My Grandma 5

So my grandmother woke early the next morning and jumped in the shower. I was disappointed when I woke up and heard the water running. I really wanted to wake up with her in my arms and maybe even get to see my dried cum on her face. But I guess she feared the rest of the f****y might start knocking on the door and come in or something. So I woke and got horny. I climbed out of bed and crept to the bathroom. But she had the door locked. Can you believe it? So i sat and watched the crappy tv for a while. When she was finished she came out dressed and looking so pretty. But she didn't say anything about what had happened and so I didn't bring it up either. I showered and in about an hour we were with my mom, dad, and b*****r downstairs enjoying the continental breakfast. So I'll bore you with the details but some of the f****y joined us later at the beach where we spent most of the day. I hung out with my cousin and my b*o a lot but once again kept checking out my grandmother in her bathing suit. I kept thinking about all the sex we have had thus far and about the blow job she gave me last night. But I had to be careful because I'd be standing there and I would start getting hard. So I'd have to run off to the water to hide it, or cool down.

So we all had lunch together and then the f****y wanted to go into town and maybe go on one of those little cruises. My grandmother said she wanted to go back to the room and take a nap. I got a little excited and said I'd go with her. I hoped after I said it that it wouldn't look suspicious. But it must have because my b*o and my cousin both gave me a hard time. My grandmother looked concerned at me like she was nervous about me going back to the room with her. So we all went back to the room and changed. My grandmother and the rest of the f****y kept asking me to go but I kept saying I was tired too and my grandmother looked more and more nervous which caused me to get nervous because I thought she might say something. When they left we didn't say much at first. Then finally she told me that she didn't know what to say or how to act with the "stuff" we had done.

I told her there was nothing to be ashamed of and she kept saying yes there was, it was disgusting and wrong blah blah. I kept telling her it was just between us and no one had to know. But I was her grandson and i****t is wrong and disgusting and i*****l she went on. I kept telling her how much she turned me on and how hot she was and how I've always thought she was hot. I also told her I've never had sex as good as with her and I told her she made me cum and cum. She seemed really embarrassed about it and got quiet for a moment. Then she told me that grandsons were not suppose to make grandmothers cum and cum like I made her. I of course by this time was rock hard. Her saying I made her cum and cum was just so hot.

I told her to get dressed into something nice. She asked why and I told her I was taking her out. She protested saying people might think it was weird or perverted. I told her I didn't care and besides people didn't know us. And with that I stripped down right in front of her to change. She was shocked especially when she saw my rock hard dick. And I couldn't help but smile as she stared at it while I dressed. Once I had my boxers on and it was gone THEN she started to change. It was hot. She liked my cock but still fought against it. But she must have been caving because she started to change in front of ME! She didn't get naked leaving her bra and underwear on as she changed. God she looked beautiful.

We went out to the bar and grill on the beach and had a lot of fun. We had dinner, had quite a bit to drink, and danced quite a bit on the dance floor. She was nervous that people were watching us but I kept telling her to relax. Everytime we went to the floor people WERE watching us but I didn't care. I don't know if they knew we were related, or if they just thought I was a young guy with an older woman. Either way she looked beautiful and enjoyed herself.

Afterwards we walked the beach on the way back to the hotel. There were no lights and the beach was almost pitch black. We talked and I could tell she was feeling good. Finally after a few moments I asked her if she meant what she said last night about loving me not like she should. She got embarrassed and said she shouldn't have said that. I told her not to regret it. She then started to go on her spiel that the things we did we can't do again, it was wrong... again. I told her to stop. She said it doesn't matter what our bodies did. I then asked her, "You mean how we both cum over and over?"

She didn't answer and just got quiet. I stopped her and then leaned in and kissed her. She looked at me wide eyed. At least I think so it was pretty dark. And I then kissed her again. She said don't but I kept kissing her. It got pretty hot until she started to kiss me back very excitedly. She even started to stick her tongue in my mouth. She had me so hot. I then stopped kissing her and slid to my knees. She asked me what I was doing. I didn't answer but reached up into her dress and started to pull her underwear down. She started to shake all over and told me to stop. I didn't listen and pulled her panties off her ankles and tossed them in the sand. She kept looking around nervously. I then lifted her dress and began to lick her pussy right there. She groaned for me to stop but it tasted so good. I couldn't help myself. I really started to eat her out right there. Her knees buckled and she was holding onto my head to keep upright. I kept licking and started to finger her at the same time. God she tasted so good. Then she squealed and she started cumming hard. I thought she was going to collapse. I couldn't stop. Finally I stood and held her. I grabbed her dress and pulled it over her head. She covered herself in a panic and asked what I was doing. I started kissing her again letting her taste her own pussy and then removed her bra. My grandmother was now stark naked in front of me on the beach. I pushed her onto the sand onto all fours and got behind her. She was really scared someone was going to see us. I didn't care at this point and unzipped. I then got behind her and slid my hard cock inside her. She moaned really loud for her. It was so hot. I then began pumping her from behind right there on the beach. I was taking my naked grandmother doggystyle right on the beach! I was really pumping her hard now. She kept looking around nervous some one would come by. I rubbed her ass cheeks and kept going. THen she said what I love hearing. "Johnny you're gonna make me cum again. Stop it."

I didn't. I kept pumping like mad. I saw her head hang down and her body started shaking all over. I kept pumping until she couldn't hold herself up on all fours anymore. I then pulled it out and flipped her onto her back. I then climbed on her and slid back in. I started to thrust as fast and as hard as I could. She was moaning so hotly but kept looking around. I grabbed her head and started to stick my tongue into her mouth. Her legs lifted around my waste as I pumped into her. I then sat up and pulled my naked grandmother onto me. She kind of protested at first saying wait wait we have to stop. I didn't say anything but pulled her onto my lap. My cock slid into her very easy and she must have lost it because she was shaking all over again and held me tight. Then she started to ride me really good. Her hips were really thrusting back and forth. It was amazing. Having sex with my naked grandmother right there on the beach at night. It was so good after a few moments I couldn't hold back much more and I started to suck her nipples. Back and forth between her breasts and then she started to groan loud again and I knew she was cumming again. I couldn't hold back anymore and my cock started to shoot deep inside her. I was climaxing with my grandmother on the beach! We both came really hard and she was almost crying as she came.

When our bodies had settled down we just sat there and kept kissing. Then unfortunately we heard some voices and reality and panic set into my grandmother again. She went to stand up but her knees were weak. I helped her stand and put her bra and dress back on. But we couldn't find her underwear. I wanted to laugh about it but she was really worried about it so I didnt. We ended up leaving it and rushing back to the room. Knowing she wasn't wearing underwear under her dress turned me on but when we got back to the room the f****y was back so I couldn't take her again.
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great id love to see a pic of her
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great story so hot loved it!