s****r home from camp

She opened the door to her room and there i was lying on her bed. She ran over, jumped on me and gave me a big hug.

I rolled onto my back, spread my legs, and now she was lying on my stomach with her body in between my legs.

"i missed you too little s*s, how was your summer". she was talkin a mile a minute, couldnt keep up with her. I just smiled and nodded my head.

As she was rambling i was scratching her back, kind of giving her a massage. She was ticklish and would start moving to try and get away. when she did this, she'd rub against my dick. after a while i started to get hard.

Then she told me how she gave her first blow job to some lucky k** at camp. i stopped tickling her and just held her tighter, i said "really?". she nodded and said "mm hmm". iwas fully hard after listening to her tell me about it.

She was naive, i rolled her off me, took my dick out and said "show me what you did". she opened her eyes wide, i was obviously much larger then the boy she experimented on. i started troking myself slowly, and she watched intently.

"your my b*****r, we're not supposed to". I said "I'll show you what i learned this summer first, then we'll see if you change your mind. I flipped her skirt up, spread her legs, and pulled her little undies to the side. So small, so perfect, so untouched.

I went right for her clit and started licking it hard! "ohhhh, stoooop, dooooon't""ugghhh, stop itt, ugghhh". she started humping her little hips up and down, and grabbed me behind my head, pulling me tighter into her crotch. I kept licking and sucking up her juices.

she spread her legs wider and i stuck my tongue inside her "oohhh that feels weird". iasked her"do you like it", she said "mm hmm"

i rolled us both over so now she was straddling my face and my cock was in full view for her" Now show me what you learned or I'll stop licking you" i didnt have to ask her twice.

She stuck the head in her mouth and twirled her tongue around, it felt amazing. i told her to try and swallow it all. she lowered her head and started to gag, all of her hot spit covered my cock.

her hips were humping faster and faster now. i knew she was about to cum, so i shoved my finger inside her tight pussy and sucked on her clit hard. she let out a yell but my cock in her mouth muffled it and i came in her mouth just as she came in mine. I love my s****r so much

87% (47/7)
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2 years ago
Short and delicious!
3 years ago
LoL, good story.
3 years ago
3 years ago
Yes a wonderful story.. Need more
3 years ago
Good story!
3 years ago
very good story
3 years ago
mmm yes great story, more please
3 years ago
Lovely, keep going with her, break her in gently and tell us about it.
3 years ago
great story