Sensual bath I walk into the house and your nowhere to be found. I search for you when I hear the water running in the bathroom. I peek through the door I can see you in the mirror. Your sitting on the edge of the tub your leg is up as you shave your pussy. Your pussy is lathered up with shaving cream as you carefully bring the razor to your smooth pussy. You meticulously shave it with such care not to nick yourself. When you finish you rub it to make sure you got every bit shaved off. Then you slip into the water lying back to relax. I am very turn on from the sight I just witnessed. I turn and go to the kitchen to make us a couple of drinks. I grab a couple of candles walking back to the bathroom. I open the door seeing you there in the oversized Jacuzzi bathtub lying back so relaxed. You look up at me with a big smile, “Oh honey your home,” you said. I hand you your drink leaning over kissing you on the lips. “You look comfy,” I said with a smile. I light the candles turning the lights off to set the mood. “ Need some help,” I said, smiling from ear to ear. “Mmmmm,” you said. “Why don’t you join me in here.” I quickly remove my clothes climbing in the big tub with you. I sit back resting my head on the edge as you turn your back to me snuggling up putting your head on my chest. “I love you baby,” you said. I put my arms around you holding you close. “OH sweetheart I love you so much,” I said. We lay there feeling the hot water surround our bodies. Moving your hand back and forth making small waves. “Want me to wash your hair for you,” I said. “Mmmmm I would love you to,” you replied. I grab the hand held shower turning the water on and checking to make sure the temperature is just right. You bend forward allowing me to wet your hair down. I grab your favorite shampoo I gentle massage it though out the length of your very long beautiful black hair. As I massage it into your scalp you moan, “Mmmmm,” feeling my fingers gently washing your hair. I run my fingers down the full length washing every strand loving the way your hair feels between my fingers. I rinse the shampoo from your hair with warm water then I apply ample amounts of conditioner making sure that I get every strand of hair covered. As the conditioner sits in your hair I get a washcloth lathering it up I begin washing your lovely back and shoulders. “Ahhhh baby you can bath me anytime your so gentle,” turning to smile at me. “Sweetheart anytime you want I’ll be here,” I reply. When it’s time to rinse the conditioner from your hair I gently spray it off wringing my fingers through it to get it all out. When I get done washing your hair you settle back against me as we relax in the warm water. I continue to wash your beautiful body while you relax against me. I soap up your breasts washing them with care then to your shoulders. I move the cloth down your arm to your hand I lovingly wash each finger separating them dropping the washcloth I massage each finger with mine sliding my fingers between yours. You moan in delight feeling the sensuous way I wash each and every finger. I move to the other doing the same thing. When I get done with your hands I return to your breasts then moving my hands down to your firm belly washing you completely. When I’m satisfied that your clean I lay back to relax. As we relax I begin to think about the vision I saw in the mirror as you shaved your sweet pussy for me. Knowing that I love your pussy smooth, clean and shaved. My cock begins to stir, when you feel it against your lower back. “Mmmmm what’s that,” you respond reaching behind you gripping my hardening cock stroking it gently. I tell you what I saw in the mirror as you shaved and it was turning me on from the memory. You squeeze me as you continue to stroke me at the same time. I cup your firm breasts in my hands massaging them I can feel your nipples harden from my firm touch. I slowly slide my hand down the front of you putting my hand between your legs as you part them. I slip my fingers inside you massaging your clit with the palm of my hand. As you press your head harder against my chest. As I finger you with such care. Lifting your ass a little to meet my probing fingers. With my cock getting harder in your hand you lean forward turning to me and with a loving smile you said, “Baby you need me to take care of that for you.” Pulling me forward so I can get up and sit on the edge of the tub. My cock standing straight up you lather your hands with soap you wrap your long fingers around my hard shaft. You begin to stroke me in your soapy hands. You grip the head of my cock squeezing it as you stroke. Your hand slips over the tip causing me to moan loudly. You smile at the effect this is having on me. You slowly drive me crazy as you jack me off with your soapy hands. You reach for the washcloth then rinse me off. You look me in the eyes telling me how much you love me. You lower your lips taking me deep into your waiting mouth. “Ahhhh,” I moan loudly feeling your hot mouth slip deeper and deeper until my cock in buried deep in your throat. You lovingly suck my cock until I’m almost ready to cum. You slowly suck my cock up until it pops out from between your tight lips. You smile telling me “your not going to cum yet honey.” I moan loudly. My cock continues to twitch as my cum slowly back it’s self back down to my cum filled balls. You slowly stand up gripping my hand in yours pulling me to my feet. You turn your back to me bending over exposing your smooth wet pussy. You reach behind you spreading your cheeks and pussy lips to my gaze. I get on my knees I begin to lick your wet pussy with long tongue strokes holding your hips in my hands. I probe my tongue deep inside as you push back to meet my advancing tongue. Your hands against the wall bracing yourself. I continue licking and sucking until you’re about to cum. When I know your right to the edge of Cumming I quickly stop. You push back wanting me to continue but I back away. “Ahhhh baby please make me cum please baby I have to cum now,” you beg me. Not being able to say no to you I bury my face hard against your pussy sucking your clit into my mouth sucking it hard slipping my tongue deep inside. I slip two fingers deep inside as I lick your lips and suck your clit. I finger you harder and harder feeling your orgasm getting closer. Then with a loud scream you push your pussy back to my licking tongue. “OMG I’m Cummmminggggggg.” You reach behind you pulling my face closer as I lick and lick as you’re cum just kept Cumming and Cumming my face getting wetter with each wave. Your legs shaking from that intense orgasm you turn to me smiling seeing my cum covered face you lean over to kiss me licking your cum from my lips. Pulling me to my feet you kneel down taking my cock back into your mouth sucking me to full hardness. When your finally satisfied that I’m as hard as I can get you turn your back to me again pushing your ass in the air telling me, “Baby put it in Oh please put it in,” I position myself behind you my cock in hand I guide it to your wet hole. I rub my cock up and down getting it very wet with your juices I slip my cock between your tight pussy lips feeling the warmth as I push forward. Not wanting to wait for me to go slow you push back to me hard slamming my cock deep inside, you let out a scream, ”OMG baby, yes that it yesssss ahhhh yes.” As my cock buries it’s self deep inside. I hold it there for a bit feeling you pussy pulsate around my hard cock. I slowly pull back then back in as you push back to meet my forward thrust. “Oh yes honey that’s how I like it Oh yesssss,” you cry out as I slowly but steadily move in and out. I reach forward to massage your breast you bring one hand up to meet mine holding it there so I will continue to squeeze and pinch your nipples. I move in and out as you push back to meet me. I start to pick up speed when you put your hands against the wall to brace yourself. I move my hand from your tits to grip your hips to pull you back against me. I begin to fuck you harder and harder knowing that your orgasm will soon arrive. With long steady strokes of my cock I feel you getting closer. “Oh Baby I Cumming ah yes, yesssss yes,” pushing back to me. “Yesssss baby fuck me hard Oh yes harder, harder OMG yesssss,” pushing harder against me making my cock go that much deeper inside as you cum again and again. With you’re cum flowing and your pussy very slippery my cock slips out. “Oh shit baby put it back in OMG put it back in,” I slid my cock back in and when it hits bottom again you cum with a big splash of cum pushing me back out again. You’re cum flowing down your thighs and legs to the water. “Oh baby please put it back in I have to have you deep inside me.” This time not wanting to be pushed out again I grip you tight slamming my cock deep inside you. I ride your pussy with all my might fucking you harder than I ever have. “Ahhhh yesssss baby yesssss fuck me hard OMG Yesssss harder Oh ahhhh yes OMG harder, harder Oh, Oh, Oh yesssss Oh yessssssssssssss,” You scream. I am now on my toes my balls slapping against your clit as I pound you hard from behind. The water in the tub is splashing out all over the bathroom. “OMG baby Yes that’s it fuck me hard I love it OMG I’m Cummmmming Ahhhh yesssss ahhhhhhhhh Oh god yes fuck me hard.” I’m behind you moving at an incredible rate. When your pussy tightens up again squeezing my out of your pussy. Your legs begin shaking uncontrollably as you cum again and again. I put my cock back inside wanting to cum myself from all the excitement of feeling you cum so very hard. I pull you against me so you can’t squeeze me out again holding my cock deep inside. I let your orgasms subside, with me still deep inside. I tell you I’m going to cum soon as I slowly move my cock in and out. “Oh honey I want you to cum on my tits this time I love to see you cum on me, Baby I want to watch you cum for me,” you moan in passion. I pump your pussy for a few more minutes bringing myself to my climax. As I get closer I move a little faster, I feel you cum again knowing I am about to cum. “OMG baby I’m Cumming again Ahhhh yesssss, yesssss,” as you push back to me. I hold back my cum to allow you to finish your orgasm. I slowly begin moving from side to side filling your pussy with my cock. As I come closer to Cumming I begin moaning loudly. You realizing that I’m about ready to cum, you slip my cock from your very wet pussy and kneeling in front of me you stroke me wanting to see me cum for you. Your face just inches from my cock, I shake moaning loudly, ”Ahhhh Yesssss baby yesssss I’m Cumming,” as my cock swells in your hand jetting out a long stream of cum which hits you on your cheek then shooting load after load of hot cum down onto your heaving breasts. With delight from my cum soaking your breast you put my cock into your mouth sucking the last of my hot load onto your tongue. “Mmmmm,” you moan. “I love the way your cum tastes,” licking the last of it off the tip. After some very hot lovemaking we settle back down into the tub very satisfied. You nestled up to me holding me tight as we go back to relaxing in our wet bath. After awhile we decide we better get out, we towel each other off when you begin to dry your long hair. Knowing that’s going to take some time I stagger into the bedroom laying on the bed waiting for you to come to bed so we can cuddle up and drift off to a blissful nights sl**p.
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mmm you got me so hard!