Love Me 'til Dawn Chapters 8. 9

Chapter 8. Alice’s reflective thoughts.

Meeting George and having her join us that evening placed a different twist to all that was happening. I did not mind her being there, but I was hoping that Lorraine would be all mine.

George began to grow on me as that evening went by. I warmed to her outgoing personality and the way she seemed to understand the relationship between Lorraine and I. And at the same time I could not help feeling as if Lorraine was manipulating something between the three of us and so I played along with the game as it unfolded.

It was back at Lorraine’s apartment when I realised what the intended outcome was all about. Having them both intentionally seduce me in the bedroom came as a surprise at first. Then as they both began to strip me I knew that this was probably the only outcome that evening could bring and so I let them do it. It felt good and my heart began to beat faster every second that passed by. Being stripped and seduced by two people of your own sex felt so different and more meaningful somehow.

I soon began to revel in the moment as Lorraine eased me onto the bed with George opening my thighs. The Champagne added something extra to the whole thing as its cool stream touched my skin, making me break out in a myriad goose bumps all over. Then I felt George press her lips against my flower, catching the trickle of champagne that found its way down there. Her tongue gently parting me, seeking out my neatly folded petals and adding to their already aroused dampness.

As I opened my eyes and looked up, I saw Lorraine striding over my head. I could see her gorgeous pink petals, open and glistening with her juices as she offered them to me, sliding over my nose gently to my lips so that I could detect her sweet aroma and then her delicious taste as my tongue probed gently without any hesitation.

George seemed to be good at what she was doing and I was feeling not only her tongue but also fingers probing inside, hitting the right spot that made me tingle and begin to moan my instant reaction.

“I think we can use the champagne to make things a little more juicier. What do you think George?” I heard Lorraine, almost gasping her words as my tongue rasped in tiny quick strokes over her engorged clitoris. And without warning I felt the cold liquid touching my own clitoris, and being consumed by George’s tongue just as swiftly.

Together, Lorraine and I released. Almost in perfect time. A trickle of warm tangy love juice cascaded gently into my mouth and I tasted and swallowed it with total delight, remembering the last time.

“Mmmm…she is certainly a sweet one.” George replied, and shared my own offering to Lorraine from her lips as they both kissed. Lorraine eased back above my head and allowed George to slide over my lips with her pussy. And she was already wet with her own aromatic sweet nectar. The taste was sweeter than Lorraine’s and almost even more intoxicating. This was certainly a journey of sexual discovery for me. The excitement washed through me, overtaking all of my emotions as I quickly turned into a third part within one of total sexual womanhood. It felt as if we were as one. Sharing ourselves as one living, loving entity. There was surely nothing compared to this…ever?

I took advantage of both their experiences that evening. They knew I was learning things still and Lorraine surprised me even more as I never knew until then how much she was secretly into this kind of thing. I discovered that her love of bedroom toys was not just restricted to masturbation, but sharing, as she must have done so often with George. And I wondered if her circle of friends ‘sexual’ extended even further.

As George and I knelt facing each other with the double-ended dildo inserted within us, Lorraine whispered into my ear. “Isn’t she fantastic?” I nodded my reply gasping as her hand gripped it and began to move it back and forth, giving pleasure to both George and I as we gazed into each others eyes, waiting to see which of us would come to a climax first as the pink instrument touched our most delicate and sensitive parts, sliding between our lacquered petals.

I began to lean back and moan as George grinned. “I think she’s going to cum again!” The orgasm began to intensify as I positioned myself more comfortably, spreading my legs on either side of George’s hips and moving to the rhythm that Lorraine had set in motion. “Oh yes! She is really getting hot now!” I smiled back at both of them, licking my lips as I climaxed one more time for the umpteenth time that night. And Lorraine kept the motion of the dildo going until I flooded my release, riding the orgasm for as long as I could, screaming out for more and more, becoming totally oblivious of my surroundings…until suddenly I passed out.

When I woke, I quickly opened my eyes. I was lying on the bed between them and facing Lorraine as she slept soundly, with my back to George. My thumb was firmly in my mouth, using it in my sl**p as a soother and I felt a finger firmly placed inside of my vagina. George’s hand was between my legs, cupping my groin and so I turned to face her gently.

“Hello,” she said. She lay with her head on the pillow and smiled at me. “You look so cute sl**ping and sucking your thumb.” She moved the hair from my face and gently stroked. I licked the dryness from my lips and focused on her unblemished face. “I hope you enjoyed our little party?” she asked.

“Yes…it was great.” I felt her finger cheekily move inside of me and she began to laugh softly. “I think I passed out.” I replied, feeling a little stupid, as I had never done such a thing before. Almost scary really, but I suppose it does happen.

“Yes you did. I think the moment actually got to you. Don’t worry. It often happens when you get so excited. We took you to your threshold.” Her eyes widened as she smiled. “Beyond your limits,” and then she laughed.

We both looked over at Lorraine, as she lay on her back in a deep sl**p, breathing soft and peacefully. “Isn’t she amazing?” George continued to smile and nodded her reply removing her hand from its resting place and then playfully sucking on her finger, seemingly enjoying my after-taste. Something that I could never get used to and always hated about sex after the night before.

“I think we both surprised you didn’t we Alice?”

“Yes…you did. I didn’t expect it. Well, not exactly like it happened.” I watched her lie back and stretch, raising her arms above her head and into the air. “Do you two often…?” I noticed her perfectly formed breasts, firm and relaxed, the cherry red nipples standing erect. She let out a yawn, dropped her arms and raised one thigh, bending it at the knee. Then ran the back of her hand over the silky soft skin.

“Do you like me Alice? Do you think I’m…”

“Yes, I do.” I interrupted, knowing exactly what she was going to ask. “I think you are a beautiful woman. And…”


I sat up quickly, pulling my knees to my chin and gazed into the mirror attached to the dresser opposite. I could see the three of us and just stared for a moment. “It’s the first time I have ever been involved with a threesome.” I said, in almost a whisper. George leaned up on one arm, resting her head in her hand; she began to stroke my back gently with the other. We both looked at each other in the mirrors reflection.

“Alice, Lorraine told me everything about you. That time you first met and how you both felt and what you did. It wasn’t easy for her. There were things happening in her life at the time which you didn’t know about.”

“Like what?”

George suddenly looked serious. She looked over at Lorraine and appeared as if she had said something that was not meant for me to share. “It’s not important. Come lay back and give me a hug.” And without reluctance I lay against her, feeling her warm soft breasts against my face, wrapping my arms around her body as she held me tight. Her leg ran along side mine gently and I listened to her heart beating fast but softly.

I felt safe and secure, and in a way it was almost as if she was my mother, lying as I used to in her arms. For one moment, I was sharing that feeling which was not sexual, but comforting. And then the stale scent of sex mixed with her sweet cologne hit my nostrils; reminding me of the situation I was part of.

“Have you been with other women before you met Lorraine?” she asked. I nodded my reply, remembering the times I had experimented casually with close friends and of course, Eleanor.


Chapter 9. Six Months Later: The Re-Union.

Alice awoke slowly from her dream. It was the kind of dream that lingers in the mind, the kind of dream that follows you into the waking hours and preys on your senses. She was disturbed, and had been for some time now.

It had been over six months since her trip to London to see Lorraine, the prospect of a future career and the weekend she had spent with her and George. She recollected the night they had made love together and the pleasure they had shared and the feeling of “one-ness” between them. Something had changed abruptly soon after and she did not know what or why. Alice felt disconcerted.

At first the telephone calls had been regular. Her lifeline to Lorraine and George dwindled and the calls slowly evolved into emails and gradually she lost the voice contact. And then the emails ceased. Alice felt annoyed. Any further attempts at phoning Lorraine or George had been met with either a recorded message or by someone obviously primed to deflect her enquiries. “Enough is enough!” she cursed.

If there was going to be a new career with Lorraine’s organisation, then all of that too had slowly been forgotten. Alice continued with her own job as a junior accounts clerk, even looking out for more better job prospects that she could target easily.

Dave never did return into her life since that day he walked out. She knew somehow that he would not return, which made it easier for her to take. But Alice was becoming lonely. Desperately lonely.

She went downstairs with a stern look on her face determined to confront the issue and refusing to be ignored and treated as if she no longer existed. She felt that she was no longer a part of anyone’s lives but her own, and so she logged into her email account and began to type, vitriol was prevalent in her message. Alice emitted a stream of profanities through her mails, and then she heard the telephone, interrupting before she had finished. She began to accuse, not even knowing whom the caller was.

Lorraine was not at all surprised to hear the anger in her lovers’ voice. “I’m so sorry my love,” replied Lorraine with deep remorse. She knew that Alice must have been in torment and feeling a hurt so deep. She allowed Alice to speak her mind, listening to the torrent of emotions. She heard the demanding question from her lover, “Why?”

“There is something I want to tell you my love, something I cannot talk to you about over the phone, I need to see you, so I can explain…” Lorraine pleaded. It was not a manipulative plea but a cry from the heart. “Do you know what is special about next week?” she continued.

Alice heard the voice crying out from Lorraine’s soul, causing her to soften the anger she was feeling. “Yes I do, it is the anniversary of our meeting at the villa,” she responded with less aggression, “that is what is hurting me most, the memories.”

Lorraine’s soul spoke to Alice once more “This is where I want you to come now, to join us here, with me and George.”

Alice replaced the receiver and immediately deleted the unfinished email. At the other end, Lorraine turned to George and amid tears of relief, she whispered, “She is coming.” And George kissed her gently on the cheek.

“You need to sl**p, my sweet, go and have a lie down while I arrange Alice’s trip.” Lorraine nodded in agreement, returned the kiss to her loyal lover and went to the bedroom to rest. But thirty minutes later George peered around the bedroom door “I thought I told you to rest” she protested when she saw that Lorraine was still awake.

Lorraine was lying on the bed handling a banana seductively “I love you George,” she whispered. George watched as Lorraine undid her own bikini top and began to stroke her breasts with the banana. George then unbuttoned her own cuffs and pulled her blouse from the waist of her skirt at the same time as Lorraine untied the sarong allowing it to fall open onto the bed.

George removed her blouse, slowly sliding it off of her shoulders and down her arms, and then slid off her skirt standing before Lorraine in bra and panties, watching her lover arousing herself with the phallic fruit. She ran the banana over her panties and then slid it beneath the silky material to massage her pink exotic flower.

“I want to watch you Lorraine,” pleaded George, sliding down to her knees and then hooking her thumbs into Lorraine’s panties and slowly pulling them down and freeing them over her ankles. Then she ran her tongue up Lorraine’s leg on the way back up, licking her mound quickly before rising and sitting in a chair nearby. Lorraine rubbed the fruit over her pussy, giving George full visual, then began to insert it, slowly.

George watched intently as she saw the wetness beginning to work. She watched as full penetration was achieved and with each stroke, the crescent shaped fruit rubbed against the little bud. George groaned as she watched Lorraine remove, unpeel and reinsert the soft flesh of the fruit between the moistness of her petals, watching her gyrate her finger over her aroused clitoris. She began to lick her lips as she saw the juices glistening on the banana and her lovers pink lips covered with the white pulp.

“Your dinner awaits,” said Lorraine provocatively and offered her finger. George stood and walked over and then took the finger deep into her mouth, running her tongue over it whilst sucking the intoxicating vanilla from it. And lowering to her knees, George leaned forward and bit off a piece of the banana. She swallowed, reached up and began to twirl Lorraine’s nipple between her fingers as she took another bite. And then scr****g her teeth against the petals, she took the last bite that was just outside of Lorraine’s inviting quim.

“Share the last bite with me,” Lorraine pleaded. George waited for her lover to release a little from inside and wrapping her mouth around it as it began to appear, she sucked the rest of it out, chewing and rising up. Lorraine entwined her tongue with her lovers’, tasting the sweetness of the fruit and the saltiness of her own love juice, sharing it with gentle passion.

George slid the remainder of the banana into her mouth before gliding down between Lorraine’s legs once more, probing her tongue into her, running it along the soft walls of her vagina and removing the remnants of the banana that were still mingled with her natural juices.

She felt the first wave of contractions rising from deep within Lorraine’s body. She looked and saw the spasms as the orgasm begin to f***e its way out. And with the first trickle there followed a torrent of cum as the juices were f***ed out during the climax. Lorraine screamed as the intensity of her orgasm overpowered her. She writhed on the bed allowing it to ride its full course before collapsing, exhausted, and whispering softly, “I love you George.”

Three days later Lorraine and George were both at San Monique airport in the early evening to greet Alice. They embraced her in turn with a warm welcoming hug and a peck on the cheek. Alice was immediately taken aback by the changes she saw in her two friends as they both looked younger. Lorraine looked more radiant; her blue eyes more sparkling and her presence more intense. George had grown her hair, it was now long and curly and it softened her facial features and somehow directed you to her hypnotic cat green eyes.

“Come you must be worn out,” said George in a concerned voice, “Let’s get you home, to the villa.”

The short journey from the airport was interspersed by pockets of polite conversation. Alice was intent on discovering what Lorraine had to say and felt that she could not settle until she discovered the answers she sought. And one of those questions was the career prospect that had diminished so quickly during the past months.

Arriving at the villa, Alice was subdued, reminiscing about her time there almost twelve months ago, alone with Lorraine. The memories that came back to her were distant yet sweet. And as her two friends carried her luggage into the villa for her, those memories flooded back.

“It is now two in the morning by your internal clock.” Lorraine said, “I think you should sl**p and adjust to the jet lag.”

Alice replied with the same determination that brought her there, “I can’t, and will not sl**p until you have told me what you have to say!”

Lorraine looked at her long and hard, she knew Alice’s strength of character and realised that she had no choice but to accede to the demands. “Ok,” she relented, sit down and listen…”

The three of them sat individually in chairs around the central coffee table. “Five months ago,” she continued, “I was diagnosed with cancer, the big C.”

“What!” Alice replied, shocked by the revelation. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because the doctors did not know how serious it was. Whether the tumor was benign or malignant, I had no news until the tests were completed.” Alice felt deeply sick inside.

“And you shouldered all that worry upon yourself? You are a foolish woman!”

George intercepted, “I think she was very brave. She burdened all the worry, until she knew what she could tell us.”

Alice sat upright, took a deep trembling breath and looked directly at Lorraine with trepidation. “So, what can you tell us my love?”

Lorraine returned her gaze, and with a small tear trickling from the corner of her eye she said, “It was the biggest scare in my life, after a few tests and a long agonising wait the doctors told me it was benign. I had keyhole surgery a month ago. And so I live to haunt you another day Alice my love.”

Alice stood and walked across to her friend, taking her hand, gesturing for her to stand. They embraced, firmly holding heads, unashamed of the tears that melted into each other’s hair. She tried desperately to understand, but Lorraine seemed confident that all was going to be fine.

The following morning Alice awoke late by her own time, but yet it was very early for the San Monique time zone. And she felt like a c***d on Christmas morning; wide-eyed, expectant and filled with anticipation, not daring to unwrap her presents while her parents were still sl**ping.

Wasting no time she quickly showered, dressed and ran out onto the beach to look around, to smell and taste the sea air and to listen to the waves, feeling the ambience, and walking the same steps that she had made twelve months earlier.

The villa itself was situated in a secluded bay on the south coast of the island just outside of the main town of Sainte Luce. And as Alice stood on the white sands looking northwards she saw the backdrop of tropical greenery stretching towards Le Montagne du Vauclin in the distance. “This is a very special place,” she acknowledged, whispering to herself. “I belong here.”

The nearest hotel was some distance away and it was rare to see a wandering tourist this far from the structured entertainment, as indeed Alice herself had done. She was so glad that she had, but now hoped that no more would, for this trip and this place was very precious, it was beyond paradise and belonged only to Lorraine, George and herself.

She returned to the villa to hear the happy chatting of her two friends, and Lorraine greeted Alice upon her return by wrapping her with pure love, “I felt what you thought while you were walking my darling,” Lorraine declared with empathy, “Today is ours alone, that I promise.”

“Come and have some breakfast,” George suggested, as she laid the table with a variety of tropical fruits. The fruits of San Monique were succulent and homegrown, a self-sustaining vegetarian paradise.

Shortly after breakfast the three of them emerged into the warm morning sunshine, laughing while sprinting the ubiquitous race to the sea. Each of them tried to cheat by holding the other back and falling onto the white sand, helping each other up. There was no loser in the race, because hands were held together, with outstretched arms and they ploughed into the warm waters as one.

They sealed their bond of friendship by holding hands in an eternal threesome. And then broke to splash playfully, before separating to take a swim, content in their own thoughts.

Lorraine was the first of the three angelfish to re-emerge from the azure sea, moving her way up the beach towards the villa. She laid a beach towel on the warm white sand before taking on the tropical sunshine topless. And as dolphins communicated through the water, George felt the absence of her friend and quickly joined her.

“You need sun lotion on that fair skin of yours,” George cautioned, as she knelt beside Lorraine. After smoothing her lovers exposed skin with lotion, George lay beside her, and together they lay on their backs with eyes closed, listening to the sound of the breaking waves in the warm yet refreshing breeze that wafted in from the sea.

Eventually, the final angelfish joined them. Alice overlapped her beach towel on Lorraine’s left-hand side, relaxed and slowly sank into a heavenly peaceful semi-conscious dream. All three, re-united together in their relaxed slumber.

George opened her eyes and turned towards Lorraine, resting her head in her hand. She took some sand and slowly dribbled it over Lorraine’s belly button whilst studying her with affection. And as Lorraine dreamed, she felt the warm sand; she felt warm love flowing over her. She sensed the close proximity of her two friends and the sheer joy of being alive.

And then it hit her. And it hit her hard. She opened her eyes wide.

“I am alive!” she uttered. She thanked the benign entity that had made it so. And for the first time since she was born she appreciated the true beauty of life, of being alive and of being a part of other people’s lives. And through the blurred misty tears of her dream she heard George’s voice:

“Alice? She needs us, and she needs us now.”

Alice looked over at Lorraine and immediately saw that she was needed to comfort her friend, watching on, as George kissed Lorraine’s shoulder. Alice then began to stroke Lorraine’s hair gently.

“I love that,” whispered Lorraine, wanting Alice’s fingers to be caught in her locks forever. Alice brushed her hair back from her face and very gently and delicately kissed Lorraine on the lips, thinking to herself; “If I was an angel right now, I would wrap you in both of my wings.”

“Have you two ever done scissors?” asked George?

“What is scissors?” Lorraine asked as Alice grinned and nodded her reply, knowing exactly what George was suggesting.

“She needs to learn, it’s quite nice,” said George, smiling back at Alice.

Alice gripped Lorraine’s bikini bottom with her teeth and slowly pulled them down over her ankles. Then she released them from her teeth, looking up at Lorraine as George looked on. “Now, open your legs nice and wide my love and turn onto your side.”

Alice removed her own bikini bottom and entwined her legs around Lorraine so that both their pussies made intimate contact. The term ‘scissors’ became obvious to Lorraine as she sighed a deep breathe…

”Oh yes!”

George watched as the two of them increased the pressure of touch and speed. The grinding contact of both their flowers merging created new sensations that Lorraine had not felt before. Their clits touched and massaged as the grinding pressure between them increased, sending each of them on their own journey towards ultimate excitement. She could see them both quickly responding to that intimate position, which in essence had to be the closest any two women could get to sexual intercourse. But she also knew that there was something else that needed completing.

George reached into her bag and pulled out a large double-ended dildo, and then licked each end of the flexible plastic snake. Alice watched on, gasping with the sensations that took over her body and the sight of George tantalising.

“Oh God, yes!” screamed Alice, “into us both…please!”

George held the double ender in front of both of their entrances, “What a gorgeous sight,” she proclaimed whilst sliding one end slowly into Lorraine and then the other into Alice, holding it steady as they both took it in.

Lorraine edged closer to Alice, feeling it penetrate deep within her as George pushed first within her and then into Alice. She tried to reach her hand to touch George, but fell back as she felt it push against her cervix.

George leaned her head down and began to run her tongue over Lorraine's swollen clit and then onto Alice’s in turn, going back and forth between the two of them, pushing and licking vigorously.

Lorraine watched Alice’s vagina share the same experience as her own and she heard her making the same ecstatic noises. They were both riding it, pushing in and then out between them with increasing ferocity. She felt the juices building, the first wave of contractions starting to take over her body.

George then released her control of the dildo, letting the two of them control it themselves, watching and lapping alternatively at both, taking on their juices and tasting both of them at the same time.

Alice and Lorraine began to scream at the same time, “Come, come together my lovers,” demanded George. She reached out and began to tweak and play with each of their nipples, and together the two of them released to their fantastic head spinning climaxes.
George smiled at both of them, “What a beautiful thing to watch,” she said awestruck with what she had witnessed, watching her two friends now prostrate and relaxed, riding out the feelings. “Oh I love you two!” she declared with deep feeling and emotion.

Lorraine reached out and smeared her fingers with Alice’s juices. Then she rubbed the cum deep into her own vagina and over her clit. George slid up to her and began kissing her, letting her taste the combined juices still in her mouth. And as Lorraine rubbed Alice’s cum into her nipples, she watched George move over to Alice, allowing her to share the same taste. George knelt and reached down to touch herself.

“Ummmmm…yes! Please let us watch you George. Make yourself cum for us.” Lorraine pleaded.

George moved her finger over her clit in circles as Alice and Lorraine crawled up closer. She felt her wetness growing. She slid a finger inside of herself as she continued to rub her clit. Lorraine kissed Georges’ her inner thigh as she inserted a second finger into herself, increasing the rhythm.

“Show us! Fuck yourself real good for us George!” screamed Alice. George slid four fingers into herself and used her thumb on her excited clitoris. Neither Lorraine nor Alice could take their eyes away as they began to feel themselves with their own fingers, matching George in her actions.

“Oh George, look at the cream on your fingers!” Alice remarked. George leant her head backwards feeling her own impending release. Fingers worked between honey soaked petals as George supported herself with one hand on the sand. Suddenly she let out a gasping cry.

“Cum George, yes, cum for us!” Alice and Lorraine begged in unison. “We are with you lover, we are riding it with you George.” All three were now totally engrossed in watching each other and in what they were doing to themselves.

George fell back onto the beach towel writhing, but did not stop. She emitted one final scream of ecstasy as her body shuddered and writhed with the magnificent orgasmic release. Lorraine dove in quickly with her mouth, keeping her open and drinking the flood that was being f***ed from her squirming body.

Alice watched on in awe as George thrashed and groaned. She had never seen another woman cum in such a tremendous release before.

The three of them were once more re-united in perfect harmony.

The following day Lorraine declared that she had work to attend to and would need to be close to her computer for most of the morning. This was accepted by the other two without question and so they busied themselves with relaxation.

George and Alice prepared a light lunch to which they all sat around the table to eat. And while munching her baguette George asked Lorraine out of curiosity “Have you finished those documents?”

“Yes,” she replied. “But I need to drive up to Fort de France in order to authorise a bank transfer.”

George was pensive for a moment, continuing to nibble at her lunch before eventually asking, “If the documents have your signature, then as your PPS surely I can do that?”

Lorraine knew her friend well and she instinctively sensed that she had some ulterior motive. “What are you proposing George?” she questioned.

“Well,” she responded, “I need to do some shopping of my own, pay off my credit card and we need to stock up on some essential items here. I shall be away for the rest of the afternoon.”

Lorraine thought for a moment. “I have a suggestion then. I will hire a cab later and the three of us will meet up at the hotel on the bay and we will have dinner together.”

Later, as George started the car and set off towards the main road she chuckled to herself, pleased with her achievement. “It has been nearly ten months since those two have been alone together, I sincerely hope that they misbehave.”

Back in the lounge at the villa Alice was intrigued once more by the African facemasks on the wall, and noticing her curiosity Lorraine asked her “You are fascinated by them aren’t you?”

Alice replied, not looking at Lorraine but transfixed by the images hung on the wall, “Yes, they are powerful objects with spirits of their own, they appear to have different embodiments of good and evil, how did you come by them?”

“Have you ever watched James Bond films?” asked Lorraine.

Alice continued to be amazed by Lorraine’s apparent change of topic. Even though she had learned that her thread of thought followed the same path, it was always in an oblique and interesting manner.

“Well of course, yes, they are unavoidable, but what has this to do with masks?” Alice sat and listened as Lorraine explained.

“This island has a culture tradition, and in the film Live and Let Die it was used as the base for the evil villain Kananga. He grew and processed opium in order to flood the American market and he used voodoo masks to keep the locals away from his farm.
See that that mask there? It is full of evil, but it is made from resin, it was one of the masks used in the film.”

Alice stood and walked over. Then overcoming her revulsion, she no longer held a hidden fear, but was genuinely impressed. “Wow, and that one?” she asked, “I was intrigued by it when you first invited me in here, it is totally out of character with the rest; was it made by an amateur?”

Alice quickly covered her mouth with her hand. She suddenly thought that Lorraine might have carved it herself.” She was embarrassed by the potential blunder. But Lorraine emitted a warm-hearted laugh, for she knew precisely why she loved this girl.

As the two of them occupied the exact same positions as they had twelve months ago, Lorraine was reminded of Alice’s joie de vivre, her inquisitive mind and her probing questions. She seemed to remember that it was Alice that had somehow managed to talk her way in rather than be invited and Lorraine knew the reasons why she had allowed her to do so.

“A story comes with that mask,” Lorraine began, “The Shaman who carved it for me said that it would only possess beauty when love is re-born. When I saw and spoke to you on that day I thought that you were Catherine’s spirit, and that the story he told may have come true.”

Neither Lorraine nor Alice spoke for several minutes before Lorraine concluded, “And the rest are genuine African tribal masks, I have been collecting them for years, beautiful aren’t they?”

“Yes,” Alice replied in a daze, aware of the first time she had stood in that same spot. She somehow felt that it was that very same day, and the last twelve months had been a daydream. They both sensed the sudden change of mood between them and Lorraine approached her to kiss her soft lips. Alice smiled back, grateful for the personal attention.

Lorraine then took Alice by the hand, “Come, lie down with me,” she suggested, leading Alice to the bedroom. ”I want you more than anyone I have ever known.” Alice followed; she was full of love for Lorraine and nothing else mattered at that moment.

Tenderly they undressed each other, caressing their bodies, feeling the naked skin before sitting together on the bed leaning on the headboard and gently kissing and absorbing their love. Their arms and knees overlapped as they began to mutually caress each other’s mounds, they parted each other’s petals as their fingers entered the other’s vagina. Together they became aroused as the fingers became coated with juices.

And without ever once taking her eyes away from Alice, Lorraine removed her fingers and at the same time as she pulled Alice’s arm up, wrapping their hands together, entwining their fingers. And with half opened eyes they both lent in to kiss and lick and share their juices.

They were both breathing deeply with intense emotion as Lorraine took the two fingers that had been inside of her and sucked. The air was now filled with the aroma of love juices. “I want to kiss you,” Alice whispered and Lorraine offered her mouth and tongue.

“Take me,” she replied.

Alice licked her soft moist lips and slowly began to kiss deeper and passionately. Lorraine felt more than just Alice’s tongue, she feel her very spirit enter into her.
Still kissing they lay down with Alice on top, hands locked together by their sides, breasts pressing against each other and Alice grinding her groin into Lorraine.

“Oh my God Lorraine, I love you,” Alice proclaimed as she squeezed their fingers together tightly, her eyes filled with tears of love and snuggling into Lorraine’s shoulder and neck They both wanted to stay like that forever.

“Let us make love,” whispered Lorraine, “I am ready for you.”

Alice released their hands and began to slowly move downwards, planting angel kisses on Lorraine’s skin and licking as she passed over her left nipple. She swivelled around on her knees, reaching the navel; Lorraine ran her fingers down Alice’s spine and gently stroked her buttocks.

Alice came to rest between Lorraine’s thighs, licking each in turn as she moved towards her mons. And as she straddled Lorraine’s face she resumed her two fingers to hold open the petals and watch the flower open wide before her. They each began to tenderly lick up and down each other’s soft pink tissue, probing their tongues into the widening holes, tasting. Gently they began to bite and nibble their clits, pulling at them with their teeth.

Intoxicated now by each other’s scent they inserted their fingers and began to work them in then out catching the g-spot and grinding with each stroke. Stretching wider, they slowly worked in four fingers while continuing to suck and nibble on each other’s buttons. Together they felt the sensation of climax building as they rode that fine line between pain and pleasure. Together they screamed as they each exploded and together they drank the sweet honey nectar from the other. And then together they slept in each other’s arms.

It was Alice that awoke first and gently aroused Lorraine from her slumber, “Aren’t we supposed to be meeting George?”

Lorraine looked at the bedside clock and immediately sprang out of bed, “We are not too bad, but to save time we had better shower together.”

“I don’t have any problem with that,” was Alice’s response.

Shortly after they were washed, dressed and applying cosmetics as they sat in the taxicab on their way to Fort de France. And as soon as George saw them she smiled, for she knew by the serene look on their faces that they had made love together.

They chatted away happily as they sat and watched the sun slowly sinking but forgetting to take with it the warmth it had shed during the course of the day.

And Lorraine looked at her two friends and said, “I want to thank you both for what you did yesterday, you selflessly gave your love to me and shared your bodies.” She paused and reached out to hold each of her friend’s hands, “It was a beautiful and wholesome feeling and one that I think you should experience also.” She raised both their hands to her mouth and kissed them, “I propose that each of you, in turn, be the centre of attention in the same way while the other two of us dedicate ourselves to satisfying your deepest desires.”

On the journey back Lorraine was not surprised by the apparent lack of conversation, as she knew that her friends were thinking hard, trying to conjure up the erotic images in their minds. From the back seat of the car she heard Alice emit a small whimper and instantly knew that she had thought of an idea…


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