Special Treat (for women)

It's late. You just arrived home and relief washes over you. It was such a long day at work. You had to finish a booking task tonight for a deadline, all you want to do is curl up in our bed and relax. Have a smoke, maybe watch some latenight talk show.

I'm out of town at my b*****rs bachlor party and you miss me. It was a guy only party but your still dissapointed you couldnt join me.

-You think its only been one day, and he'll be back tommorrow by lunchtime.

Beginning to walk through our house, you drop your purse, toss your keys on our kitchen table. Letting your long hair down as you walk down the hall towards our bedroom. You sigh in tired relief. You sit down on the bed and bend to undo your uncomfortable shoes you wear only for working. It feels better instantly.


You stand and shed your suit jacket, your white blouse and skirt.
next you peel your nylons off your long pretty legs. Youre so tired but you need to get in and have a nice soothing shower before you can sl**p.

Last you remove you bra, freeing your hefty breasts, and your panties. nothing special today, just plain cotton panties.

Your pussy is smooth except for one small patch of hair. You know how I like your peach fuzz.

you look over and check yourself out in the full length mirror and feel good about how nice you appear.

Turning away you walk towards the bathroom but then you notice something on the night stand. You cant quite make it out and go to turn on the lamp.

Now bright, you see a box of truffles and a note there. It reads "I love you baby, I miss you. Ive left you a special treat. "Open the drawer below me."

curiously you slide open the drawer.

You stare at your sexiest silk panties.

They're covered in my thick white cum.

Your eyes light up and you see another note next to them.

"Use these to get off while I'm gone."

Your face flushes bright pink.
Your breathe catches and you get hot. your breasts swell and your nipples harden. Your cunt gets damp and your clit starts to buzz.

You love how dirty I am.

-fuck getting in the shower!, you think.

rushing back to our bed you climb on and cozy up in the thick blankets. placing a few pillows behind your head, you start to get down to buisness.

Holding your silk thong in your tiny hand, you begin to play with yourself. rubbing your button in strong circles you let out a small whimper.

Your smooth pussy is now throbbing. you're dripping.

You look over those panties again and your suprised at how much cum there is.

"Holy, that was a big load."
it only makes your rub harder. Your clit is inflammed as you cover it with your moisture.

Taking your left tit in hand you pinch and twist it lightly, Like I do. It feels soo good. Only making your arousal worse. Your cunny clenches tight. your drip more.

You think of my strong hands on you. Teasing your love. tweaking your clit just right.


You lift those panties up to your nose on smell them. It feels wrong and it embarrasses you, but you can't help it. You want it. It turns you on. You inhale and smell my salty sperm in the soft fabric.


You do love my cum.

you take your hand off your sex just long enough to wet two fingers with your lips. Then you slowly, steadily press your fingers inside your pussy.

"Uh!" "emmmmmm"
You push those two fingers in and imagine my fat cock taking you. Streching your slick lips out. my hot cock throbbing in you.

Breathing my scent in you lose yourself, fingering your vagina hard and fast.

What would someone see if they saw this? You think. It turns you on even more. Your so hot and you know your about to pearl soon.

You stop for a half second to pull on your gummy clit.

You shove your two fingers back in and spread them inside yourself..

So close.

So close.....

About to cum, you stick your tongue out and lick my sperm left on your panties. Your taste buds tingle.

you suck the cum stain cloth into your mouth.

two more finger thrusts and you explode. Your pussy tightens so hard it feels like your about to break your fingers.

Ah,uuhhh... AhHhhhh!"

"OOOooh! Ahhh"

You Gush

You Cum and cum for 20 seconds straight. Your juice dousing your fingers and the blankets.

"Oh My!"

Sweaty and spent, you recover your breath.

Laying their, elated, your swallow and sink into the dovet.


All of a sudden you hear someone walk in and you gasp in alarm. Your head shoots up and you grab your thong off your face.

"It's okay Honey, its just me. I let my self in quietly."
Your start to calm again.

"YOU SCARED ME!!", you exclaim.

"I wanted to surprise you babe."

"I didn't hear anything!."

"That was the idea.."

"I couldn't wait to see you so I ditched those d***ken bastards and came home early."

"I see you did too", I smiled at you.

"I've never seen you squirt before!"

"I thought you'd like my special treat."

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