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Mostly just for my benefit, but folks who like what I do will benefit too!

Since I have way too many faves, this list has my faves among faves, by category. Even so, it's still way too long, so I have also made a Top 25 Fave Vids post, which is much shorter.

This list is updated occasionally (last update 8/25/14; new adds at the end of each category).

JOI, CEI, humiliation, teasing:




http://xhamster.com/mo... Continue»
Posted by putthefinger 1 year ago

Trained as a teenager sissy whore

Im ALWAYS horny, turning me on is very easy because I have been trained to please men since I was very, very young. I did my first blowjob at the age of 13, and when I was almost 14 years old I started to swallow my step-daddy's milk. He made me swallow so many times, the taste of cum began to like me. This helped me a lot to entertain my first high-school boyfriend, who had a lot of fun feeding me with his sperm until I was ready for anal. At that moment I was VERY sissy and I could not stand for the pain... I was just a little virgin, he had to be patient with me until I was sure to give him... Continue»
Posted by sofi_cross 1 year ago

[Story] A used sissy

“This one right here” Bob said. “This little sissy is perfect!” Bob and his two friends had spent the last few weeks scouring Craigslist personal ads for a small transvestite that they could take advantage of. “I’ll email the cunt with a pic of my nine inch cock – see if she bites!” Bob said. Sure enough a day later, the TV named Debi contacted Bob with pictures of “her” own. Bob shared the pics with his friends. “Look!” Bob said, “The cunt could pass easily, and the sissy even has little sissy boobs! Oh, this is gonna be fun! ” They all agreed that Debi was to be the one.
Debi had said in... Continue»
Posted by tvdebi 2 months ago  |  Views: 1798  |  

[Story] Tranny Hooker

The personals ad read as follows:

"Mid 30's couple looking for open minded crossdressers for kinky and unusual scenarios. We provide the costumes and a full makeover. Email for details with a picture. If we think you are a good candidate, we will reply with a phone number."

Since I had no plans for the evening, I emailed the anonymous address including a photo of me and shortly after received a reply with a phone number from a woman named Jan.

When I called Jan, she asked me about my experiences, specifically any crossdressing I've done and if that involved play or sex? I told her I ... Continue»
Posted by xxSmegsterxx 2 years ago  |  Views: 666  |  


Jane_pub horse play storyyyyyy!!!!!

I went out to my cousins farm down in Tyldesley where they own 3 horses. I was going to stay the weekend to visit and just hangout.

So the second day i was there they took me out to there stables and i got to be around them for the first time. They had 2 females and 1 male named “Buck”. He was a little old but a very beautiful horse. Later that day My cousin and his Mom who are the only 2 residents there went to the store to pick up stuff for dinner.I told them I wanted to stay and that Id just wait around the house. I took this chance to go back to th... Continue»
Posted by jane_pub 11 months ago

[Story] First time worshiping (feet, ass and panties)

A story dedicated to Miss sniffypanty check out her profile it's fantastic!


This all happened one bright sunny afternoon whilst I was out walking my dog, it was an absolute scorcher and I'd decided to take a little rest on a bench by beautiful panic area in my local park. Due to the bright sunshine there was plenty of flesh on show lots of attractive young mothers out with their c***dren and college students who obviously decided that it was much better to bring their books outside to study rather than sitting in stuffy lecture halls along with the... Continue»
Posted by flynn888 7 months ago  |  Views: 616  |  

[Story] The day I encountered a sissy

It’s a warm day when I arrive, you have followed instructions and have freshly shaved cock and balls, your pubic hair has been trimmed and you are wearing a nice lacy pair of panties. I am carrying a small bag with my equipment!!

Under instruction you undress me carefully, avoiding any contact with my swelling cock or balls. I put a leather collar around your neck and order you on to all fours. You are instructed not to touch your own cock whilst you watch me put my ball stretcher weights onto my balls, almost 2lbs of shiny steel that pulls my balls low. You can see but cannot touch!

O... Continue»
Posted by Fatboytiedballs 6 months ago  |  Views: 1185  |  

[Story] blue balls

My wife is my best friend. I know that sounds corny as shit but in my case it's the real deal. The reason I married her other than the fact she is a smoking little number at five foot four and one hundred pounds is that I can tell her anything without the fear of her judging me. Like when I told her that I thought it would be exciting to have her go out and have sex with other guys then cone home and allow me to eat her pussy . She said OK and that started my cream pie fun. It's usally me that picks what day she goes out but every so often she will surprise me. Well one night she and I where ... Continue»
Posted by woreout 7 months ago  |  Views: 2553  |  

[Story] Sissy gurl meets Daddy

The doorbell rang, and Samantha's heart fluttered. She raced down the stairs and opened the door. She answered the door and managed to open her lipstick lips and say "hello sir". She stood in front of him with her Plaid skirt and white blouse, thigh highs with red bows, red mary janes and otherwise dolled up. Her hair in pigtails, he enters and follows Samantha up the stairs.

he sat right down in the leather chair, asking for Sissy to pose. Samantha did exactly that, prancing around in front of him in her school girl outfit. she looked right in his eyes, posed seductively and said "does dad... Continue»
Posted by SissyXtina 1 year ago  |  Views: 3468  |  

[Story] Ronnie the Cum Rag

The summer of my 14th year I discovered masturbation. First I would cum all over myself. I loved my thick cream. I loved it so much I would rub it all over my cock and balls like it was lotion then pulled my underwear up and went to sl**p. But, doing that caused me to stained all my underwear. I’m sure my mother didn’t want to see that. Then I decided to just shoot it on the wall next to my bed but then I started staining the wallpaper on the wall and it wouldn’t come clean. Then I moved to towels but the thought of my parents drying off with a towel that I came on multiple times start... Continue»
Posted by dic_izinme 1 year ago  |  Views: 2074  |  

[Story] My First Night of Being a Sissy Cumdump

Well I first started dressing when I was about 14. One thing that I always noticed is that putting on slutty clothes makes me an absolute whore for cock and cum. Throughout High School I dressed in my alone time but never acted on my slutty urges from fear of being caught by my parents. When I moved to college that all changed though. As soon as I got settled into my private dorm room, I thought it would be nice to spend the evening dressed like a little slut. I decided to wear my schoolgirl outfit that night. So I took a nice hot shower and shaved myself smooth from the neck down. I went back... Continue»
Posted by cumslutchloe 1 year ago  |  Views: 3810  |  

[Story] Teenage crossdresser

Here are the usual disclaimers this story is for adults only if you are viewing this andare not 18 years of age or older please close this page immediatly.

There is no cross dressing in the story but this is how I began my transformation from
regular boy into cock suckking teenage crossdresser.

We were having a really hot heat wave. i meat with my older b*****r (wear red shorts, and a black T-shirt) wanted me to get out of the house and off the computer so she suggested a movie. I felt wierd going to the movies by myself but I really did want to see that inception movie. I looked up whe... Continue»
Posted by srlvictoria 1 year ago  |  Views: 3026  |  

[Story] Young sissy boy gets seduced and fucked by older m

I was 15, me and my f****y just moved into a new upscale nebiorhood. It was the suburbs and all the nebiorhood were very nice. One day our nebior from 2 doors down came to introduce himself to the f****y. His name was John, he was 43 and recently divorced, his c***dren had gone away to college and he was in the photography business. I didn't think much of him, he was nice, whatever.... This was that age I was getting curious about my body, and wanting to experiment. All the other boys were chasing girls, but I wanted to be the girls. Whenever I would sneak looks at porno mags and vids, I would... Continue»
Posted by sammiecdboi 1 year ago  |  Views: 23525  |  

[Story] My cock suffers for you, oh how it suffers

You instructed me to masturbate all day. I am to stroke my cock until it is fully erect and the first drop of precum seeps out of my cockslit. From that point, I am to stroke for one more hour, maintaining full erection and a flow of precum, until I am just one stroke away from cumming, at which point I am to stop stroking and use just the tip of my finger to ever-so-lightly rub the frenulum to maintain the edge. When even that threatens to send my jizz shooting, I am to grab my cockshaft in my fist and squeeze slightly, then release, then squeeze, repeat over and over until I feel the cum ... Continue»
Posted by stiffnhorny 1 year ago  |  Views: 311  |  

[Story] Milking Mommy

This is another story of F amily perversion and y oung i nsest. If these topics disturb you,do not read them!

Mommy and I had been fucking each other,almost every single day,for over a year. And when Mommy's "B aby B ump" started to show,we made the decision to move away. We agreed that living in a small town,putting up with all of the gossip and nosey neighbors just wasn't worth the hassle any more. And neither was Mommy going to work at her shitty job and me dealing with the assholes at my Jr.High School.

Between Our web sites and the on-line sales of our DVD's,We have been lucky enoug... Continue»
Posted by dongerdoug 3 years ago  |  Views: 7550  |  

[Story] saturday at the Park

Saturday afternoon at about 3PM I left a bar after lunch and a few drinks. On my way home I passed a park that typically is crowded but today there weren't many cars so I went back. In the park I saw a few people at the entrance but no cars parked in the back half.

I parked on the side of the road and I looked around once again and no one was in sight. I pulled my jeans and underwear off and slipped on panties and hose. I took my T-shirt off and slipped a bra around my chest. Snapped in on then spun it around in place. Stuffed my socks in the cups. Lastly I put on a silky slip and a dress. ... Continue»
Posted by Sigrid-DWT 3 years ago  |  Views: 2843  |  

[Story] Master big Surprise

Im a very sub t-girl and blessed with a slender girlie figure and i like to think im quite convincing. I had met a local Dom guy a couple of times and things where going well. He made me feel the slutty lil girl i crave to be, but it was the third visit when things really started to get interesting.
It started when i received a text from my master that said , " Hi slut, i want you at my place 9.00pm tonight.dressed in your sexiest lingerie, smooth, clean and ready to be used.". As soon as i read the message i started to feel excited. I sent a message back saying " ok see you later Master".
I... Continue»
Posted by subsindyxx 2 years ago  |  Views: 941  |  

[Story] Porn Theater Denver

I have a favorite porn theater in Denver, Circus Theater on Federal Blvd near W. 64th Ave. It has a bookstore attached that used to be a lot of fun to cruise. Then they remodeled it and covered all the glory holes. This was the first place I ever met a couple and had my cock sucked by the wife while the husband filmed it.

The theater section has three different movies two are hetero and one gay. You can buy tickets for the first two/the gay/ or all three. I usually get all three. Even though the first two are hetero movies the guys inside usually go both ways, just like me. I have ... Continue»
Posted by renegadebob 3 years ago  |  Views: 2609  |  

pleasure of piss drinking

i am a very submissive sissy who craves humiliation - verbal and otherwise.

About two years ago a total Dom guy taught me the pleasures of being pissed on and I love it. I do not think there is anything more submissive, more degrading, more humiliating, and dirtier than having a guy piss in you face and mouth. I especially am turned on when they f***e me to swallow their hot piss.

Since then I have been pissed on by a lot of guys in many ways. A couple of guys just like to use my mouth as their urinal when we are together.

I was wondering if I am unique or weird with this fetish or... Continue»
Posted by sissyslutt 2 years ago

[Story] Dress up fun for TV bride

I had Ben on a contact site and we live surprisingly close together in Manchester. Ben is a 6’2” black man who has a large sex drive and likes women and girly trannys.

I am a slim white guy who likes to dress like a smart woman, not a slut. I haven’t worn a wig for over 6 years and my hair is cut in a very female bob. But I like domain top men, especially those with large a cock who know what to do with it.

We had some fun chats on line and eventually met which developed into me sucking him off in a pub toilet, that when I discovered his thick 9” cock and how much spunk his manly balls h... Continue»
Posted by nikki_cd2 3 years ago  |  Views: 960  |