game of pool

me and my friend were enjoying a few games of pool in my dads pub after a long shift at work. she was wearing tight jeans and a tight top, she looked amazing, evertime she lent over the table to take a shot i couldnt help but look. eventually my cock became hard and she didnt fail to notice, she started stroking it instantly.
she then unbuttoned my trousers to reveal my rock hard cock! she started sucking the tip then tool the whole length in her mouth.
i then stopped her sucking me and lifted her onto the table, i removed her clothing and imediatly dived into her soaking pussy.
just before i was about to drown in her juices, i stood up raised her legs and pushed my rock hard cock deep inside her, i thrusted hard then slow then hard again.
then id turn her over ontop all fours and climb on the table together then i would have my way with her, while playing with her arse hole and giving her the occassional spank.
then i empty my load inside her, when i pulled my cock out the cum followed and dribbled all over the pool table.

the stain is still there today
71% (6/3)
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3 years ago
well this is a very good start,,but you have more info to tell us,,thanks