The Window Cleaner

The Window Cleaner

Pippa held out Jennie’s hands with her own outstretched arms whilst studying her from head to toe. “Very professional in a sexy way,” she declared with a devilish grin, “go get him and zap him between the eyes!”

Jennie laughs. “You’re mad! I’m not after anyone, honest.”

“Give me a break,” said Pippa, “for the last six months you have dressed for work like an old prude and suddenly today you are wearing a mini-skirt up to your ass?”

“We are not all like you,” Jennie replied teasingly, “you were with me when I bought it and…if I remember correctly…you chose it!”

Fighting back Pippa said, “That’s irrelevant. I’m gonna give you a call at lunchtime and see what you’re up to and check you out,” she winked.

They kissed each other on the cheek and bid each other a pleasant day as Jennie left the apartment for work.

And as Jennie sat on the downtown train on her journey she reflected on the chance luck she had been given. She was an upstate girl, new to the city and knew nothing about city life. She had responded to the advertisement on the internet – “Young and feisty girl seeks similar to share accommodation in suburbs.”

Jennie and Pippa exchanged emails and photographs until they trusted each other enough to make that first tentative phone call. They bonded instantly. Jennie was now ready to accept the promotion to the city that she had been offered within the company.

Jennie suddenly burst into laughter as she thought about the first time that Pippa had taken her out to show her the city nightlife. She took no notice as the other travellers on the train looked at her strangely, almost as if she was insane.

They had been walking home when a flasher jumped out in front of them. Jennie’s first instincts were to turn and run. She had heard of them but had never seen one before and had no idea how to tackle the situation. Then Pippa spoke to him; and within seconds his flashing candle was reduced to a floppy wick. And from that night on Jennie trusted Pippa implicitly. She was not only street-wise but knew the score and how to handle it.

Arriving at work Jennie settled into the office that she shared with her boss. But today she was alone in the room on the 25th floor as he was out of town on business. “The working day would be the same,” she chuckled to herself, “but with an added dimension.”

For Pippa had been correct in her assumption, Jennie was making an attempt at catching the eye of Mark in the accounts department. She didn’t want to reveal this to Pippa in case she failed. She had heard on the g****vine that he didn’t have a girl and, with her boss away she could wear the uniform of ritual courtship.

Jennie made several excuses to herself for needing to go and see him. It was during the last of these visits before lunch when Sue spoke to her while they waited at the coffee machine. “We have all tried my love,” she said, “I wish you luck, but he is gay.”

Jennie went back to her office feeling somewhat gutted and disappointed with life. Flashers, gays and middle-aged bosses are all she had met in this city so far. She sat at her desk that faced the window. Where are the men? she asked the high-rise offices on the other side of the street, shaking her head. It was then that her mobile phone rang and it was Pippa.

“Hi!” Pippa chirped, “you not going out for some lunch today?”

Jennie started to tell Pippa the story about Mark in accounts when suddenly her eyes were distracted. The ropes outside of the window on the 25th floor had been there for what seemed like ages. They must have moved before but she had never noticed, this time she did.

At first all she saw was a yellow hard-hat appearing from below. Then, as the platform was slowly raised, a white t-shirt. “You’re never gonna believe this!” she told Pippa.

“You have just died and gone to heaven,” responded Pippa after Jennie had described the hunk that stood in front of her. “What are you wearing underneath?”

“Pardon? My pink thong…why?”

“Open your legs and let him see!”

“You’re not serious are you?”

“Listen Jennie,” said Pippa, “he won’t smash through the window and who the hell can see you apart from him?”

She has a point, Jennie thought, the door was behind her on the right-hand side and her legs were under the desk, even if anyone walked in they would not see. And so…she opened her legs.

“What is he doing now?” Pippa asked.

Jennie rested her elbow on the desk and peeping through her outstretched thumb and fingers resting on her hot brow, she replied, “He’s looking up my skirt and feeling his crotch.”

“Oh Yes! He’s feeling himself, I’m feeling myself and I want you to do the same.”

Jennie was caught up in the flow of two sexually aroused people and was now the centre of both their attentions. She felt aroused by it, she felt safe by it and she felt an obligation to learn from her friend. And so…she began to stroke.

“Oh My Gawd!” screamed Jennie, “he’s got it out!”

“Pull your gusset to one side, return the favour,” suggested Jennie.

Jennie needed very little persuasion now, she was caught up in the flow and made no attempt to hide her face to the hunk as she stroked her fingers slowly up and down between her now wet petals. She watched as he began to move his hand up and down his shaft to the same rhythm. And she heard Pippa’s vocal orchestra, as her friend used nothing but her imagination to picture the scene to frig herself.

Jennie slid further down the chair, opened her legs wider and inserted two fingers deep inside of her to try and replicate the huge cock that was on display before her, they were not enough. She inserted a third and then a fourth and motion was essential now.

All her senses were being aroused. She watched transfixed as the window cleaner jerked himself off, she heard the groans of Pippa, she felt the intrusion of her fingers inside of herself and detected the aroma of her own sex. There was something missing and she needed to taste.

She groaned with pleasure as she felt the first signs of orgasm, that point of no return when the contractions begin. She tried to focus on his eyes but could see that he too had lost all control. She pleaded with Pippa but she too was about to orgasm.

And then they came, together as one. Untouched by each other except by pure eroticism and imagination.

The window cleaner shot his load onto the window, Jennie heard the sound of her own squirt as it hit the side if the trash can and the screams of Pippa as her vaginal muscles contracted in empathy.

Jenny dropped the phone as she was drawn to the window. She looked at the sticky cum clinging to the outside slowly making its way down and the runny liquid racing ahead. She thought about the one lacking sense, that of taste. She put her face to the window and from the inside; she imagined she had licked it.

(c)Gaia_Lorraine 2004
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4 years ago
Mmmmmmm damn hot
4 years ago
great story
4 years ago
Loved it, Can just imagine that happening.
4 years ago
Three in one - an excellent composition.
4 years ago
What an imagination so so erotic and so so hot I am doing things I should not be doing this time off day mmm

4 years ago
nice & good