A video shoot - Part 1 of 2

OK, this one is pure fiction.

Photography has always been my passion. Mostly my photos are of landscapes and things. People are just a minor aspect. Except for one area. It started a while back when a lady friend of a friend wanted some lets say revealing photographs. And since then, I have help people with their sexy shots. Every thing from PG-13 rated to swing site photos. I could help them get nice focused well light sexy pics. Guys, girls I didn't care.

Tina was one I helped. First it was pictures for her boyfriend (now ex). Later it was for her website. It was my usual routine, take the pictures, give the client the SD card. That way he or she could do what they wanted to with them and worry about me having copies. If they were hot, of course I would jack off afterwards. Definitely with Tina. She was 5' 6" had firm B cup titties and an ass to die for. And she had a great cock too. Not large, about 6" and a nice plump head. Tina had me take several photo shoots and then moved on into true porno.

I had not heard from Tina for quite some time. Then out of the blue, John calls. He does videos and I had helped occasionally. Tina is doing a video and he wants my help, maybe do a photo shoot first.

I show up at the studio. Tina is there and hot. She's a blonde now. She has a short black miniskirt and a tight white halter top on. There are quite a few guys hanging about. Nevertheless we start the photo session. Fairly routine but I have an audience this time. Tina being sexy and such and eventually shedding her clothes. She starts jacking off and I am shooting pics like mad. A couple of the guys have unzipped their pants and are jacking off too. I am rock hard but I am professional and keep my pants zipped and the shutter clicking.

Tina cums quickly. Tina blows me a kiss and walks off set. Normally at this point I am done, the model leaves and I get to jack off. But there is video shoot to follow, so I keep my pants zipped in misery.

Now there are even more guys on set. About half seem to be jacking off. I ask John what he has up his sleeve and what he needs me for.

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3 years ago
3 years ago
I'll look forward to part 2!
3 years ago
Great start ...