cliche fantasy

Its 2:15, its nearing the end of the school day. its a hot summer afternoon. Im sitting waiting for the bell to signal the end of the day. the air conditioner is broke in the classroom and the open windows don't allow much ventilation. I look up from my notebook. You're sitting at your desk grading papers. you're wearing a white button up long sleeve shirt and black dress slacks. you've been the inspiration for all my wet dreams for the past semester. You're grading papers over your desk. i stare at you. i watch you so intensly that i follow a bead of sweat from the top of your neck down into your cleavage. you look up from your desk. you catch me staring...i feel so embarrassed. the bell rings! everyone piles out of the classroom. you call my name. you tell me you need to speak with me.You get up from your desk after everyone has left and walk towards the door. you tell me yo take a seat as you close the door. you pull down the shade to the door as well. you walk over to your desk and sit down on top of it. you cross your legs. i stare as the left slowly drops ontop the right. oh no you catch me staring again. you tell me my grades have been slipping and i might not be able to graduate. i ask if i could do anything to fix that. you tell me there might be something as you wipe sweat from your glowing breast. an instant erection. you tell me to get up from the desk. i get up and walk closer to your desk. grab me and pull me closer to your desk. you across your legs and pull me closer. you nibble on my ear. you can feel my erection on the side of your leg. you smile. you tell me to kiss you. i kiss you softly on the cheek. you shake your head and grab me by the chin. you wedge my lips apart with yours. our tongues wrestle each others. i tell you that this feel likes a dream. you ask if I've ever had a dream about you. i nod yes. you tell me to make the dream come true. my primal instinct kicks in. i push all your stuff off your desk. i lean you back. i kiss you hard. i begin to button each of your buttons with one hand as massage your breast. i lean up and pull my shirt off. you lean up and pull your shirt off and undo your bra. your breast fall out in slow motion. i tremble in excitement. i kiss your exposed breast. massaging one as i kiss the other. i kiss down your stomach. I unbutton your pants. i slide your pants down. your thighs glisten from the days heat. i get off the desk and grab you by the legs and pull you close to the edge. i grab your panties with my teeth and slowly pull the down. exposing your bald vagina. you're shocked about how quick i took control. i lick your leg up to your thigh. i bite gently on the inside of your thigh. i llook up at you and lick my lips. i grab your hips and bury my face in between your thighs. i lick your pussy lips as you squirm in pleasure. i tickle your clit with my tongue. i grab your clit with my upper tip and tongue and pull. you moan a little. i suck on your clit. i insert two fingers into your wet pussy. you moan as i slowly thrust them in and out. i keep licking your clit. your body pulsates as you move in pleasure. i feel your body tense slowly. as you stiffen up and climax. i stand up. my face is drenched in your cum. i grab you by the hips and pull you into me. my cock is so hard i slide in with ease. your pussy stretches around my swollen cock. i pull out slowly. i tickle your clit with the tip of my cock. you squirm in anticipation. i slide the tip in. i grab you by the hips and thrust deep inside you. you moan in pleasure. i pull out to the tip and thrust deep and rough again. i speed up my thrusts but keep penetrating deep and hard. your moans grow louder as i slide in and out of you. the desk shakes with every thrust. my thighs bounce off your round ass. you wrap your legs around me as you begin to cum. you move your hips into my thrust. your head bends back as you climax. your juices flow onto the desk. I pull you off the desk your lose your footing bc your legs quiver from your orgasm. i grab your face and shove my tongue inside yours. we kiss rough and sloppy. i turn you around and bend you over the desk. i drop my cock on your back. i step back a little letting it slide down your juicy ass. i slide it into your dripping pussy. i thrust deep as i grab you by the hips. your sweaty ass sticking to my thighs in each thrust. i grab you by the hair and pull your head back. you let out a loud moan as i thrust harder and faster. your weak legs begin to tremble as you cum again. you let out a load moan as you climax once again. You want more. you grab me and push me on the desk. you climb atop me. you grind on my rock hard cock. not daring to let it slide inside. you see the frustration in my eyes as your soaking wet pussy glides over my cock. each time i hope it goes inside. you set up and slide the tip in. you slowly allow yourself to descend on my aching cock. you bounce slow and hard taking in every inch. your pussy opens as you move up then close tight as your come down. i lean up and grab a breast with my hand. massaging it as you continue to rise and descend on my cock. you speed up and begin grinding back and forth on top of me. your hips digging deep. i grab a nipple as your tits. sway back and forth. you moan louder and louder til i feel your body starting to quiver and your pussy begins to clinch my cock tighter and tighter. my rock begins to swell. you let out a loud moan as i explode deep inside you
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This is hot!