Love Me 'til Dawn, Chapter 6

Chapter 6. Dave

I looked across the bedroom and out of the window watching the breeze blowing the curtains. Lorraine had left while I was sl**ping and I had that peculiar feeling that we would probably never meet again.

Sitting up with the quilt around me I grabbed the pillow next to mine and held it close to my face, taking in the scent of her perfume. And I began to feel so lonely, as if something was missing from my life all of a sudden.

I had no address or telephone number to contact Lorraine. All I had was the letter she sent to me from San Monique, which was almost four thousand miles away. Over the days that followed I opened up to Dave who was starting to get curious and told him about Lorraine.

It was whilst we were making love one afternoon. Dave had called around as horny as ever and he was almost begging to have sex with me. I stood by the kitchen sink unit washing the dirty breakfast dishes when he came up behind me. “Fancy a quicky babe?” he whispered, his hands running along my waist down towards by buttocks, clutching through the material of my skirt. “I want to make you dirty.”

I turned and threw my soapy hands around his shoulders. “Sounds interesting. And how do you propose to do that may I ask?” For a while I stared into his eyes and waited for him to say something. But, Dave was a man of few words, a man who was more physical in his expressions rather than vocal. And I felt his strong hands lifting my skirt and resting on my butt cheeks underneath my panties, parting them so that he could slide a finger along my dampening gape. The feeling was both exquisite and sensual and I responded by closing my eyes and leaning closer into his chest.

“You want it so bad don’t you babe. I can feel it.” I gently nodded my reply taking in the heady aroma of his gorgeous aftershave. “Lets go upstairs,” he requested, but I was bored of my double bed being the venue of my sexual adventures of late and I wanted to make use of the space elsewhere. It had been a long time since we both did it against a wall behind a nightclub or in the back of a taxi cab. I wanted to be adventurous for a change.

“No! Take me where I am.” I said. And without having to say more his hands grabbed my waist and he lifted me onto the cold stainless steel surface of the sink unit, sending a few cups flying and one falling onto the floor, shattering it into a hundred pieces. But that did not spoil the heat that was now building up between us as I leaned back and allowed him to run his hands along my thighs as I opened up to him.

“Nice. I can see a damp spot just where I like to see them,” he said, looking at my panties. “Lets see what’s causing it shall we?” I pretended to be shy and closed my clenched fists over my groin. “Oh I see you want me to struggle, eh?” I nodded my reply smiling back at him. “OK then, lets take a look.” I began to resist him as he tried to unclench my fists and move my hands. I made it easy for him eventually, giving him access to slide down my panties, raising my buttocks to make it easy for him. As he slipped them down over my thighs he admired my legs, touching my skin gently and I watched the expression on his face as if he was in awe of something fascinating. “I love the texture of your skin Alice, unblemished and so smooth. And your ankles so perfect.” I too was fascinated by the way he was examining me and I thought of Lorraine and saw in my mind the same way we both scrutinised each others bodies. I often wondered if a man could see and feel the same things as I do. And I think they do.

Once my panties were removed he carried out the usual ritual of putting them to his face and taking in my sweet aroma. I took them from him and did the same. Closing my eyes I thought of her…Lorraine, my sweet Lorraine.

“I never saw you do that before,” he said. “That essence of sexual desire is so powerful.” I was taking in that essence and my mind was drifting away to the times that Lorraine and I made love and I almost forgot where I was and who I was with.

“Oh yes…it’s so good.” I moaned my reply. Then I opened my eyes and came back to reality, looking at Dave grinning at me. “What?” I asked.

“You never fail to amaze me babe. I have known you for months and yet I’m still learning about you and every time we are together I discover something new.”

“I hope its something nice?”

“Oh it is.” He spread my thighs wider and he looked appreciatively at my sex, wide and now in full display of my glistening inner lips. And I realised that the same thoughts were going through his mind as my thoughts did when looking at Lorraine in that same way. To touch and feel their texture was irresistible. The desire to want to taste so…

And taste he did. He leaned forward and placed my legs over his shoulders as I felt his warm breath against my pussy. His tongue licked tantalisingly along its gape, twitching against my unhooded clit as if teasing it out to play. Tongue and clit in perfect harmony, just like it was with Lorraine. I felt the same things as he was feeling with me. It was different now with Dave. It was as if I was he and he was I with Lorraine, if one can understand that. What peculiar feeling was this?

“Oh yes…make me have it, make my pussy dirty…yes!” I cried out. This made Dave stop and look up at me. I affectionately wiped his face and smiled back. I had never been as vocal as that before during oral sex with him, especially when I was on the receiving end. He gave a laugh and continued, probably thinking he had touched on something special for a change.

I eased back enjoying what he did as his tongue began to probe its way deeper into my vagina. I began to jerk towards his mouth as if trying to absorb him into me, wanting more, never wanting that wonderful feeling ever to stop. And his finger then came into play, finding that spot which makes all my senses go crazy as he touched. My feelings changed from me being him to being me again, being Lorraine, and I could feel the orgasm rising inside of me as I made her cry out for more. That moment was strange yet so amazing.

“Oh yes…” I hit my climax, trembling and without realising it I did something rare. Dave began to moan and I could hear him drinking up my juices. I had actually cum heavy, releasing lots and lots of my sexual juices to him. Something I had never done before with Dave. Something that I had only ever done with Lorraine and Eleanor, never before with a man until then.

He raised his head and looked up at me. “Oh babe, that was fantastic. You must be really hot.” And with my eyes partly open, still reeling on the breathtaking sensations of my orgasm, I looked back at him and slid my legs from his shoulders so that I could take his head in my hands and lick the sweetness of my charge from his face. The taste of me was good and not much different to that of my sweet Lorraine. If only he knew what I was thinking.

We kissed heavy and passionate for a while and then his emotions got the better of him as he gently pushed me back, pulled me further to the edge of the cold steel and thrust his hardness into me. That feeling of it being pushed deep inside so quickly took away my breath. That feeling of fullness and wondrous intrusion brought me back to the reality that I was with Dave, fucking me like only he could do it. His jerks becoming faster each time as he pushed and pushed deeper and his moans becoming more and more intense as he gripped my thighs. Then he stopped, letting out a moan and a sigh as I felt his hot charge spilling out inside of me, pulsing out his cum until he was empty. I felt a slight tingle as I gripped for my efforts, milking his manhood of every drop he gave.

Dave collapsed against me and I hugged him to show my affection for him, running a gentle hand through his hair and telling him how much I loved him. “Thank you babe, that was great,” came back his reply. It felt good to hear that, but at the same time my affection was not sexual in anyway, it was more in appreciation that he was there, at least loving me, being tender and…

“Well…” I whispered. “Did you like making me dirty?” He never replied in words, just in nice tight hugs, which I became accustomed to as his way of agreeing with my thoughts and feelings.

I made coffee and told him to sit at the kitchen table. We sat opposite each other as he recovered. That twinkle in his eye and a satisfied look upon his face. I wondered if ever he did love me like he said he did? Somehow I always felt that our lovemaking was full of affection, yet a certain something was missing. He was demanding and I far too yielding to it all now.

“Dave, I want to be honest with you. There is something I want you to know.” I began to explain. I could see his curiosity making him worried. I knew that right away he was expecting me to tell him about another secret lover. “You know what I’m going to tell you don’t you?” I asked. He always told me that if I had found someone else, it would hurt him deeply.

“Oh no please…” he said looking at me. I put my hand onto his and I slipped my fingers into his grip so that he could feel me close. “Who is it? Someone I know?” He was a very jealous man and I could read him like a book. As often he would plead with me never to be unfaithful to him as long as we were close friends and lovers.

“You don’t know them. Infact, I’m not so sure how much I know about them myself.” His expression changed quickly as his mind began to work out what I was telling him. “Almost a stranger. Someone special, yet so mysterious at the same time.”

“You let a stranger fuck you?” he asked, a look of despair on his face.

“No. It’s not like that. This person is…” I suddenly wondered how he would take on the information that I was about to give him. “…Another woman.” There was a brief silence as he let go of my hand and I looked into my half filled cup of coffee, not at him.

“Alice. You mean to say, you had a lesbian lover?”

“No. Neither of us are lesbian. It was just something special that’s all.”

“How fucking special can something like that be?” He was annoyed. Perhaps more than I expected and I needed to explain it further. I pleaded with him to stay calm and atleast listen to me, which he did.

I told him my story of Lorraine and San Monique. How we met and how we became friends as well as lovers in that one afternoon and night. I then told him about her visit here and how we spent a day shopping together and then that marvellous evening we spent together in each other’s company.

“That’s why you hide the pillow isn’t it?” he asked. I nodded and smiled in return and he bowed his head trying to absorb everything I explained for a moment. “So, you will be seeing her again I suppose?”

“I don’t know. And I wish I knew if it was possible again. But Dave, you have to understand my feelings now. Things are so different in such a way I now have these peculiar feelings that I never had before. And I want you to know that and help me.”

“How can I help you Alice? You had a relationship with someone else and only now you decided to tell me about it. You slept and made love to someone else in your bed, our bed. How can I?”

“You can. By trying to understand.”

He shuck his head and stood up from the table with a half smile on his face. Then he did exactly as I expected he might have done, taking it badly as he did, walking away, taking his coat from the hook in the hallway and then he left by the front door quietly.

I sat and thought of them both now. I began to feel so sad about the way this turned out and hoped that Dave would atleast think about it and maybe return to me soon. And I thought about Lorraine and the way she came back into my life the way she did and left me so abruptly. At that moment in time I wanted both of them back into my life where they belonged. Where there was a place for both of them to share with me.


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