Fucking other men for Hubby 2

I've been writing about my experiences lately, now that Hubby has convinced me how good it would be to be with other men. I can honestly say I've enjoyed it more than i thought i ever would. Being married for so long and being a wife and mother has always been my idea of what i should be. Lately after hubby got me into sl**ping with other men i realized that its just sex and nothing else and I shouldn't take it so seriously. To recap i've slept with two other men, both older and both well hung. The first one of course was Dave and the other his name is Tony. Both men have been great in bed and have pleased me well. I have been fucking both men on and off casually for the past few months. Dave and I fucked in a hotel and also at my house on my marital bed. Tony and I fucked a few times at his house, both men are larger than the average guy in cock size.

A couple weeks ago Hubby asked me if i would want to do a threesome with both men. I brought the idea to Dave and he agreed to it, when i brought up the idea to Tony he shot it down. He said he did not want to jump in bed with me and a man he knew nothing about. So then i asked if he would do it with someone he knew. He agreed to bring one of his friends in, a guy he knew from his Military days. The guy he agreed to bring in was an older guy too, late 50's about a year younger than Tony. I saw a pic of him, he was tall, about 6'1 and around 240 lbs. Tony had said he was above average as well, he had seen him naked several times in the military. The guy had been divorced now for about 6 years and was from a town about a two hour drive away. We decided that it was best for Tony and I to travel to this guys town instead so we could go out and have some drinks in public.

It was about two weeks later when we finally met. Tony drove his car, i brought along my overnight bag with me. Hubby and i told the f****y that i was going to spend a night with a girl friend of mine in another town. I left my car at Tony's house and we drove up to meet his friend. We met at his house, the guy had a small house but a very nice house. I had on some tight jeans with heels and a tight blue buttoned up blouse. Underneath i had on a purple bra and some purple silky panties. I had just got off my period less than a week earlier so i was ready. I met his friend and he caressed my hand and told me i was gorgeous. He asked if i had ever done a threesome, and i told him that i sort of had with my hubby and Dave. Sort of but not really a threesome. He asked if we wanted to go out and have some drinks so we all could get relaxed and in the mood. We went to a local sports bar where we had some food and i had three frozen margaritas. While we were at the bar i found myself getting more and more in the mood. I even kissed Ron,(Tony's friend) and rubbed his cock thru his jeans at the table. Finally around 10:30 we decided to head back to Ron's house.

We arrived at Ron's house about 20 minutes later and i made out with Tony in the living room while Ron got the bedroom ready. Ron then told Tony to bring me to the bedroom and Tony lifted me up and carried me to the bedroom. He laid me on the bed and started undressing, his friend Ron left to lock the doors and to make some drinks. Within a few minutes Tony was naked and sitting back against the headboard and i was completely naked except for my panties between his legs sucking his cock. Ron walked in the room and rubbed my ass cheeks and asked Tony if i sucked good cock. Tony told him that he would soon find out. As I sucked Tony's cock i saw Ron start to undress. Ron was a bigger guy, he had tattoos on his chest and his chest was hairy too. He pulled down his underwear and i saw his cock, it wasn't as big length wise as Tony's or Dave the other guy i fucked, but it was thick. Tony was about 8" this guy was about 6 1/2 but thicker than Tony. He then told Tony to keep me on my stomach sucking cock and he was going to eat my asshole out. I kept sucking cock and i felt him get on the bed from behind me. I then felt him spread my legs apart and slowly start to remove my panties. I lifted my tummy so my panties could slide off easier and then i felt him spread my ass cheeks apart. I felt him start to lick my asshole and my pussy slowly while I sucked Tony's cock. They had me like that for a while when Tony then asked Ron if he wanted his cock sucked, and of course Ron said yes. They switched and Ron laid his back against the headboard and i closed my eyes and started sucking Ron off. I could taste cum on his cock and of course i had a harder time getting my mouth around it. Tony meanwhile had made me get on my knees and spread apart for him. While i was sucking Ron's cock Tony rubbed his cock on my asshole and then slipped it in my pussy. I moaned softly as i felt him start to slide in. I remember hearing Tony tell Ron that they may have to fuck my asshole just for the fun of it. I didn't say a word i just kept sucking cock with my eyes closed as Tony's cock fucked my pussy.

Tony kept pounding my pussy from behind as i sucked Ron's cock; a couple minutes later i could feel Ron tensing up and his cock started getting bigger and he grabbed the back of my neck and pulled my mouth down on his cock. I then felt his liquid hit the back of my throat, i heard Tony tell Ron that he should have asked first, Ron didn't reply he just grunted as he came in my mouth. At that point i was just into it and didn't care, my pussy was soaking wet and it was getting pounded so i just went with it. After he came he got off the bed and went to the bathroom, when Ron got off Tony flipped me on my back and spread my legs apart. He then started fucking me again this time with my legs over his shoulders. I moaned as i watched Tony's cock split me in two, he then told me to play with my clit as he fucked my pussy and then he tensed up leaned forward and came in my pussy. After he came i got up and went to the bathroom and washed my pussy out. When i came back in the bedroom Ron was laying on the bed drinking a beer and he handed me a mixed drink. I took a couple of sips and noticed Tony wasn't in the room. Ron said that Tony had gone to the store to get some cigarettes. Ron then told me to suck his cock, he wanted to fuck my pussy so i got under the sheets and started sucking his thick cock again. I sucked and licked his balls and then he told me to lay on my back, he grabbed the back of my legs and pushed them towards me and apart and he positioned himself between my legs. I remember he asked me if i had k**s and how long i had been married, i told him 3 and married for over 20 years. He told me i had a pretty pussy and he was going to cum in it, i didn't say a word and looked away as i felt him slide in rather easily. I let out a little moan and within a couple of strokes he was all the way in. Ron sucked my tits and pumped away and then i heard Tony walk into the room. Tony walked up to me and caressed my face and asked if was ok. I nodded yes and Ron continued to pump away rather fast and hard. I then felt him tense up again and i felt his balls hit my asshole and i knew he was cumming. I laid there while he unloaded his load, i rubbed his back as he finished filling my pussy up.

We fucked all night in several positions and they even tried to fuck my asshole, I let out a loud moan when Ron tried to fuck it so Tony told him to stop. I remember falling asl**p and it was around 4 in the morning when Ron grabbed my hand and took me to another bedroom. Tony was asl**p in the bed and Ron led me downstairs to a small bedroom he had in the basement. He told me he didnt want to wake up Tony so he laid down and made me suck his cock again, my pussy was sore but i didn't care i just sucked cock. I could smell my pussy on his cock and that turned me on, so i sucked it harder and licked his balls slowly. Ron then put me on all fours and tried once again to fuck my asshole, but it was too tight so instead he fucked my pussy doggie for what seemed like a long time, he then put me on my side and fucked me sideways while he played with my clit. Finally he put me on my back with my legs over his shoulders and this time he came on my belly button. After he came on my belly he told me to get back upstairs before Tony woke up so i got off the bed and wiped up my tummy and headed back to the bedroom upstairs.

It was around 8 in the morning when Tony woke me up and told me to give him a blowjob, I heard the shower running and i knew Ron was taking a shower. I sucked Tony's cock and i made him cum again. I wanted to finish before Ron came out and asked me for one too. After we showered we headed back home. I remember i slept most of the way home and got home around 1:00pm in the afternoon. Hubby couldn't wait but i made him wait till night time and i sucked him off and fucked him too. Ron gave me his number and has asked me to call him. He wants my asshole bad but i don't know if i want to give it to him. We shall see what happens next.
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4 months ago
I loved this ...great sex
8 months ago
Great fun for all