Love Me 'til Dawn - Chapter 2

Chapter 2. Love me.

Alice awoke slowly and contentedly from her dream. It was the kind of dream that no one ever wants to relinquish. Subconsciously she slid her hand along the mattress, searching for the warm flesh she thought should be there, but the other side of the bed was empty and cold.

She had been dreaming of her holiday in San Monique and her chance meeting with Lorraine. She tried to rewind her dream-clock back to the critical moment and f***e the dream forward again. If it had been left to its own volition it would have continued along its own path, but in the semi-conscious world of waking, there is a dawning realisation that any attempt at directing a dream is futile; after several attempts she reluctantly conceded.

Slowly waking from her slumber she remembered it was a Saturday morning, there was no work to go to and all the house chores were either complete or under control. She allowed herself time and space for contemplation:

“Lorraine!” speaking the name in her thoughts and reflecting on a woman fifteen years her senior, with long red hair, blue eyes and freckles. Alice remembered how Lorraine had invited her into her villa in San Monique and, during one brief afternoon, how their two minds had coalesced and their bodies had entwined in sexual pleasure. How her life had changed since that day.

George, her older partner then, had left her soon after their return from that holiday, leaving her feeling lonely and unloved. Trying not to blame herself she wondered if that afternoon spent with Lorraine had been a defining moment that had somehow changed her outlook on life.

“I have become so introspective and distant,” she accused herself.

But recently a new guy had entered her life and things were taking a turn for the better. He was of equivalent age and his physique was diametrically opposite to her own - where she was petite he was tall, her hazel eyes were counter-matched by his brown hypnotic eyes and her blonde hair contrasted with his black curly forelocks. They did not yet co-habit and their relationship was still in its sexual infancy. Alice smiled to herself as she recollected the last time they made love; exploratory, demanding, and passionate. Sex had not yet entered its secondary phase.

“I will miss Dave this weekend” she thought remembering that he was going away on a golfing trip with the ‘lads’. “A piss up more like,” chuckling to herself. She knew the coach was leaving at 10:30 am and she wondered whether she should go down there and wave him goodbye. “Better not” she thought “I might embarrass him in front of his friends.”

By nine o’clock Alice was fully awake, she donned the matching night-wrap to her black see-through satin chemise and went downstairs to make a cup of coffee. “bl**dy bills!” she said as she picked up the letters from the hallway.

Brown envelope…bill, fancy envelope…spam.

Then she noticed a white envelope, the address on which had been written by hand and was obviously the handwriting of a woman. It was not handwriting she was familiar with - she could easily recognise a relative or close friend.

“I shall read this last” she decided, sipping her coffee while whinging at the bills and tearing up the spam. Before she could open the white envelope, the doorbell rang.


Lorraine had only two days notification of her trip to the UK. It was a trip she had tried to avoid, hoping that emails and phone calls would suffice. It was all to no avail. Signatures were required, officials needed to be motivated and contracts had to be closed. She had been left with no choice. One thought motivated her, and gave her a reason to sit on an airplane for nine long hours…Alice.

“Alice!” speaking the name in her thoughts. Lorraine remembered why she had invited her into her villa and, during one brief afternoon, why their two minds had bonded and their bodies had entwined in sexual pleasure.

As soon as she knew that the trip across the pond to the UK was inevitable she had begun to wonder if it was at all possible to locate and re-acquaint herself with her all-but-brief friend. San Monique is a small island and if one knows the right strings to pull and which palms to cross with silver then any information can be gleaned. The mole that she had tamed at the airport had found the flight number on which Alice had entered the island three months earlier and from that they had located the green entry card that Alice had to fill in. All the information she required was now at her disposal, ‘but how do I approach her?’ she pondered with trepidation. The thought dominated much of her journey.

Upon her arrival in London on Sunday morning she tried to adjust to the jet lag by staying awake all day but succumbed to her Hyde Park hotel bed in the early evening. Feeling fresher the next morning she contacted the office and a chauffer was dutifully sent to collect her. This was the start of a pattern that lasted much of the week. The feeling of jet lag after each twelve-hour day, much of the time spent in meetings and negotiations, not physically exhausting but mentally very draining. It was not until late afternoon on the Thursday that Lorraine could see an end to her work and knew that she could now write the letter to Alice she had waited so long to compose. Her return flight was on Sunday afternoon from Heathrow, she only had until then to both contact and hopefully meet the girl she so much wanted to see again.

The firm handshakes on the Friday were confirmation that business was closed allowing Lorraine to board an early evening train from Kings Cross station to York. On her arrival she hired a car, drove to her hotel and retired early. There was much on her mind; she slept restlessly that night.

Over breakfast she wondered if Alice had received the letter, if she would be there at the proposed meeting place, if she… There were too many ifs. She remonstrated to herself “Perhaps I should have found her phone number and called ”, but in her heart of hearts she felt that what she was doing was the right thing. “Too late now girl” she said openly.

“Sorry” said the waitress bringing the coffee tray to the table and hearing Lorraine’s remark. “I have been very busy”. Lorraine laughed at the misinterpretation. ‘Perhaps it’s going to be a good day after all,’ she thought.

She left in good time and parked her car at the appointed place at 8:45 am, turned on the radio and waited. The public park was deserted at that time on a Saturday morning, she saw a solitary jogger puffing his way along in the distance. She knew that Alice lived only half a mile away and she had hoped that neutral territory, close to her home, would entice her out.

The minutes went by with agonising slowness; each one seemed like a full hour. The meeting time of nine o’clock came and gradually disappeared into history and with a tear in her eye she finally accepted that she would never meet Alice again.

She decided to drive back to the station and return to London. Pausing at the car park exit to wipe away the little streak of mascara that had somehow found its way by gravitation from her eye and down her cheek, she suddenly decided to turn in the opposite direction.

“Maybe I could drive passed her house” she optimistically proposed, ‘I may see her going shopping’ trying to convince herself that irrationality was perfectly sane.

A few minutes later she was driving slowly along the road trying do decipher the house numbers and, projecting the count. She looked ahead to what she thought should be the house she was seeking. She saw a man on the doorstep, a tall handsome man with broad shoulders and black hair; behind him she could discern the frame of a smaller woman. They were kissing. And as she got closer Lorraine could see the woman’s hands wrapped around the man’s waist.

There was no question in her mind, she knew to whom those hands belonged; she had held them, kissed them and had felt those dainty fingers inside of her. Unable to concentrate on her driving, she stopped the car a hundred yards or so past the house to gather her thoughts. Through the rear view mirror she saw the man walk out through the front garden gate and along the street towards her parked car. As he got closer she could see his facial features and, as he walked past she admired his rear anatomy. “Wow, I won’t say no to a slice of that pie,” she thought. The thought made her feel sexually aroused and it gave her strength. Lorraine, now knew what she had to do.


Alice cursed when she heard the doorbell ring. ‘Who the hell is that at this time on a weekend morning?’ She emerged from the kitchen and looked down the hallway to the front door. Despite the decorative pattern upon it, the distinctive outline of Dave’s shoulders and head could easily be identified through the frosted glass pane. She ran to the door and opened it. “Hi!” she shrieked, “I thought you were going away this weekend?” grabbing him by the hand and dragging him into the house.

Dave may be muscular and tall, Alice may be petite, but he was no match to her determinant mind. In any physical situation in front of another man Dave would always win, but with Alice he felt like he was a little boy, smaller in stature than she. That is why he loved her and why he offered no resistance.

“I wanted to see you and kiss you goodbye before I left” he said, not looking at her eyes but at the body that was on display through her nightwear. And noticing his looks she teased:

“You will have to catch me first”, turning and running down the hallway. She paused and turned at the foot of the stairs to see if he had taken the bait. He made the sound of a barking dog and began to chase after her. She screamed and began to run up the stairs, laughing as she went. “Woof, woof” barked Dave, chasing her up the stairs on all fours. By the time she reached her bedroom he was close behind, she fell onto the bed giggling and Dave leapt on top, his arms and knees astride her body. He growled and began kissing her neck. “Stop it you brute!” she cried moving her head from side to side to try to avoid his mouth and the tickling sensation it created.

He did stop. He was now looking at her intently, at her beautiful eyes, at her breasts heaving from the playful exertion and at her nipples poking through the silky material. Unable to resist, his mouth came closer to hers, this time she held her head steady. And they began kissing gently. With deeper passion, their tongues began feverishly searching for each other. His hand stroked her thigh through the chemise; he pushed it upwards and began to pull down her panties. She raised her buttocks to offer him assistance.

He knelt up as Alice undid his belt and trousers revealing his manhood. It was standing tall and proud. Gently she grasped its wide girth and directed it to her mouth. Dave groaned with pleasure as her soft warm lips encircled his penis, her tongue rubbing against his glans. She gently encircled it with her teeth and slowly extracted it from her mouth. This was almost too much for him, as he wanted her badly now and rubbed his hand along her pussy lips feeling the warm moist flesh, probing inside her body with his middle finger.

He began to stroke her clitoris with his erection and then slowly entered her. She groaned with pleasure as the initial gentle rhythm increased in magnitude, they were both now past the point of no return. She screamed in pleasure as the electricity from her orgasm shot through her body as Dave deposited his cream deep inside of her.

She begged him not to go golfing. And on the doorstep she held him tightly and kissed him goodbye, wishing him a pleasant weekend. Alice, at that point in time did not notice the car that cruised slowly by.

Returning to the kitchen she saw the unopened letter that she had overlooked because of Dave’s visit. She opened it with curiosity and began to read. Suddenly she yelped with delight when she realised it was from Lorraine but began to panic when she looked at the clock, she was one hour late for the proposed meeting. “If I dress quickly and run down to the park she may still be there” she hoped. She began to run upstairs when, for the second time that morning, the doorbell rang again. And through the frosted glass she could tell that it was a woman. Alice held her breath as she opened the door…

Alice was momentarily lost for words; she stood staring for what felt like an age. It was Lorraine that spoke first; “Hello my love”. That broke the spell and they embraced each other tightly with a gentle greeting kiss.

“I’m so happy to see you again” Alice said, “Please come on in”.

They went into the lounge. “It looks as if you were expecting me then” Lorraine joked, pointing to Alice’s attire. Alice blushed realising that without her panties on Lorraine must be able to see all of her body beneath the chemise. She quickly began to explain why she had not read the letter until just now, and that Dave had just been round, and how they had made love a few moments earlier. The two of them began to chat about how long it had been since they last met on San Monique.

“Do you mind sharing your men?” asked Lorraine, out of curiosity.

“I do get a little jealous” Alice replied cautiously, “besides, he is away for the weekend now”

“But he left something behind” Lorraine replied. Alice looked puzzled as Lorraine put her hands on her shoulders and gently guided her towards the sofa, sitting her down. Lorraine bent over, her face close to hers and began to kiss her delicately. Alice did not resist, she had forgotten how warm and tender the kiss from another woman could be. She stroked Lorraine’s hair as their mouths opened and their tongues began to probe. Slowly Lorraine moved down her body, kissing every part of it as she went.

Gently prising them apart she began to kiss Alice’s inner thighs. “Oh my God” Alice whispered to herself as she realised what Lorraine was going to do, and what she had meant by ‘Dave leaving something behind.’ Alice affectionately stroked Lorraine’s hair as she watched and felt her approach.

Lorraine ran her tongue along her outer lips, still swollen from the earlier activity. Tickling and teasing she opened them and began to kiss and massage the little bud. And then her tongue entered the vagina firmly and began lapping its contents. Alice was still sensitive and took little time to become primed again. She heard Lorraine swallowing; it was a very erotic sound. She felt her vaginal muscles contract as she went into orgasm, squirming and writhing with pleasure. She could not see, but she knew that she had squirted into Lorraine’s mouth.

Lorraine emerged from below and moved up to look into Alice’s eyes, her face glistening with sticky fluid and her mouth filled with white liquid. “Kiss Me,” she demanded. And Alice could taste the salty nectar as the mixture of saliva, Dave’s cum and her own juices were passed from Lorraine’s mouth to her own.

“You are one sexy lady” she complemented Lorraine; she so much wanted to return the favour and bring her to climax. She was slightly surprised therefore with Lorraine’s next question:

“Will you come into town with me shopping?” she asked.


“Yes, I would like to buy some clothes to take back with me and another girl always helps”

Alice’s eyes lit up “Let’s go and blow some credit!” she yelped. Suddenly Alice was a whirlwind of activity, dashing around to dress and make ready for the shopping trip into town.

One hour later they were working their way through the department stores, comparing prices, feeling the materials and criticising the fashions. While Lorraine was trying on a dress Alice made a quip about her backside, jokingly she retaliated by giving her buttock a good pinch. They continued on their fashion safari laughing and joking with each other. In one store Alice stopped to admire a top that had taken her eye, a white chiffon blouse with lace, not too much to be gaudy, but enough to be sexy.

“Let me buy it for you” asked Lorraine.

“I can’t let you do that” replied Alice firmly.

“I will do a deal with you then, please wear it when we dine tonight”

“OK…I will dine with you… if you stay the night with me?” Alice suggested.

They both wanted the day to last as long as possible. “You also need a skirt to go with that.” Lorraine chuckled to herself as she also bought for her some new boots and a handbag – “No new outfit is complete without a new handbag” - Alice could not argue with the logic.

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