Soccer team

My older b*****r always borrowed moeney from me and promised to give it back, which never happened. As the younger b*****r I started to get pissed on him, of course. He always played soccer and was on training and I guess he used the money to party with his pals from the team. One week I was rellay pissed and I needed the money. He just said he didn't have anything left but told me he could offer something else. What would that be, I asked. Something you nevere will forget, he just said with a smile. Ok, deal I said and e told me to come to an adress coming Saturday just five minutes from where we lived.

Saturday I went over and knocked on the door. It was opened by my b*****r who smiled and said I was not going to regret this. In the next room his friend from the soccer team, a Maroccan guy (Rob) I met a few times before was sitting chatting with a blonde girl in my own age. He greeted me and introduced me to the girl, called Sue. So what's up I asked, a little confused. Didn't your b*****r explain he asked. No, I said. Well we are going to indtroduce you to a part of life you need to know about, and grabbed over his jeans in which I noticed that his dick was already hard. This is what we do in the soccer team.

But, I said.. No, problem Sue said, I have done this with most of the guys in your b*****rs team. Its great, she said and begun to pull off her t-shirt. Rob unzipped his Levis and relased a massive cock that Sue immediately started do suck. My b*****r looked and me and asked are you ok? I felt a little strange but felt that my dick started to get hard so I just said, I want to get something for my money I borroed you. Sue came over to me and started to suck my dick which know was harder than ever.

My b*****r and Rob undressed and came over so we were standing all around Sue, they slapped her in the face looked at me and said, this is gonna be so good. Why I said. Rob said that Sue was the anal expert- I was of course not a virgin but my experience in anal and group sex was limited. I concentrated on Sue and started to fuck her mouth harder. Soon I was able to get all my piece of meat down her throat and she groaned. My b*****r looked at me and said I'm impressed, let me now take her for a while.

When she was sucking Rob my b*****r started to put first one finger in her ass, then two. She is the best, look he said and pushed his dick an inch in her ass. He stopped, as she was groaning but Rob fucked her mouth even harder. My b*****r puched inch by ibch and after a while his long dick was all in, and he started to fuck her first slowly but then quicker and quicker. That's right said Rob, straight to the ass. But let your brtoher try! He pulled out and I took his place and entered. The ass was really tight and my dick was just a bit wider than my btothers so I had to push to get all in. It was really great and as I never had had a threesome before I reallý got so horny by seing her head just in front of me where she was sucking Robs dick. Rob and my b*****r changed places and i pulled out and strated to fuck her wide open vagina. Rob came over and took over my place fuckig first the pink and then the ass. Look he said, we are now going to fuck her i all holes at the same time. He instructed me to sit in the sofa, Sue sat on my dick with her ass just in front of Rob. He gently started to fuck her ass, and I thought I was going to cum as her pussy got tightrt by the tratment. My broter came over and offered her his dich which she willingly accepted.

Rob fucked her harder and harder and sometimes his dick came out and went almost in the pussy with my dick. The b*****r want to fuck her, he said and laughed, My b*****r said of course and took his place.

Sue was really grat and was dirtytalking all the time. She screamed she wanted to be fucked in her ass hard. We lined up and fucked her really hard one after one.

Let's try something else my b*****r said and sat down and Sue followed him and sat on his massive dick. Her pussy opened up just in front of me and I hurried to start to fuck it.

We fucked and were sweating for a long time in all different DP variations and her mouth was always available to suck the third dick.

Now, said Rob come the great part, we will fill her ass And you will be the last to do do it. I hesitated but was so horny I didn't mind. Sue laid down on the sofa on her back with her ass almost up in the air. Tob entered his cock and he just fucked her a few timed than placed the cock halfway and came with a large groan. He stayed for a few seconds and then pulled out, and my b*****r took place. As he started to fuck her ass Robs cum started to come out... My b*****r delivered his cum pulled out, looked at me and said she is all yours! I entered an felt a lot of warm liquide inside, I didn't have time to thin´k abou, actually it just triggered me to go faster. I felt the orgasm coming and almost pull out and put the loas just inside the opening. When i pulled out my cock was all greasy and all cum started to come out. I offered my dick to Sue who cleaned it nicely.

We sat down in ths sofa and my b*****r asked me if it was worth the money.

Fact is I wouldn't mind share her ass with everyone in them as long as I could cum back in her...
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mmmm nice story I like it !
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