Last night

So last night me and my Girlfriend where in our living room watching movies, and she started to fall asl**p. So I said hey I know your not sl**ping, because everytime I spend a lot of time ppicking out these movies and everytime you fall asl**p. she said I'm sorry baby I'm so tired I can't keep my eyes open can you help me stay awake. I looked at her like ???? what? She said maybe be if you put that big daddy dick in my fat wet pussy I might be able to stay awake.
I said I think I can keep you up. So she slowly untied my shorts and pulled my dick out and put it against her face like she was giving it a hug. Then she started to like my shaft and work down to my balls, she started to suck them one at a time then she d**g her tounge up to my head while stroking my cock, I rolled my eye and grabed the back of her head. she pulled back and moved my hands and said she doesn't need my help for this job. I started to rub her back and she swallowed it deeper, she started to rub my chest and asked me if I liked it?
I didn't say anything, she then said I have something for you, she pulled her black lace panties down and showed me her soaking wet pussy. Eat it you nasty boy before you get it, I laughed and pulled her lips into my mouth. she screamed, the guy down stairs started to yell up turn some music on or something. we both started to laugh, 30mins later she grabed me by my hand and took me to the dining room and sat me in a chair. she started dancing, then she saw that she had all of my attention. she crawled over to my seat and said what do you want me to do daddy?
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