Love Me 'til Dawn Chapter 7

Chapter 7. George.

Lorraine found the courage to pick up the phone. It was not an easy call to make. Two hundred miles to the north Alice ran towards the phone. “Hello.” She said in her best telephone voice, unaware that this was a call that would change her life. “My darling, how are you?” She asked, delighted to hear the voice of her friend once again. “How is San Monique?”

“I don’t know.” Lorraine giggled. “I’m in London.”

Knowing this Alice wanted to know when Lorraine was coming north to see her. But Lorraine invited her to join her in London. “I would love that, but I need to get time off work…”

“How soon can you do that?” Lorraine asked with anticipation.

Alice quickly calculated her commitments and from the top of her head she assumed that Friday of that week she would be free. Lorraine took that as agreed, but Alice reminded her friend that she could not afford the luxurious time that would be spent in London. “My secretary is working on it now.” Lorraine told her, “And the train ticket will be with you tomorrow. Please stay for the weekend, it’s been a long time since we went shopping together.” It seemed that Lorraine had made all possible arrangements necessary. Alice was to stay with her and the thought of another shopping spree, in London this time around, added more excitement to the whole thing.

“Oh Lorraine! I can’t wait to see you again,” then a feeling of guilt passed over Alice as she continued. “I hope you paid off the credit from our last trip into town?”

“My credit card is ‘dormant’ and it is waiting for a friend to help me kick it back into life,” Lorraine responded reassuringly.

“I will be with you, I promise.”

Alice’s perception of the ensuing working week was of time being reversed. Whenever she looked at the clock she was convinced that it was earlier than the last, each morning she awoke she felt as though it was the day before. There appeared to be no end. “I have discovered the secret of longevity,” she proudly admitted to herself as Thursday evening finally arrived.

She re-read the letter that accompanied the train tickets, the instructions were meticulously helpful – departure and arrival time, reservation seat number, the office address and every other minor detail that Alice needed to know. “Please keep all of your receipts as you will be re-imbursed for any out-of-pocket expenses…” Signed, George.

Alice looked at the signature wondering who George could be. Maybe Lorraine had a liking for male personal assistants? She thought to herself amusingly.

The first class carriages on the early morning train were full of business people of both sexes cocooned in their own little empires. She tried to read from upside down the fascinating manuscript the gentleman sat opposite was reading but she was unable to decipher, so her eyes wandered further afield. The group of two men and two women sitting across from her talked incessantly about the sales meeting that they were to attend (she silently wished them luck, but instinctively knew that they stood no chance). And the guy sitting four seats away could be heard in London as he held a conversation ‘loudly’ on his cell-phone.

Upon her arrival in London she followed the instructions in her letter explicitly and eventually she found the offices where Lorraine had arranged to meet her. “You must be Alice?” asked the security guard, in the plush reception area. “Please take a seat,” he requested and immediately picked up the phone and spoke. “Someone will be with you shortly.” Alice was impressed by the fact that people seemed to know that she was expected.

She hardly had the time to absorb the details of the reception area when the elevator doors opened and a tallish woman with short black hair and spectacles stepped out and walked straight towards her with a friendly smile. “You must be Alice?” she asked. “Nice to meet you, I’m George by the way. Lorraine’s personal private secretary.” George seemed to anticipate Alice’s curiosity about her name. “It’s Georgina, the abbreviation catches many people out, don’t worry.”

Alice was immediately struck by this woman and, in a non-sexual way, appraised her looks as she followed her into the elevator and standing in close proximity to her in the confined space. The short hair and glasses made her appear older than she actually was (Alice estimated mid-thirties) and her facial bone structure made her look stern and efficient. Alice did not doubt the latter. Her attractive enigmatic looks probably made her the sexual fantasy of most of the men in the office, ‘and some of the women too!’ she thought.

She was led into a tidy and an immaculately neat office. No paperwork could be seen. “You may leave your luggage here,” said the friendly efficient voice, which then asked, “Do you have any expenses?” Alice handed over the receipt for the taxicabs. “You must be feeling a little grubby after your long journey, follow me, I’ll show you where you can freshen up.”

Alice was shown to an en-suite bathroom where she washed and refreshed herself. And when she returned back into the office there was fresh richly aromatic coffee and an envelope containing the money for the cab fare neatly placed beside the silver tray.

“You don’t mind if I…?” George pointed to her computer screen, suggesting she had work to finish.

“Er…no, not at all.” Alice answered, feeling that George would be at a loss if she were not at her work. She crossed her legs, sipped her coffee and looked around the room. When she had first entered the office she did not have time to notice the door behind George’s desk and she began to wonder if it was Lorraine’s private office. ‘This woman is not only her PPS, but may even be her gatekeeper too,’ she thought, ‘Lorraine chooses her staff very wisely indeed.’

Suddenly she heard the sound of voices approaching from behind the closed door, it opened, and two besuited gentlemen walked out. And with a pleasant smile they politely bid good day to both Alice and George before leaving the office clutching their briefcases. When they left, George stood and made her way into the private office.

As George entered and closed the door, Lorraine replaced the receiver on the phone, frowned and turned to look at her ever-faithful secretary. “Has Alice arrived?”

“Yes, about thirty minutes ago. How much are you going to tell her?” asked George.

“As much as I dare,” was the honest reply, “I trust you both equally, call it instinct if you wish, but there is one thing she must not find out…not yet.”

Earlier that morning, the day of Alice’s visit, Lorraine was embroiled in a meeting with the company lawyers. Attempting to resolve the current crisis ensured that it was both time consuming and difficult, but the legal aspects where eventually overcome and a future path lay bare.

“Thanks,” said Lorraine as she handed George the bundle of meeting files and walked to the door to allow her to exit carrying the heavy cache of paperwork.

Alice sat and watched as George emerged from the private office, closely followed by Lorraine looking officious in her business suit. But as soon as their eyes met the warm friendly greeting made the black jacket, matching pencil skirt and high-heels appear to melt into a homely nightgown and slippers. She held out her arms to Alice and they hugged each other tightly. George busied herself with the files and ignored them both. “Let’s go into my office.”

Alice was immediately impressed by what she saw; a desk with a high-backed leather chair, conference table in the centre of the room and, in the corner, a round smoked-glass coffee table with low cushioned seats. This was where they sat, facing each other and reminisced about the times they had spent together so far, the laughs they had shared on the shopping trip and on their first meeting that afternoon and night at the villa in San Monique.

“I love that villa,” reflected Alice.

“I love it all the more for having met you there.” Lorraine replied with affection. Noticing that Alice was deep in thought. There was a momentary pause in the conversation.

“But what made you return here? Leave you’re idyllic existence? Have you lost your sanity?” Alice was intrigued.

“Oh, there are a few problems that need sorting here in London and in the New York office too.”

Alice apologised for prying into anything that was private, but Lorraine quickly explained that it was quite all right and continued; “We have a subsidiary company, the manager of which, we discovered, has embezzled a quarter of a million euros at this end of the business.”

“Oh shit! What are you going to do?”

“Try to recover the money for one, and find someone to replace him.”

“Do you have anyone in mind?”

“Well, I can’t trust anyone there, I suspect that the whole operation is corrupt,” Lorraine responded. “So I have two choices, find someone new and pay the head-hunters a fat fee or, find someone whom I do trust.”

Alice noticed how Lorraine inflected the end of her last sentence. “If you are thinking what I think you are thinking then you truly are insane.” She responded slowly, drilling into her eyes and looking for any such signs. But Lorraine continued.

“First I will get George to show you around our set-up here, please feel free to ask her any questions you wish. We’ll have a chat about it over dinner tonight, the three of us.”

George gave Alice a guided tour of the offices. She explained that the London office was the central hub of things and that the New York and European offices were just smaller units of the enterprise. An enterprise that Alice was only accustomed to as a one in a few million customers…multi-cosmetic sales distributions.

The business was unknown to her. If anything there was lots of things she had to learn, especially management skills. Her own clerical skills so far were lacking in both experience and being trusted as a key player in any organisation.

“Don’t worry Alice” George smiled. “There is always an opportunity to find ‘yourself’ in this game.”

That evening, Lorraine took Alice to her favourite restaurant in the Chinese Quarter. They ordered wine and perused the menu while they waited for George to arrive. Suddenly two young men walked up to the table, fancying their chances.

“Hi girls,” the leader opened the gambit, “I’m Alan and this is Steve, did you know that Chinese meals are best shared between a group?” Lorraine was about to say that the chairs were taken when she felt the squeeze of Alice’s hand. She turned and looked at her friend as Alice leaned across the table and gave her a passionate kiss. The men got the message and without another word they went off in search of another table.

“You little devil you!” Lorraine laughed in dismay, admiring Alice’s initiative. “That was really cruel.”

Shortly after the event, George arrived at the restaurant. She kissed them both on the cheek and as instructed she sat beside Alice. Lorraine now hoped that their newly found relationship would evolve. “Upon this night, the future rests,” she concluded.

The evening that followed was what she had hoped for – relaxed, friendly and open. They chatted, ate and drank wine. Both Alice and George became very provocative in their discussions. Between them they proposed and counter-proposed several topics. Lorraine relaxed and listened to the debates in progress, admiring Alice’s strengths of character. She had known from their very first meeting in San Monique that her friend was the appointed-one, her successor. ‘The moment has arrived,’ she thought to herself, ‘And tonight is the night.’

“Who fancies a nightcap back at my place?” Lorraine suggested. Immediately three hands pointed to the sky jovially. There was a sense of high spirits between the three of them.

Later the three of them stumbled through the door of Lorraine’s privately owned apartment - they were not inebriated, they were effervescent, three girls simply having fun and enjoying each other’s company.

Lorraine flicked on the kettle switch as they chatted away in the kitchen. Alice realised that because of her earlier subdued thoughts she had displayed little interest in Lorraine’s accommodation. “Please show me round.” Alice begged.

Taking Alice by the hand and leaving George to make coffee, she showed her all the rooms, the nooks and the crannies. The guided tour ended in Lorraine’s bedroom. Alice whistled, “Wow, that is some king-sized bed. You have that all to yourself?” And then something went ‘click’ in her mind “Do you and George…?” At that very moment George walked in with a tray of glasses and a bottle of champagne. Suddenly the coffee that was expected had turned into something more expensive.

“Hope you don’t mind,” George said, “but I couldn’t be arsed making the coffee.”

There are very few situations in everyone’s life where something is so amusing that it will never be forgotten. George’s appearance and subsequent out-of-character statement was just that. The tears of laughter were provoked by many off-the-cuff remarks, and sexual innuendos were prominent.

George winked at Lorraine suggestively, “What can we do with a bottle of champagne?” They both looked at Alice mischievously grinning.

“Well! She is about to find out.”

The laughter suddenly ceased. The mood changed. The tempo of their spirits subsided to a slow…steady...rhythmic…leisurely pace. All attention was focused upon Alice. Lorraine worshipped from behind and George admired from the front. Lorraine whispered in Alice’s ear softly as George kissed her bottom lip undoing the buttons of her blouse. Alice melted into the unexpected yet pleasing moment.

Slowly and sensuously the two began to strip her until she was almost naked. Lorraine felt her exposed flesh and Alice’s heart rate doubled. Lorraine slipped down her thong as George stroked her mound. Alice began to revel in the attention given to her so suddenly and so unexpectedly paced as it was.

Alice was led to the bed and Lorraine sat by her side as George parted her legs and knelt between them. Lorraine reached for the bottle of champagne and from a height tipped out some of the cold bubbly liquid. It landed on Alice’s breastbone. There was a sharp intake of breath as it hit the warm flesh and she gasped as she tried sit upright. But Lorraine prevented her with her arms and began to lick the stream that ran over her body and over her breasts. Lorraine admired how the nipples were standing erect. She took the bottle again. This time it was a direct hit on both of Alice’s nipples. She felt the cold liquid dribble down the sides of her body as Lorraine and George endeavoured to capture the trickles with their tongues. And as George pushed Alice’s legs up so that her knees were bent, and another splash of champagne landed onto Alice’s navel, trickling its way over her mound.

The frothy liquid followed its natural path, running down over her pussy and between her buttocks. Very little of the liquid reached the bed sheet because rising upward against the flowing stream, was George’s tongue. The tongue devoured everything that tasted of champagne. Lorraine looked into Alice’s eyes; she could see that she was now in ecstasy. She sat astride Alice’s mouth offering her flower while watching George take her from below.

Alice vented a muffled cry of total pleasure.

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