smiles, kisses and him

My head was spinning, my heart was pounding and most of all I was excited but at the same time I was nervous. Today was the biggest day of my life. I looked in the mirror and saw myself; I was in a low cut pearl white wedding dress and as I looked closer in the mirror I saw tears in my eyes, it was probably tears of joy. The time was near for me to be wedded to the man of my dreams, the man that I had loved from the first time I heard his voice, he was a voice actor that had grabbed my heart, and most of all he was adorable. The way he proposed to me was adorable as well. “Today the stars seem to be shining bright, their beautiful” I said while we were looking at the night sky filled with thousands of brightly shining stars. “Yeah, I see the most beautiful star here with me right now, will you marry me?” he said in the most romantic way that made my heart melt. The church bells rang as my b*****r e****ted me to my groom, my dad was sitting on the chair with my dead mother’s picture in his hands and quietly shouting out my name though his tears. I smiled to myself as I shook my head and looked at my b*****r to find him also in tears and sort of smiling in a weird way. 3 steps more and I was almost there, my b*****r let go of his grip from my arm and gave me to my love, there he smiled at me and took my hand in his. “Do you” began the priest, “Noriaki Sugiyama, take this lady to be your lawful wedded wife?” Noriaki looked at me with his big round eyes and said under his breath, “Yes, I do” my heart raced as the priest looked at me and repeated the vows, “Do you Marika Iwasaki take this man to be lawful wedded husband?” I smiled a small half smile and answered back in a small voice, “Yes, I do” the priest then said that he would pronounce as husband and wife and that we could give out the rings. When everything was over, Noriaki kissed me deeply, in the background I could hear my friends and f****y cheering for me, for a brief moment I thought I heard my mother tell me congratulations. I gave my husband a big smile as I received another kiss from him and through my bouquet of flowers high in the air. My best friend caught it and my other best friend started to scream with joy. The wedding was a blast, I danced with my b*****r, father and then with my husband. While Noriaki and I danced he asked me how I was keeping up with my work, I smiled back at him and thought about my work. I work as a writer and script writer, I write love stories from the views of teens and young adults. My scripts are somewhat similar to my love stories and when my scripts are finished I give it to my editor and my editor and a producer from an animation company makes it into an interesting animation, in which my beloved husband voice acts to it. “All’s well that ends well” I answered back under my breath. The wedding seemed to last forever but like all parties and fun moments, there must be an ending and it was time for us wedded couple to leave for our honeymoon. Noriaki never said anything about where our honeymoon was going to be, he only said “It’s a surprise and I intend to keep it that way” knowing that I was a very curious person he smiled at me and chuckled and put his arms around me. When he got in the plane we met some friends and old acquaintances. The people we saw were Masaya Onosaka, Hiroki Yasumoto, and Katsuyuki Konishi. They were voice actors as well and frinds of ours, “Check it out guys!” said Katsuyuki “the honeymoon couple is here” I turned three shades of pink as I hugged everyone and told them what and how the wedding was like, next to me was Noriaki reading my script and smiling every now and then. During the flight I must have slept because when I woke up I was being carried my Noriaki. “What?” I said in a small voice, Noriaki heard me and put me back on my feet. “When did I fall asl**p?” I asked, Noriaki smiled and put his arms around my waist and said under his breath, “about 2 hours ago, your sl**ping face was so adorable that I took a few pictures in my cell phone” I gasped and tried to take his phone away but he was too fast for me and right at the airport he pressed his lips against mine and he gave me a bit of a wet and deep kiss that made me want air. When the kiss was broken Hiroki, Masaya and Katsuyuki started to cheer madly and clap their hands. “You sly cat, well done.” Said Hiroki and patted Noriaki on the back. Noriaki smiled as he grabbed me by my waist and carried my luggage and his luggage and started to walk towards the airport exit. “Where are we” I asked, Noriaki grinned and said we were almost there and when I came in contact of fresh air I gasped and hugged my husband at the same time I covered him in kisses. “Oh, thank you thank you thank you!” I yelled out with joy. Noriaki had taken me to England for our honeymoon. Knowing that I was always interested in English culture and gardens along with tea, he had brought me here. Masaya and the gang chuckled from behind, “What are you guys doing here, honestly” asked Noriaki now being a bit upset. Hiroki was about to say something but he was interrupted by Katsuyuki, “We are on vacation and we thought England would be great fun” Noriaki sighed and said under his breath, “Fine, just don’t bother me or my wife” Masaya chuckled and raised his hands “we swear” he said and started to chuckle again, Katsuyuki chuckled to as he asked Noriaki to reapeat what he had just said and to my surprise he did but this time he said it a bit louder, “Don’t bother me or my wife” when he said “my wife” I happened to look up at his face and see his face turn red. My body instantly kissed his lips and my hands caressed his rough but silky dark black and brown hair. Noriaki was surprised at first but he embraced my kisses and pulled me closer to him. The kiss was broken by Masaya who told us to do this sort of stuff when we were alone, and not in public. We took a cab to a hotel called the four seasons. While I dragged my suit case and talked to Hiroki and the gang, Noriaki went to the front desk and got our room key. I said my good nights as I gently kissed the gang on their cheeks and hugged them, then I skipped my way to Noriaki but I sort of slipped and was about to fall but Noriaki caught me just in time, “Try to be more careful next time sweet heart” he whispered in my right ear and helped me to my feet. When we reached our room door, Noriaki told me to close my eyes and not peak, I did as I was told and when he was ready he carefully put his hands over my eyes and carefully led me into our room. “ Alright, open your eyes” he said and removed his hands from my eyes, when I opened my eyes, my mouth almost dropped open, our room was a special suite room and rose petals covered the queen sized bed. I quickly turned around to meet my husband’s gaze and kissed him deeply on the lips and as if returning the kisses he caressed my body and slowly stripped my clothes off. When Noriaki made me completely naked he started to take off his clothes and when his naked body pressed against mine, he started to kiss the left side of my neck, he knew that my left side was my weak spot and that I was easily turned on when someone or something touched there. I moaned and breathed heavily as he started to not only breathe on my neck but slowly lick his way towards my body. My heart raced as I could feel my bl**d pressure rise, “Naughty girl” said Noriaki through each pant he made, “looks like someone is wet and ready to be cooked” I moaned louder as I felt Noriaki enter me. Right after Noriaki entered me, I felt something gushing out of my body, “It looks as though…umm….I’m your first” said Noriaki between his moans, I felt my body itching to have more of Noriaki inside me, I reached out my arms and embraced him, the bed we were on started to move and make squeaking sounds, “Nori…aki…I…ah…” I squealed as I felt him f***e himself deeper inside my body, my temperature increased as my moaning got louder and louder to a point where I was almost screaming, when I looked into Noriaki’s eyes, I saw his gentle gaze and I felt like I had to say something but the only words, well more like sounds that came out of my mouth was squeaks, moans, and his name. We probably had sex for more than 2 hours because we were extremely exhausted and when we looked at the clock it was almost 10 pm. Noriaki fought the his tired self and changed the bed sheets in to fresh and clean ones, because of the bl**dy mess he got me into. When we were finally in bed together, he pulled me close to his body where I rested my head on his arms and snuggled myself closer to his body. “Where would you like to go tomorrow?” asked Noriaki as he gently wrapped his arms around my body that was snuggling closer to his. “Anywhere, where we can be alone.” I said a little sl**pily, Noriaki kissed my forehead then my lips, “I’ll think about that so for now let’s get some sl**p” he said and embraced me. The next morning I woke up to hear the birds twittering outside our suite window and also to the thumping noise coming from the door, I wrapped myself with the bed sheets and reached out to the bedside table that had my glasses. I put on my glasses and answered the door, “Who is it?” I asked, then a familiar voice answered, “It’s Masaya and with me are Hiroki and Katsuyuki” said the voice. I opened the door and in came Masaya and the gang, they looked at my sl**ping husband and then at me, “So, did you guys do it? Did you guys have sex last night?” asked Katsuyuki, I turned red and ignored him but Masaya looked under the bed sheets and laughed out loud. “Hey, Katsuyuki, they had sex last night, this guy is completely naked!” yelled Masaya through his laughs. Katsuyuki went to see Noriaki’s naked body and joined Masaya laughing, meanwhile, Hiroki looked around our suite and when he saw what Masaya and Katsuyuki were doing he immediately grabbed their shoulders and dragged them away from Noriaki which was now waking up, I gave him a kiss on the lips as he slowly opened his eyes and embraced my kisses. But when he saw the gang in our room and me wrapped around in the bed sheets, his eyes changed from sweet to rage, “What the hell are you guys doing in my our room? Get the hell out of this room before I call security” said Noriaki who had put his arms around me “Come on Noriaki, we just came to wake you love birds up, oh and by the way, I can imagine the sex was good between you two” said Katsuyuki, with a flash Noriaki was about to jump out of bed but I pulled him back in bed and whispered the fact that he was naked in his left ear, when he heard this he turned red and stopped his struggles.“Give me and my Marika 15 Minutes to get changed. We’ll meet you guys at the lobby.” Noriaki said calmly, the gang seemed to agree and left us in peace. “Good morning love” I said as I pressed my lips against his. He returned my kisses by giving me a big bear hug and pushed me down on the bed and covered me in kisses, “Yumily” he said under his breath and kissed my forehead. I quickly pushed him away and turned my face away in disgust, “Marika, I’m sorry, I just think Yumily is a cute name, I don’t know why you hate it so much, in fact I kind of like your middle name” said Noriaki who was trying to hug me from behind but I kept on rejecting him. “I don’t like that name, it sounds too girly and weak!” I pouted and turned my back towards him. Noriaki then breathed on my weak spot and apologized, I couldn’t resist, I gave in and forgave him as he showered me in kisses. I looked at the clock, we had less than 5 minutes to get changed in our clothes and meet the gang at the lobby. I quickly fixed my hair and put on my blue black jeans and white long shirt and with a brown belt my mother used to wear around my waist and I was set. Noriaki on the other hand was wearing a black top, a black denim jacket and a pair of blue black jeans. “Shall we Miss. Yumily?” asked Noriaki, I sighed, though I hate my middle name there was something in me that allowed him to call me by that name for the second time, “please tell me you’re not intending to call me that name forever?” I asked with a sigh, my husband smiled at me and kissed me, “not all the time but maybe once in a while, just to tease you a bit, after all you are my beloved wife and to be quiet arrogant, I do have a bit of an advantage over you” he teased as we walked out our suite room and Noriaki locked it. In the elevator I brain stormed some new ideas for my new story and script in my head. When Noriaki and I reached the lobby, Masaya, Katsuyuki and Hiroki were waiting restlessly near the sofas, “Finally” said Hiroki who was playing cards with Katsuyuki and Masaya was reading some script from another animation. The 5 of us decided to eat at the hotel and when we finished eating we then decided to take a stroll around Manchester. I thought it was a beautiful place, new people, new culture, new atmosphere and most of all new ideas for a new beginning for a brand new story. I felt the ideas flooding into my head as I smiled to myself. Suddenly someone grabbed my hand and pulled me out of a crowded street, “Hey! I’m married!” I exclaimed when I looked at the person who had pulled my hand and I gasped, it was Masaya and he thought I was being drifted away by the crowd so he came to rescue me. I thanked him and told him that I should be on my way back to Noriaki but he insisted?that we tour the place around together, I hesitated but knowing that Masaya and Noriaki were friends, I thought that there was no harm that could be done so I followed Masaya. We reached a bridge where we stared at the flowing river for a long time. “I love you” Masaya suddenly said out of the blue, I was shocked to hear the words coming out from my friends mouth, “what?” I said still not being able to comprehend to what Masaya had just said, “I said I love you.” He repeated, “I loved you ever since you came in that stupid old studio and gave the stupid old producer your script, I love the way you try to cover your true feelings and say other things, I love you Marika, I love you” I was having a hard time to answer his feelings, I mean I loved him to but not as a lover but as a dear friend, after all I am married and I’m really happy about it. “I love Noriaki and only him, though I do like you as a friend” I quickly said, Masaya looked at me and smiled, “I can make you happy” he said and tried to hug me but I dogged him. “Please, just one hug” he said and tried to hug me again, I dogged again, he sighed and pulled my arm, “Stop it you’re hurting me” I shouted, then without warning he pushed me against a brick wall and basically sandwiched me, “I love you” he said again, I closed my eyes and covered my face, suddenly I heard a familiar voice say “Keep your hands off my wife” , I opened my eyes to see Noriaki and Masaya fighting, I tried to stop them but Katsuyuki and Hiroki stopped me. “If you go into their fight, you won’t survive their blow” said Hiroki in a low husky voice that made me worry a bit. I stared at the 2 that were fighting and plucked up my courage, “Both of you stop fighting! I beg of you two, please” I yelled out, Noriaki stopped but Masaya made his final blow and Noriaki was knocked out. I quickly rushed to my husband’s side and covered him in kisses, he was terribly bruised, I looked up at Masaya and saw that he too was bruised badly. Hiroki and Katsuyuki carried Noriaki to our suite where the rest of the day I nursed my husband back to reality. “Feeling better?” I asked with a wide grin, Noriaki stretched his hands towards me, as I leaned forward, he pulled me towards him and hugged me tightly, “I’m sorry I wasn’t there to protect you” he said under his breath, I looked up at him and kissed his warm lips, “I’m fine, but how did you and Masaya get in a fight?” I asked, Noriaki sighed as he told me how they go in a fight. Katsuyuki, Hiroki and Noriaki were looking for me and Masaya but they couldn’t find us, that’s when Noriaki thought he heard me say “Stop it you’re hurting me” so he and the other 2 ran towards where the voice came from and they saw a d***k Masaya trying to seduce me. “I didn’t even know that Masaya was d***k, he looked normal” I said, Noriaki sighed and kissed my lips deeply, then he continued his explanation, apparently Noriaki first put his right hand on Masaya’s shoulder but when he saw him trying to kiss me, Noriaki couldn’t bear to watch it so he said, “Keep your hands off my wife” and they got in a fight. I chuckled when Noriaki sighed and looked at my face. “I love you so much, I don’t know what I’d do without you” he said and held me close. I snuggled myself closer to him as my lips met his lips and before we both knew it, we were stripping each other’s clothes and violently making love to each other. I moaned and squeaked a bit when I felt Noriaki’s big dick f***e himself in me. The bed started to move up and down as our movement got louder and louder. “Mari…ka, I…umm…love you more than anything…umm” said Noriaki through his moans, I panted for breath and answered him, “I…ah…umm…love you too…ah…” this lasted longer than I thought I would because we heard the gang knocking on our door. Noriaki looked a bit disappointed as he put on his pants and answered the door, Masaya apologized immediately when he saw Noriaki at the door and when he saw me wrapped around in the bed sheets with my hair all messy, he started to get a bl**dy nose in which Hiroki attended. “We just came to say sorry and bye because we have to leave and go back to Japan for work” said Katsuyuki. Noriaki hugged them and called me to his side, I stared at the guys in front of me and gave them a kiss on the cheeks, when I kissed Masaya’s cheeks, I softly whispered “I may not love you as strongly as I love Noriaki but my love for you as my best friend is strong” and as to add to what I whispered, I added a tiny wink and Masaya smiled back at me and through me a kiss. “That’s it break it up” said Noriaki and slammed the door “now, where were we, oh yes of course, I think I had just made myself comfortable inside you” he said and started to take off his pants and we continued to have sex, he licked my weak spot licked my nipples, licked my body and finally he plunged himself inside my body once more, I shuddered with pain as he f***ed himself deeper and deeper inside me. “Come on, spread your legs a bit more open darling” he said through his rough breathings, I did as I was told and spread my legs open a bit more, I felt like my body was melting when our pace started to get faster and faster until the room was filled with only my moans and Noriaki’s heavy breathing. We must have had sex for more than 3 hours because the sun had set and the stars seemed to be shining brightly. Noriaki put on his pajamas as I took out a pink negligee out of my suit case and wore it in the bathroom, I smiled to myself as I slowly came walking out of the bathroom and walked my way towards my husband that had his mouth wide open, “My god, Marika Yumily Sugiyama, you look ravishing” he said and kissed me deeply when I was inside the bed covers. “I told you not to call me that name” I teased as I snuggled closer towards Noriaki’s warm body. While sl**ping I felt Noriaki’s right hand gently stroke my back, I moaned a bit as I snuggled in closer to my love. 4 miraculous days passed and in 3 days it was time for us to head back to Japan and start our busy life style again. The next day while Noriaki and I were walking hand in hand I met someone very unusual, my ex-boyfriend, Daisuke Hirakawa, he was also a voice actor and we were together for 5 months but we broke up at the same time and we never crossed each other’s path but today we did. “Marika?” he asked as Noriaki gripped my hand tighter, “Daisuke!” I exclaimed and waved at him, when he came closer, Noriaki and I saw a small boy hugging Daisuke’s right leg, “Oh” I said, “who is this young boy, is he yours” Daisuke laughed out loud, “no, sadly he isn’t mine but he is my nephew” he replied back with a proud grin. I smiled back and patted the little boy on the head. The little boy was so adorable that I couldn’t keep my eyes off him, “may I carry him a bit?” I asked, Daisuke nodded as I carefully carried the little boy in my arms and showed Noriaki who was now patiently waiting for me to finish talking to my ex-boyfriend, “Sweet heart, he’s adorable” I said, Noriaki looked at the boy and carried him a bit and gave him back to Daisuke, we said our goodbyes and headed back to our suit. “That boy was so cute” I said, now in my fantasy world “yeah he was, which is exactly why I want to try having one with you” said Noriaki. I turned three shades of pink before I turned completely red in the face, “you what?” I asked a bit embarrassed about what he had just said, “I want to try making a baby with you if you don’t mind” he repeated, I smiled and flung my arms around him. When we went back to our suite, he unzipped my jeans, unbuttoned my shirt and then he took off my underwear as he unhooked my bra, he started to undress himself as well and gently laid me on the bed and kissed my weak spot as he slowly made his way down to my stomach, where he then started to lick my body. A few brief moments of being nice then suddenly he f***ed himself deeper and deeper inside my body, I felt like my body was burning. Noriaki and I continued to do this every night until it was time for us to go back to Japan, when we arrived at the airport in Japan, Hiroki, Masaya and Katsuyuki were waiting for our return and a very unexpected guest awaited in the car that was waiting for us, it was Daisuke, “Hello Marika” he said and gave me a great big hug. I smiled at him as I sat next to Noriaki in the car and waited for the car to taxi. When the car moved I realized that the driver was Hiroki and he looked so patient and so calm, Noriaki gave a piece of paper to Hiroki and smiled, Hiroki smiled back and started to drive on and on until he stopped in front of a big white and darkish blue house. I stared at the house for a long time, “Come on Marika, we’re here” said Noriaki,I got out of the car and took out our luggage from the car and waved goodbye to our friends, “Home sweet home” said Noriaki, and carried my luggage in one hand while he unlocked the door with his other, when the door was opened, he took my hand in his and we both entered the big house, “I took the privilege of moving everything here just before we went on our honeymoon, I hope you don’t mind” he said, I smiled at the big house, “It’s beautiful” I said and through him a kiss that night I cooked some Chinese dish for the both of us. “Just imagine, I come home from work every day and eat my wife’s cooking and after that I have a bit of some fun time with her, this is life” said Noriaki and he started to eat. After dinned I did the dishes and I did the laundry. After I did all the house work, I sat in front of my computer and started to write a new story but no letters seemed to fill up the page. I sighed and stared at my computer for a very long time, suddenly Noriaki hugged me from behind. I breathed in some air and smelt the cologne Noriaki was wearing. “What do you say, we stop what you’re doing right now and go into bed and try to make something cooking in here” he said as he placed his right hand on my stomach. I squeaked a bit when Noriaki started to kiss the nape of my right neck, “I’ll save your left for bed” he said in a whisper as he turned off my computer and carried me to the bedroom where we violently kissed each other’s lips, when Noriaki sandwiched me against the bed and started to kiss my weak spot. I moaned as I felt his hands slowly take my clothes off, I moaned louder and louder until Noriaki kissed me and f***ed his tongue inside my mouth, “let’s hear that cute voice of yours some more shall we” said Noriaki through each breath that was spared between us. My legs slowly opened as I felt his body press closer to mine and he f***ed himself inside me, I bit my lips as Noriaki started to lick my naked body, “you look cute when you’re pink” he said under his breath, I moaned and wiggled my body a little. “Nori…aki…I…ah…umm…” I tried to speak but Noriaki had f***ed himself deeper causing me to scream a little, “yes, what is it you want my sweet” he asked, I bit my lips harder only to cause myself to bleed, when Noriaki saw my bl**dy lips he quickly kissed my lips and sucked my bl**d, “naughty little girl, could you not wait for me to cum?” he asked softly, I shook my head as I put my arms around him and made him get in deeper into my body. “My god, you really are a naughty girl, you came before I could” he said in amusement. I smiled weakly and kissed Noriaki on his lips passionately before I passed out. “Marika!” yelled out Noriaki, but I heard him chuckle when he found out I was sl**ping in his embrace, “you have a peaceful face when you sl**p, I must be the luckiest man in the world to have married a beautiful woman like you” I smiled peacefully as I felt Noriaki lie down next to me and kiss my lips and cheeks. The next morning I woke up early and started to work on my story, my story was about a high school girl who was madly in love with the school’s popular boy. As I concentrated on my work, I didn’t even notice that Noriaki was behind me, “Good morning Mrs. Sugiyama” he whispered softly in my right ear, I gasped at first but then I quickly turned around to face my husband that was beaming down at me, “umm, good morning love” I said and got out of my chair and took his hand in mine, “what do you want to eat?” I asked, Noriaki smiled and hugged me from behind, “how about I eat you up before I go to work” he said softly, I quickly started the fire in the kitchen and made some bacon and eggs with a buttered toast and coffee. We ate and laughed as we planned what we were going to do in the night, “how about we borrow a movie and watch it together with some popcorn” suggested Noriaki, I thought about the suggestion and quickly kissed his lips, “let’s talk about it when you come back home tonight” I said as I kissed him on the lips and started to make his lunch, his lunch was a pretty simple but there was a secret to his lunch box, inside his lunch box where he could put his chopsticks in there was a poem I made just for him, it read, “Your mellow voice engulfs my aching heart, your gentle touch warms my body. Your eyes are like the crisp silver moon that caresses my own. Your tender kiss flies me across the galaxy. Your long slim fingers gently caresses my cheeks, your soft warm hug makes my heart skip over the mountains, I love you with all my heart” I sighed a light sigh and packed Noriaki’s lunch box. “Take care” I said and gave him a kiss on the lips. It had been 3 hours since Noriaki had left the house and I was already feeling lonely, I was tempted to call him but I managed to control the feeling until he came home. When it was half past 7 in the night, I started to make dinner. Today I tried making some cabbage soup with roasted chicken breasts and potatoes as a side menu. When I finished I went in the living room and turned on some classical music and went to my desk to start typing my story. “I’m home! Did you miss me?” said a familiar voice, it had only been an hour since I finished making dinner and started writing my story and my husband was already back home. I jumped out of my chair and hugged Noriaki tightly, “I missed you so much” I said as I buried my face into his big arms that gently wrapped me in. He raised my chin and kissed my lips “I missed you too” he said with a smile. We ate and laughed, after that we watched a movie called “The Never ending Story” this movie was very important to me though I don’t really think Noriaki enjoyed it as much because he finished eating all the popcorn that I had made before we started watching the movie. I quietly sighed and snuggled closer to him, and he kissed my forehead and smiled at me “I forgot to ask but how was work?” I asked a little sl**pily, Noriaki smiled and kissed my lips “Work was good but I missed you terribly and thank you for your sweet poem I really enjoyed reading it” he answered back teasingly. I met his gaze and he met mine, we stared at each other for a long time then slowly our lips met each other’s and we started to kiss each other violently, we fell off the couch while we were just kissing, after that we made violent love on the floor, I heard my body screaming for more and more of Noriaki’s body, my body lust for his and he for me. 6 weeks later I had finished writing my story and I went to pay a visit to the studio Noriaki was going to for 2 reasons, the first was to show my editor that I was finished with my story and the second reason was to see my husband in work. As I took a sneak peak at the voice recording studio, I saw Noriaki bring an animation character to life as he became the character’s voice. I smiled to myself and thought about my story. I waited for a while until Noriaki came out of the studio, when he saw me his face lit up and he started to run straight towards me “Marika, what brings you here? Did you miss me already?” he asked as he hugged me tightly in his arms, I smiled and kissed his cheeks, “I missed you and I finished writing my story so I came to give it to my editor” I said with a grin. “Marika!” yelled out a familiar voice, I looked at the speaker and smiled “Masaya!” I exclaimed, Masaya was waving at me and running towards me, when we embraced each other Noriaki broke us apart, “I thought I told you not to touch my wife Masaya!” exclaimed Noriaki in a annoyed tone of voice. “Oops got to run now” said Masaya and he left Noriaki and me alone. When work was done for Noriaki we went home together hand in hand and had dinner at a very fancy restaurant. When we finished dinner Noriaki took my hand and he raced back home where he whispered quietly in ear, “My body is craving for your body, are you up for it?” I weakly smiled and unbuckled his belt and started to unzip his trousers, “Do you want more?” I asked naughtily, Noriaki’s body pressed against my body as he licked the nape of my weak spot, we had striped each other’s clothes and before I knew what was happening, Noriaki had sandwiched me against the wall of our bedroom, “May I mark you as mine?” he asked, I nodded my head as he licked body, “You taste sweet tonight” he said under his breath as he pressed my body against the comfy bed, he licked every inch of my body as I yelled out his name and he pressing his body against mine. “I want…umm…you in…umm…ah….me…” I said weakly as I saw Noriaki smile to himself. “Can you handle my greedy body that craves for your sweet melting moans?” he asked through my moans, I nodded slowly as I felt Noriaki’s long and wet ego pierce into my body, “It looks like I’m cumming sweetheart. Are you ready?” I nodded as I felt Noriaki’s cum entering my body, “ah…umm…ah…” I moaned, trying to call out his name but only weird sounds filled my lips. “I’d like to hear more of your adorable moans more if you…umm…don’t mind sweetheart” said Noriaki through his heavy breathings and small brief moans. We were at it for a long time, I didn’t even bother to check the clock, today’s sex felt different from other days, it’s not that I never enjoyed having sex with my sweet Noriaki or anything but today it was like he was a different man, there was something in his movement that had made my body burn more than usual. The next morning I woke up and took a quick shower, the shower felt so relaxing. When I finished taking a shower I looked at the clock then at the calendar, today Noriaki had to leave the house at 9 sharp. I quickly got dressed as I looked at the bed and saw my husband sl**ping peacefully and quietly calling my name with a smile; I kissed his forehead and went to the kitchen to make some toasted egg and bacon sandwich with extra cheese, it was probably the smell of the toast that woke Noriaki up from his sl**p, “Good morning” he said from behind me and hugged me from behind. We ate the toasted sandwich and I started to make Noriaki’s lunch. “Take care” I said and gave him a kiss on his lips. 8 more weeks had passed since I had completed my last story, my head was filed with new ideas but I didn’t know how to put into a sentence. The more I thought about it the more it made me sick in the stomach; in fact I had been feeling a bit sick all week, Noriaki had told me to visit the doctor but I replied that it was nothing serious. I guess I was wrong because I was starting to feel dizzy now, I looked at the clock, it was half passed 8, Noriaki would be back from work any minute now. I went to the kitchen and prepared dinner, I decided to make some chicken broth soup and mashed potatoes, I heard a familiar voice call my name, “Marika, I’m home” I smiled at myself as I replied back, “dinner will be ready soon my sweet” Noriaki came into the kitchen and hugged me from behind and kissed my right cheek “I’ll go take a shower now, care to join me” he teased. Half an hour later Noriaki came out of the shower all fresh and clean, when he sat himself on the kitchen chair, we began to eat our dinner. After dinner I took a long bath and joined Noriaki in bed. The next morning was a holiday for Noriaki so he stayed home and watched me type my story as well as giving me some advice for my story. Noriaki gave me great advices for my love story, he kissed my lips and smiled at me, when I smiled back a wave of nausea hit me, I covered my mouth as I stood up from my desk and ran straight to the bath room where I threw up. I felt like I threw up my breakfast, lunch and dinner all at the same time, I had forgotten that I had locked the bath room door so I could hear Norikai heavily pounding the door and screaming out my name in panic. I smiled a weak smile to myself as I felt my lunch come out of my mouth. I gagged and coughed louder, suddenly my heart leapt, Noriaki had kicked opened the door with his leg.
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