The Chocolate Sale

This is a true story and is my personal experience.

While I was in high school I was part of ASB and we did this thing where we sold chocolates to make money for our school. One of my friends who always looked so hot in our meetings was in charge of this fundraiser for our school. I knew her pretty well, we would talk here and there and would also text each other sometimes. To me she had the nicest body with some nice perky tits and a nice big ass with some sexy ass lips. She always wore tight jeans to show that ass of her's off and it looked so good she knew all the guys were looking at it.

One day while on vacation she had asked me to come and help her sell some of her chocolates in her neighborhood. I said I would and I would drive over in the morning to help her. When i got there she just looked so amazing as if she was gonna use her looks to help her sell her candies. Nice short skirt and a tight shirt that just made her body look so amazing. I was just lost in my own world that when she asked me a question I just said yes and off to work we went. We started working our way down the streets going door to door and every once in a while I looked over at her and it always looked like she was giving me this look of "I want you to fuck me" little did I know this would soon come true.

As the day went on little did we know that time had gone by so quick that I decided to treat her to dinner. When we had finished it was really late and I drove off and toke her home after a great day of work and dinner. As we neared her house she asked me to pull over to the side of the street and turn off the car. She started to unbuckle herself and began playing with her clothes, little did I know what was going to come.

She than pulled me over and our lips touched and rite there I knew what she wanted. At first I didn't do much since my car is fairly small. I just moved my hands down her back and cupped that nice big ass of hers. Then she started pulling off her shirt to show those nice perky tits and when she had it completely off I found out that whole day she didn't even wear a bra. I started to suck and bite on those nice tits while moving my hand over to the front of her thong. I knew she always liked to wear thongs and when I reached them i found out she was soaking wet. I moved the thong to the side and started playing with her clit. she started moaning like crazy while I just rubbed up and down her pussy and her moans were muffled by our lips still kissing.

Soon i found her hand rubbing my raging hard on that needed relief rite then. I started inserting my fingers one by one into her pussy and ass. First finger went into her pussy which was soaking wet and slid in so easily onto that tight pussy of hers. She began by unzipping my pants and taking my cock in hand and started stroking it nice and slow. I felt like I was going to cum on the spot because she felt so good. Then my second finger went in and she started moaning like crazy and soon after she started cumming on my fingers. I leaned my chair back and she went to work on my cock. She licked the tip of my cock all nice and slow all while staring into my eyes. Then she took my whole cock into her mouth and her tongue started playing with the tip of my cock. The feeling of her lips on my cock just felt so good I was ready to come when she stopped. She came and sat on me and slid my cock rite into that warm tight pussy. She began riding me nice and slow and I started to suck on her tits while she fucked me. Then she started going faster and the sound of her ass slapping my legs sounded so hot I almost cummed rite there. Then she got off me and took my cock rite in her mouth and finished me off with all my cum flowing out her mouth.

To this day she still hits me up to go and fuck her and have good times fuck buddies lol.
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