hard time getting up. No pun intended. I now get what is happening. I protest weakly. But I am almost in pain from being horny as hell. And yes I have sucked cock. But there is more cock here than I have ever sucked. I can't have Tina so maybe a guy's cock in my mouth will relieve me. There are 10 guys total.

Tina comes back out. In a different miniskirt and high heels. Straight guy #1 walks over to her and she goes down on her knees and starts to lick his balls. My first guy comes over. I am throbbing and want Tina's cock, so he is a reasonable substitute. I immediately take his cock head in my mouth and feel him swell. He is a nice 7 inches. I see Tina watching. She gets hard under her skirt and thong watching me. Gay guy #1 is hard and leaking in my mouth. John tells me to slow down, he can't cum in my mouth. I still have my pants zipped. Straight guy #1 blasts a huge load across Tina's lips. Damn.

Tina pulls her top off and shows her awesome titties. No impacts, all hormones. I want to suck them. But I have a cock in my mouth instead. And then its gone. He walks over to Tina and starts fuck her mouth. Next guy shoves a dick in my mouth. Two guys are alternating with Tina. The first guy I sucked and one who did not need help. The second guy in my mouth, I assume he's gay too, had a nice 6" cock. At this point, I say fuck it and drop my pants and start jacking off. At once I get comments on cock. It is 8" :) And rock hard.

Anyway just as soon as I get the guy in my mouth to the point of cumming he pulls out and goes over to Tina. Now she has cum in her mouth, on her chin and dripping down on her tits. She pulls off her miniskirt and thong to reveal her hard cock. I think 4 guys have cum on her or in her mouth.

One of the straight guys comes over and sticks his dick in my mouth. He says he thinks it is sexy me with a cock larger than his sucking him. He is getting close I can tell. If he cums in my mouth I definitely will explode. But John sees it and slows us down. He tells me not to cum. The straight goes over to Tina to have his way leaving me aching.

Next guy comes over. I think he is gay and he starts playing with me. Heaven and relief. Nope he stops. He is hard now and I do my fluffer duties. Bring him to the edge. Again someone gets to cum over Tina. I don't get to cum at all nor anyone in my mouth. Tina's dick is hard than I have ever seen it. She is dripping. I wish I was there. She is in worse shape than me. None of the guys have play with her cock at all. I don't see how she can stand it.

The last guy blasts a heavy shot on her belly. All the guys have came and I start to jack off in earnest. But John stops me again. He says he has a surprise.

Tina walks over covered in cum and kisses me. I taste the guys on her lips. I like their cum off her nipples as I work my way to her cock. I lick the tip and I know it won't be long for the both of us. I barely get her all in my mouth when she shoots a huge load. I immediately pop too.

John, now wants me to sign a form, he was filming me sucking her and wants it in the video.

92% (15/1)
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3 years ago
HOT story! So much sexiness!
3 years ago
pretty good
3 years ago
good i was one of those guys your a dam good cocking slut
3 years ago
3 years ago
3 years ago
great story - I'm SO HARD!