The last time i fucked Clare, my sons girlfriend was about two weeks ago in a hotel bedroom on the way back from buying my new car and it was more like passion, sex and lust all in one steamy, naked, sordid afternoon.
Well here we are in Spain ,the whole lot of us are here for a week . My son went out to ride off road bikes for the day and dropped the wife in town to shop , leaving Clare and me alone miles from anywere in a gorgeous house with pool and sun terrace , don't forget the wine [bliss].They were gone 20min and Clare takes her bikini top off to reveal her perfect 36" breasts perched on her very petite slim figure and aske's me to apply the sun cream . Now as i put my hands on her bronzed body my cock went hard and she took it out and sucked it and wanked it up and down teasing it with her tongue on the end until precum ooozed out on to her tongue, stop please or its going to errupt, so we changed to me taking her bottoms off and i licked her wet slit from the bottom to her clit were i licked harder until Clare came in my mouth[ oh her shaved pussy is divine]. she got up onto her knees and i rubbed my cock up and down her pussy just penetrating the wetness with the tip of my rock hard cock. My god 10 mins of this and her pussy was pouring down her leg [ this babe cums like a tap ] so i pushed into her cunt and stroked up and down fucking her from tip to hilt in this doggy position , her arse looked a picture bent over full of cock, wet as they come, with the sun beating down. With my cock plunging in and out of this sex goddess ,the feeling was tight, wet and slippy heaven ,i was going for the finish when we heard a car pull up , we got decent in seconds phew that was close .
The visitor was the pool boy with his girlfriend helper , come to clean the pool, his girl asked if she could take a cooling swim to which Clare said ok go for it . Now to cut the boring part out the girl stayed with Clare and me while the lad went to finish other pools in the area.
So now i have two girls to look at , Clare takes her in to find a bikini for her . At this point i was not happy chap really as never got to cum in that oh so cute bald tight pussy.
They had been gone a while so i went to see were they were[oh boy ] both on the sofa in a 69 licking each others pussies out , Clare sees me and smiles jumps up put her arse in the air and said fuck me while i lick this out.
Right here we are i am fucking clare and she is slurping on spanish pussy , the dirty mare. Tell you weather i Fucked the other girl later wink wink
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1 year ago
hope you applied the sun cream into every crevice - makes for a fantastic slippery tit-wank
2 years ago
lolz x
2 years ago
I find it takes away from the story when you barely mention you're son and wife
2 years ago
I wish I'd been there.:)
2 years ago
2 years ago
lucky bastard!! cheers!
2 years ago
2 years ago
tease! next part please ;)
2 years ago