Mes fantasmes avec Reva (en anglais) My Fantasies

Ce sont mes fantasmes inspirés par la déesse Reva exquis de photographies. C'est une sorte de journal érotique écrite en anglais parce qu'elle parle l'anglais. Veuillez pardonner les erreurs éventuelles dans grammar ;b

These are my fantasies inspired by the goddess Reva's exquisite photographs. I will post the photograph that inspired my dirty thought. This is a sort of erotic journal written in english because she speaks english and these are comments to her pictures. Please forgive any errors in grammar. Enjoy and adore her:

This is the picture that inspired:

I would love to be standing behind your body. You are stretching after a taxing day and you let out a moan. I press against you. You feel my full breasts against your back. My nipples rub against your shirt as I step my right foot around next to your right foot, rubbing my thigh against your thigh. Slowly rubbing my moist, warm pussy against your ass. You feel the petit tuft of pubic hair on your hip. You reach your arms back behind you and grab my sides. You caress my curves and your touch electrifies me. I am so wet now. I slide my hand on your right side, starting at your hip, pressing my palm, slowly making my way over your sexy, soft stomach. Now it's just my fingertips making petit swirls over your navel, then up between the bottom of your heaving breasts and then back down until I touch the top of you sexy pubic hair. I tickle and tease your body. You push your ass back into me and throw your head back slowly. I try to kiss your neck so you quickly whip your flowing hair, exposing your lovely, swan like neck. I kiss the nape and pause with my open mouth, my full, moist lips pressing lightly on your amazing skin. You feel my breath and you love it. I bite and you gasp and hold it. I see you bite your lip and close your eyes. Your beauty is simply rapturous. Now I slide my left hand down your left thigh and up the front of it over your pelvis and across your tummy(I love your sexy tummy. It is so beautiful. It is what it must be like to make love to a Renaissance masterwork) and up over your perfect breast. Soon I have two handfuls of your glorious breasts. I feel you plumb, firm nipples and the incredibly smooth skin of your aureole, so smooth yet with the most sexy little bumps brought on from the excitement. I pull the squeeze against you hard and you moan. I move my head around to your left to kiss the other side of your neck but you whip your hair and instead meet my lips with yours. It's heaven to kiss you. Your cinnamon caramel lips almost become one with mine. They are so soft and full. And so are mine. It is amazing feeling the press against each other. I breathe into you and you into me. I pause. and pause. open our eyes. Our lips still touching but no movement. Nothing. Then as if we were boxers and the bell was struck, we attack each other. Your tongue enters my mouth and tangles with mine. We suck and kiss with me behind you, my hands exploring your Botticelli body with the curiosity of a schoolgirl and the passion of a porn star. Your tastes and smells and sounds take me to another dimension. One where gravity is nonsense. We are floating in each others sex. In each others bodies. You pull me around in front of you and I fee your hand slide up my thigh. You part my wet pussy lips and enter me f***efully. I love it. You bring me to ecstasy almost instantly and then stop. "Eat my pussy" you command. I drop down to my knees and kiss your body on the way down, stopping to worship at your nipples, only to have you f***e my head down between your legs. My nose is tickles by your beautiful petit bush as I lick your soft lips. They are very wet and sweet with a hint of sweat. As my eager tongue parts them and enters your pussy your juices becomes salty. And more plentiful. I suck at your clit hood and feel it swell, pulse by pulse. I begin to finger my own pussy as I suck yours. I want you to squirt for me. I must have your cum. I lap and flick your clit for a few more minutes, the intensity ramping up constantly until I feel your hands pull two fistfuls of my hair and push my face into your pussy. I can barely breathe. I don't care. I jam a third and forth finger into my pussy(which I never do but you just bring this out in me) and hammer my wet cunt as I bring you to climax. You erupt in my mouth and all over my face. As I swallow mouthful after mouthful of your hot juice, I make myself explode. I feel you running down my neck, over my full tits as I feel my own cum running down my thighs to the floor. You giggle and I sigh. Out of breath and light headed, you and I collapse. Our beautiful, spent bodies are a-mesh on the floor. A twisted pile of spent sexy flesh. Tits on thighs.Lips on tummies. hair tangled with one another. The smell of our sex is in the air. Your husband clears his throat, letting us know he has been watching for the last 20 minutes. He stands ther with his perfect cock throbbing, trying to forcing through his briefs. "well" he says. You motion for him to come over to us. He does. We both reach out to him and he climbs in between us and...tee hee;) I must go now ;b
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