Master takes TV Dogging - part 1

I had been seeing a guy, pourely for sex, for a while and we are used to playing fun kinky games.

There are several he enjoys.. Mostly dressing me up in d8isney style customes, tying me up and abusing my body for several hours.

He has indulged himself by making all my holes gap and by the end I can hardly walk. He is a big fan of piss and loves too use my piss hole with sounds.

My poor sissy cock and balls will be red raw from boundage and beating and fully drained by time he is satisfied. He never wastes my girlly spunk and he send me off home with my mouth full of my mess.

Anyway, late one October saturday night he texted mke to see if I was free, fortunatley I had been out and was full dressed up. I was wearing a short smart black frock, tights and my leather knee highs.

It must have been 10.30 beofre I arrived at his place. He meet at the front door and turned straight around and we got into his car. I had no idea what was happening, we had never done this before...

We drove for a few miles to a was looked like a quiet and dark car park, within a local wood. I looked around and we where alone in the car park.

He reached behind me saying 'I have a surprise for you tonight'. I was a bit worried not know what to expect, but I trusted him so stayed 9not that I had much choice).

He reached behind and pulled a bag up. reaching in he pulled out some of favourite bondage toys. He leant over and grab my hands and quickly got the snap lock wrists binders onto me.

Then he pulle dout an o ring gag, I tried to pull away as this thing really makes my jaw ache and you have no choice about gets into your mouth wearing one.

But he held me tighly and opened my mouth to recieve the gag. He took a picture of me wearing it, my dark lippy looking good with the ring.

Grabbing the bag, he got out the car and walked round to open the door for me. he pulled me out of the seat and marched me across the car park and down a small pathway.

I wasn't too cold but my mouth was starting to hurt.

Shortly we can to a an area for sitting and eating there was a bench seat. In the back ground I could hear cars moving on the main road, but otherwise it was very quiet.

He pushed me ontot he bench seat and clipped the wrist straps to the slats. He pulled a spreader bar out of the bar and getting between my knees he f***ed open my legs. I tried to restist but it difficult when you are tied to a bench.

He got the spread attached to my ankle straps.then he tied each end of the spreader to the benches legs with rope.

By now I was starting to get worried, I had no idea what was going on, although I used to being tied up this was new.

He lent over and kissed my open mouth and said 'I have a couple of firends coming soon, who would like to meet you'. So now I knew what he had planned, I was hoping his friends might just want a blow job...

He retired to sit on a bench 20 feet away under a tree. Soon I heard a car coming into the car park, crunching the stones, I could the lights being turned off.

Soon I could see someone, no two people coming into the seating area, they lloked around and spotted me on the bench.

they came over and said 'wow, shes tied up, wasn't expecting that, maybe shes a fighter?' thet other said 'She does look lovelly, just like the pictures we where shown of her'.

'Where is your Master?' All I could do was make a small sound and nod int he direction he was sitting. They turned around to look, but didn't move. 'Well he did say do whateveer you want.. and I'll punish her later'.

One sat next to me and started to rub his hands across my now very shivery body. He ran his fingers across my fake tits and down my dress. Soon his hand was up my skirt.

He found my sissy cock and balls and started to squeeze them. 'Have you come recently sissy?' I mumbled 'No', 'good he said, I like full sissys'. His friends had a camera and was taking some shots.

He asked 'What is she wearing under there?' 'Feels like tights and panties' 'Nice' said his friend 'Best get them off her'. The guy with his hand up my skirt started to pull at my tights, I squirmed try to stop him, but soon there was a ripping noise and I could feel the cool air on my thighs.

He reach up agin to pull on my panties, they stayed on so he used both hands to tear them apart, all i could feel was the material torn aside.

by now my cock had started to grow which excited the guy and he grabbed it exclaiming it ti be wet and small, which worried me considering it's 7" long and my balls are fairly big!

Slowly he pulled on my forskin and rubbed the tip of my cock which caused it to flex and grow more. He was pushing his small finger into to hole using my pre-cum as a lube. I could feel it probing my head and stretching my piss hole.

I was now moaning through my O-gag his friends came over and I saw his cock was already out, he straddledacross me and pushed it into my dribbling mouth. His cock tasted salty and he rolled the foreskin back using the O-gag.

He pushed to deep into my mouth causing me to gag and grabing my hair he slowly started to pump my throat with the tip of his cock. The other guy was now grabbing my balls and pulling on them making the stretch.

My skirt was round my waist by now and i must have been leaking like a tap. The guy in my mouth was satrting to really pound away and I kept gaging I had spit leaking from my nose

I had no real warning but then then started to fill my mouth and throat with his hot spunk. I could hardly swallow there seemed so much of it. I could feel it leak out of my mouth. a few momwnts later he stopped pumping me and pulled his hard cock out of my mouth.

I could see now that it wasn't that long buy must have been a good 3" thick, no wonder my throat ached and the head was bublerous. it was covered in my spit and his come. he asked his friend to full pull my panties off, he tore the remainig parts off me and passed them to him.

He wiped his cock on my ruined black panties and then stuffed them in my mouth! 'What a lovelly girl she is!'.

All this time the other guy had been just playing with my cock and balls and pulling on his cock. 'she is and I want to fuck her. Untie her hands.'

He did and pulled me up, I was unsteady, but I managed to stand. The guy sat on the bench I could see his large cock sticking up, alittle bit curved by the looks of it. The guy who had stuffed my mouth now was wiping my pre-cum up with his hands and started to massage my arse with the stuff.

As he held onto me I could feel his fingers exploring my hole, slipping in easily with my own lube. He guy who was sat down asked 'is she ready?' 'yes i think so' came the reply. I coudl not see what was happening but the guy holding me slowly tipped me backwards and down. I tried to resist but couldn't.

My kness when and he slowly let me down onto his friends cock. it took a couple of goes to get it right, but very qucikly I had my arse full of a large cock head.

It felt very large, my masters cock is 9" long and a good 4" thick, but this was thicker! I tried to scream, but couldn't because of the O-gag and now very wet panties.

This big cock was up me fully within momenst and I could feel the pressure on my prostrate. my cock was so hard now and the other guy was twisting and teasing it. I could have exploded there and then, but I knew if I did i would be in for such a spanking. My master likes to make me come when he's ready and feels like abusing my sissy cock.

I managed not to come as the guy was bucking me his cock into me. He was holding me around the waist and bouncing me up and down. I could feel my hard cock flying all over the place and the other guy was now using the camera.

The ponding continued and my arse was starting to feel well fucked and raw. After sometime he stopped fucking me he was moaning about wanting to come. I wasn't far off myself!

With his friends help they pulled me up and as he climbed out from behind me they sat me down on the bench. They untied my hands from behind my back and cliped them to the benches slats.

The other guy then came round and started to jerk of thos huge cock that had been up my arse for what felt like ages. I could feel the cool air moving around my now wide open sissy fucked hole.

The guy being jerked off had his head back and started to moan. then there was a huge gush of spunk that hit me directly in the face and then 2 more to make sure.

I could feel the spunk running down my face and nose. The guy who had just wanked his friend off said 'Doesn't she look a picture? and took several'.

I was exhausted and tired. They then looked at me and said 'Goodnight'. They strolled off together leaving me covered in there spunk and looking very dishevelled, a well fucked Tranny.

I had almost forgotten that my Master was there as he came over. He looked at me and I saw he was using a video camera, he reached down to inspect my still very hard cock. 'Good girl' he said 'You haven't come yet'.

He switched off the Video camera and puleed the panties out of my mouth and removed the O-gag. 'You looked like a real tranny whaore from over there. My friends seemed to have enjoyed you and the video will be great!'.

I managed to say 'Thank you Sir' but my jaw was really aching now. he said 'We will wait for your sissy cock to go soft and then we are off somewhere else' with a big wink.

Soon he untied me and pulled my messy dress down. He left my ruined panties on the bench and we where soon back in the car where I could see how much of well fucked slut I looked. I managed to tidy up a bit.

'I hope you enjoyed that, we are now off to another place. Let me remind you not to come until I say you can'. All I could do was to nod.

More to come soon!
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Excellent use,,,love to have seen it