A good friend

I have a friend whos name is Novak.We have known each other since we were little k**s.We have always done everything together and have no secrets.But he didnt know that i liked to wear womens clothes.He has blue eyes,is very handsome and is very developed and he also plays football.Since we were really good friends i saw his dick several times and it was nice and big. Sometimes i dreamed i sucked it and that he came on my face.
One day we came to my place after a night out in town and he was d***k,so i decided to try to seduce him. He sat on the sofa in the leaving room while i was changing into my girl clothes. When i came out he was watching some porn on the tv.
"May i do that."i said.He looked at me"Is that you"he asked me."yes its me dear, and i want you and your dick" i answered.I sat next to him and started jerking his dick. he didn say anything.He just looked at me and my nylon fishnets.I knew he liked fishnets and i knew he liked the way i looked because his dick became bigger and bigger.I lowered my head and started kissing his dick.He let out a sexy sound,so i started liking his dick.He put his hands on my head and started pushing his dick in my mouth. I sucked it and liked his balls slowly and he just made more and more sounds of joy.His dick was almost totally in my mouth so he pushed my head even more and my face came right up to his big balls.I couldnt breathe so i tried to move my head up but he wouldnt let me.He told me to breath e try my nose and i did but it didnt help much.He started moving my head up and down and i could fell his dick in my mouth rubbing on my tongue.After a few minutes i couldnt continue sucking him so he took it out of my mouth and placed it on my face."where do you want it you fucking slut."
"in my ass" i answered.He told me to bend over and to put my ass up.I did and felt his fingers touching my ass and going slowly up my ass.I started moaning and he started touching my ass and spreading it. I knew he was gona put it in but i didnt know it was gona hurt as hell.His dick was very thick and my ass was very narrow. I moaned some more and screamed a little but he didnt care.All he wanted to do was to get his dick all the way in my ass.He fucked me like a pro and didnt stop at all.From time to time he would slap me on my but and i liked it a lot.I screamed to much soo he put his finger in my mouth and toold me to suck them as they were his dick.He fucked me like that for 2o minutes,then he took his dick out and told me to lay on my back.I did and he placed my legs on his wide shoulders and continued fucking me really hard and deep.He looked me in the eyes and kissed me.I felt every inch of his dick inside me and how it fucked me like a girl.He told me his was about to cum and asked where i want his hot cum.I just smiled and he did also.He took it out my ass and started put it my mouth.I suucked him hard and held his balls in my hand while he pushed his dick deeper and deeper in my mouth and throat.He started shouthing and i felt a shot of hot cum in my throuth and i took it out my mouth.He sprayed my whole face with his cum and i even got some of it in my eyes.Then he got it in my mouth and continued cumming.My mouth got full of cum and i tried to spit it out but he wouldnt let me and told me to swallow it.AT first i didnt want to do it but then he moved his dick up to my throat and i felt his come going through my throat.I swallowed it all and then he took it out and sat on the sofa palming my legs and my fishents......he did that for 10 minutes than he fell asl**p.The next morning i woke him up with a blowjob and we decided to stay very good friends.From then on he fucks me at least once a week and somethimes even every day.........and i like it.
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1 year ago
2 years ago
očeš mi bit prijateljica
3 years ago
bella storia
3 years ago
svaki čovjek treba tako prijateljico!
3 years ago
Want you to be my neighbor!
4 years ago
lijepa priča :)
4 years ago
id like to be yr good friend too:)
4 years ago
prekrasno :)
4 years ago
thx for sharing your stories

like them very much