Love Me 'til Dawn, Chapter 10

Chapter 10. Alice’s discovery of deep secret desires.

“Stop the cab!” I screamed, and the driver reacted instantly by slamming on the brakes. I noticed the store that had always been there since I was a teenager and loved to visit whenever I was in San Monique. Leaving the cab, I quickly ran back a few metres down the street followed by Lorraine and George.

“What on earth are you up to Alice?” Lorraine asked looking at me as I stood outside the shop. George smiled and winked when she realised what kind of trade the store dealt in.

“Costumes…we need costumes.” I explained, leading the way inside. And that place had never changed one bit since my last visit. With all kinds of costumes for hire or purchase for every event and occasion it was always fascinating to me. Many people on San Monique went there for their carnival wear. And one of the sections that always fascinated me was the masks.

“I think Alice is having ideas about masquerading.” George whispered into her ear. Lorraine raised her eyebrows and smiled, as I rummaged along the line of various masks. Nothing like the old ones that Lorraine kept in the villa. These were for masquerading and of all various materials and attractive colours. And once more my fantasies were enthused by the collection.

Lorraine and George joined me in trying them on, as we laughed and joked with each other. The storekeeper, a man in his later years, watched on fascinated by our playful bantering.

“Ladies! May I be so pleased to have your attention,” he interrupted. “You are welcome to try those masks for whatever occasion you have in mind. But with them, goes the costumes, which I must draw your attention to.”

We looked at him and the way he spoke to us made us giggle like mischievous schoolgirls. “And sir, what do you recommend?” Lorraine replied. And without further ado, the man led all three of us into a locked room that he opened especially for us. Inside was even more fascinating with various risqué costumes on mannequins that matched my imagination precisely. We stood, speechless looking at each other with our minds gelled to the same thoughts.

“You see ladies, I know exactly what you are looking for. I have this set aside for those extra special occasions that stimulate certain ladies desires. Maybe a very private sharing occasion?”

“Can we try them on?” George asked.

“Of course…be my guest. Take your time. I shall leave you alone to do as you please.” And with that the man left us alone, locking the door behind him.

“Oh Alice, what do you have in mind?” Lorraine asked excitedly. George began to remove her clothes until she was naked, and we watched her take one of the costumes made in red latex and adorned in gold chains. It was a bikini style top with the cups open to reveal the nipples and a thong with a small opening to allow access to that certain secret place. “Well, go on…try it on.” Lorraine continued.

We watched as she fit perfectly in the outfit. Her smooth pink areola protruding gorgeously how they were meant to be. And I handed her a matching red latex mask that covered her eyes and upper face. “That’s cool.” I said as we stood in fascination at the view before our eyes. George turned for us to take a look from all angles.

“So, what do you think?”

“Splendid. I think Alice is surprising us with her wildest of imaginations.” Lorraine replied. “I didn’t think she was into this kind of thing at all.”

“And what kind of thing would that be?” I asked, grinning cheekily. “Go on Lorraine, tell us what you think I am thinking exactly in your opinion?”

“No. Allow me to explain.” George replied. “I know exactly what Alice is thinking.” And to me it was so obvious and always had been. Both Lorraine and George had that certain something about them and about their special relationship together. George began to explain perfectly. “I think our little Alice knows quite well that you and I Lorraine are secretly Domme and sub.”

Although that was not my original intention, I played along with it. As even I did not expect to find this special room that focused upon those things. My ideas of ‘dressing up’ were based purely on role-play games I had thought up. But now there was a more interesting development unfolding thanks to the proprietor of the store.

“And where do you fit into that Alice?” Lorraine asked. “Which are you, Domme or sub?”

I had never thought of myself as being either. Our shared love was always equal in my opinion. But I wanted to discover if at all I had tendencies either way, and surely these two where the ones to show me.

She moved towards me. There was a look upon her masked face that seemed to be different than I had ever seen before. That mask did more than hide her beautiful features; it also masked her personality, opening up to something else I had never realised. She held my jaw in her hand, holding my face and forcing me to stare back at her.

“George, I don’t think…” Lorraine began, but George stopped her by raising her hand as if she was commanding her silence. And I realised at that moment how deceptive my own conclusions were. It was not the boss who was the Domme, but the PPS.

“It’s OK Lorraine, I just need Alice to know something here and now before she becomes too involved.” Her eyes pierced into mine and I was locked upon them, unable to even look away. Her grip was not painful, just restraining, so that I could not look away from her hypnotic gaze. “This game that Lorraine and I play is not for you my love. If you are not certain, then leave it. Don’t even try to think about it.”

I took a sideward glance at Lorraine and she was looking down as if regretting something. “Baby, I want you to know that this game we play is dangerous,” George continued. “It can be very addictive, and there is no easy way out. It takes over your wildest of fantasies and like a d**g…makes you crave for more.”

George let go of me and turned to Lorraine as I watched on. “Who is your Mistress?” Lorraine kept her head lowered and whispered her reply “You are.” But that was not clear enough for George. She quickly grabbed and took Lorraine’s hair in her hand and pulled.

“Say it louder, with more respect!” George demanded. “Say it!” Lorraine dropped slowly to her knees in pain. A pain that even I could feel as George twisted those beautiful red curls in her tight fist. I was horrified and wanted her to stop there and then, but I restrained myself, realising that this was their game and they were showing me how it was played.

“You are my Mistress and I obey every command.” Lorraine cried, and I saw a single tear trickle down her face onto her upper lip where it began to gather, forming into a droplet. “You are my Mistress, my only mistress and I promise that I will obey no other but you.” Then George released her grip and looked at me.

“Now you know baby. You have seen how powerful this thing can be. Control of another human soul through pain and torture, as I control Lorraine, because I need to give pain for sexual pleasure and she needs to take it.”

Before that moment I had only read stories, watched videos and looked at photographs of domination sex. But now I had seen it for myself and looked more into the act and I realised how real this thing was. But something inside wanted me to watch on more through sexual curiosity as Lorraine looked up at me through her tears and smiled. She was happy to receive the pain and domination and because of that I wanted her to take more of whatever George was prepared to give.

“Let me watch. I want to see more of this.” The words rolled from my tongue with such desire that I even queried myself after I said them. I was driven by desire to actually see more of their game like a spectator desired to see the kill of a gladiator in the arena. It turned me on in a way that even I could not resist.

“Yes, just as I thought.” George began, “What is it baby that you feel?” I looked at her feeling my thoughts desires. I wanted to see George give Lorraine her punishment more than the desire to watch Lorraine take it. “I can see it in your eyes baby. You want me to continue to humiliate her don’t you?”

I slowly nodded my reply. And the two of them began to continue their game for me to watch. I had not only realised that I was a capable Domme in such games, but also I realised my desire to be a voyeur.

George told Lorraine to stand and remove her clothes, and I did the same. Within minutes we were both naked and aroused. And as George moved closer to her, running her finger between the tops of Lorraine’s thighs, I was touching myself the same way as if my finger was gathering Lorraine’s sticky nectar. As George tasted, then so did I. As she took Lorraine’s nipple between her fingers and pulled, then I did the same, as if my fingers were pulling at Lorraine’s sensitive nipple, feeling both senses of giving and receiving.

It was a new horizon that I had crossed and from then on I knew something about myself more clearly. I had learnt that my tendencies were towards the dominant rather than the subservient, although I had derived a certain pleasure from both.

That evening, back at the villa, I stood alone on the veranda gathering my thoughts of that day and looking out to the crashing sea as it came to rest on the beach in total darkness of the night. The soothing cool breeze began to relax me and refresh me from the balmy heat of that tropical paradise as I stood with my eyes closed.

“Alice.” Lorraine’s voice stirred me from my thoughts. She stood behind me, resting her head on my shoulder and wrapping her tender arms around my waist. “I want to offer you something and you must accept it.” She said. I listened intently feeling her close. “I want you to be my area manager at the York office.”

“But, I know nothing about it.” I replied. “I don’t know the first thing about managing a business.” I wondered why she requested that I take the offer after leaving it for so long. I needed training and all that time had elapsed without being obliged to refuse her.

“You will have training. A few weeks maybe or as long as you require. But I need you to take on this job.” She turned my face towards hers and planted a gentle kiss upon my lips before smiling. “It will work, I know it will because I trust you my love.”

“But why me and not…” I looked towards the open lounge and saw George sitting in an armchair enjoying the music being fed to her sensorium through headphones; oblivious of our conversation, for it was George I half expected to get the job in the end. Lorraine turned my face back and with her gorgeous irresistible smile she shuck her head in reply.

Surely through their secret games George could have manipulated her own future with the power she had over Lorraine. But it did not work that way. Their game was strictly sexual and far from professional. There was a boundary in place that both of them respected.


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