Swinger Kitty - Pub & Pussy!!

My wife is out of town, so I called few of my kitty friends yesterday to go on a night out...have some fun. Totally we were 2 couples & me. So all 5 of us headed off by 11.30 pm to a nice nightclub to drink & dance....

We were having a good time...as per the drill, we were to get the women d***k....lolololol...it always seems to start that way!! Soon all the drink was making all of us mingle mingle mingle....soon I found Shalu sitting on my lap giving me a lap dance!! Man I almost came!! She is HOT!! I could see that her husban was petty jealous & was trying to pull her away....but she was a fighter...

Seeing her, the other girl Trishi started competing!! Both of them started vying for my attention...Trishi started thrusting her boobs against me & was purposely rubbing her hand soooo close to my crotch....I was having a ball!! I got such a hard on that I started leaking lot of pre-cum... I noticed that the husbands were today behaving in a jealous manner....trying to scuttle my happiness. They were grabbing their wives & luring them to dance with them. I figured that they were behaving badly because I was single (my wife was not around)...so I came up with my own dubious plan to continue having my fun!! hehehehehhehe

I noticed a group of people who were acquaintance of Ashwin (Trishi's hubby). So I told him that the group is calling him....the stupid guy believing me, just went there to meet them & got stuck with them...lololol...so now I had trishi all to myself. We were sticking soooo tight that even air could no pass between us..moreover the nightclub being warm we were a bit sweaty...so it was sooo sexy...we were all over eachother.....just short of smootching. In the meantime, I could see that while Shalu was dancing with her husband, she was signaling me to save her from him!! Her ass was rubbing my hand...so I once again decided to help her...lololololol.....greedy me!! I told her husband Vikas that Ashwin is calling him urgently....he left.

Then what, I had both the girls for myself!! Oh man it was a great feeling to be wooed by 2 sexy leaking pussy's. I made both of them aware that I wanted to FUCK the right then & there....I made them feel my hard on on their ass & pussy... it was really unfortunate that we could not have a 3some right there...soon both the husbands returned & saw what we were upto....immediately they decided to call it a night & leave the club. Both the girls strongly protested...I saw them getting into a mini argument. To save the day, I intervened & suggested that we get out of there & head to my place for few drinks. The husbands were not interested in going to my place b'coz thay suspected that I may get to screw their wives & they would get nothing!! But I played the girls by telling them to convince their husbands that they'll give them a gr8 swap fuck at my place. Anyways, everyone knows that when I have a party, its always the best!! Best booze, best place, best music...in fact I know that people fish to come over to my place....sometimes even uninvited!! So ultimately we head to my place, I got Shalu to ride in my car & her husband in Ashwin's car...As soon as we moved out of the building where the club was located, Shalu & me started having our hands all over eachother....she then pulled out my leaking dick & started giving me a sucksee blow job!! She was using her tongue on all my tickle spots giving me the goose bumps....I was loosing my driving skills. As we were on the punjagutta flyover, she started sucking me greedly & fast....holding holding holding.... I suddenly exploded tons of my cum in her mouth. I came soooo much I her mouth overflowed & my cum was leaking from sides of her mouth...she almost got gagged but succeeded in gulping it down just in time. Lot of my cum was all over my jeans & steering.

Coming to our senses, we hatched a plan so that we could fuck like crazy.....I told her to give her husband a hard hand job no sooner we reach my place. Once he comes, he would not be interested in fucking....he may even sl**p. I told her to share this plan with Trishi....I promised her that if both girls succeeded in putting their husbands to 'rest', I would eat her pussy & ensure she cums till she squirts.. (I knew that her husband hated eating her pussy)...she took the bait!!

My plan was a big success!! Both the girls put each other's husbands to 'rest' by giving them a blow job & finishing them off with a hard hand job... soon the guys were smiling like chester cats. They thought they've beaten me to it....lololololol.....they still dont know me. Soon I opened a new bottle of 'JW Blue Label" to celebrate their 'success', they were thrilled to bits. The women were freshening up to have a gr8 fuck with me...once they were out, I suggested that we all have few Tequila shots...& so we downed 4 -5 shots in quick succession. The guys were enjoying their drinks & music...I then switched on the mood lighting in my bar, drawing room & bedroom to set the mood....now the taquila shots were taking effect...soon we were all dirty dancing...the girls soon started teasing me by doing a slow seductive strip. Once again I had a huge hard on...slowly we started to do the close dance & started smooching threesome...I was thrusting my tongue deep into each girl's mouth & tasting them...then all 3 of us stuck our tongues out & were licking eachother...it was hot & wet.

Slowly I had my hands on both their boobs & was flicking their tits till they became stiff & stood up in attention...soon we shed all our clothes & started sucking eachother everywhere...Trishi took my cock into her hot mouth & was giving me a wild suck while I was shoving 4 of my fingers into her cunt. Meanwhile I felt Shalu's tongue circling my asshole in slow gentle circular fashion. She was trying to shove her tongue into my asshole!! I was loving the double whammy....Soon I started fisting Trishi with more f***e & I used my thumb to rub her clit.....I could see that she was shuddering with immense pleasure.....I increased the fisting speed....she shuddered more & sucked me harder....faster...faster...faster...soon she SQUIRTED all over the place screaming loudly. Her squirt was with much f***e......suddenly Shalu moved up & started taking the squirt into her mouth & drinking it as if it was nectar!! All this was too much for both husbands to see...they got huge hard on's & stripped bare naked & Shalu's husband gave his dick into Trishi's mouth & started gagging her while she was still screaming with pleasure due to squirting. Trishi's husband went behind Shalu & was trying to fuck her in the ass!! Shalu had never got fucked in her ass so she was pushing him away.....Then suddenly he shoved his dick into her wet cunt & started fucking her with vengeance...

I suddenly felt left out when I saw that I was getting nothing at all...I was petty bugged. I decided to teach both the girls a lesson for ignoring me..... I instigated Ashwin (Trishi's husband) who wanted to fuck Shalu in the ass to fuck her in the ass.... I told him that I'll show him how its done inspite of protest. I told him to pin down Shalu face down, which he did.. I then went to her rear & spit several times on her asshole to soften it up. Soon I was prodding 2 of my fingers into her ass while rubbing hard her cilt with my other hand...soon I placed my dick on the entrance of her asshole & started pushing it in...she screamed in pain & tried to push me off.... I told Vikram (her husband) to help us pin her down & prevent her from moving at all so that her ass could be fucked be each of us one after the other.. He agreed & held her tightly...I told Trishi to lick & suck Shalu's clit hard so that she becomes more & more wet....everyone did as they were told. Soon Shalu was oozing her cum & so was Trishi...I scooped their cums, mixed it & put it on Shalu's asshole to make it nicely lubricated...I then shoved my hard dick into her ass. As it went deeper inside, she was screaming wildly & begging me to stop...but I was pushing it till I reached my dick's end & then started fucking her very hard without mercy in her ass. She was screaming on top of her voice due to pain....I told he husband to shove his dick into her mouth & gag her so that she stops screaming....he did it & the screaming stopped...but huge tears rolled down her eyes due to extreme pain.

Now I was thrusting with all my strength into her ass.....harder.....harder....harder.....I was holding her ass so hard that her ass cheeks turned red......harder....harder....harder.....and CAME with huge f***eEEE.....I filled her asshole with many liters of my hot loaddd... I collapsed beside her due to exhaustion....as I moved away, I saw Ashwin mount Shalu from behind....he then shoved his dick into her ass...fucked her....fucked her....fucked her....while Shalu's husband Vikram was goading him to fuck her with more vengence.....punish her....punish her....he was shouting...I slowly came to my senses & saw what brutality was going on with Shalu...however, I noticed that now she was not screaming with pain...but with pleasure. I saw that my load of cum had lubricated her ass so well that ashwin could fuck her ass with ease...soon he also came....& came...came...inside her ass... Soon Ashwin moved out & Vikram wanted to mount her ass....but I saw that Shalu was bleeding from her asshole due to the punishment....Ashwin's & my cum was mixed with her bl**d.... I told Vikram (Shalu's husband) not to fuck her in the ass anymore seeing her plight...but he would not listen!! He wanted to teach her a lesson that he is & always will be the boss....she was begging him not to fuck her...but he was not agreeing...

I knew that if I dont stop him, it would all go out of hand & get messy...so I suggested that now that Shalu has got her punishment from 2 guys, its now Trishi's turn to be the slave. Immediately, Trishi started crying loudly & begging us that she did not want it in the ass.....she instead begged us that we could all fuck her cunt one by one...but....Vikram was not interested...he ordered Ashwin & me to pin Trishi down so that he could fuck her ass...we did so. Vikram fucked her ass again & again & again....repeatedly.....mercilessly...harder & harder....he came & came & came....Trishi was crying & crying & crying...seeing all this brutality....Ashwin got another hard on!! As soon as Vikram was finished with Trishi, he turned her over & shoved his hard cock into her pussy & told me to shove my dick into her mouth till she was gagged... both of us came again with a big load....

Everyone was dead tired & exhausted with all the fucking...we ended up sl**ping like a bunch of mangled bodies. I woke up after few hours with a splitting ache in by dick & balls...I got up from the mangled mess with great difficulty....my knees were also hurting badly....I slowly stumbled towards the bar & pored a large 2-3 large shots of scotch & gulped it down...it felt much better!! Soon I went back to the mangled bodies that lay naked before me...I could see dried up cum mixed with bl**d on both the girl's asses... suddenly I realized they were no more ASS VIRGINS!! Soon I gently woke up the girls with soft kisses...soon everybody was awake....but staggering....slowly all of us headed to the bar & gulped down lots of booze basically using it like an internal antiseptic!! Soon everyone freshened up & left...

My wife was back the next day.....I told her about the whole thing....she was soooo hot that we fucked & fucked & fucked.....many many times...

.........I will give you our FUCK details in the next post....promise!!
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