Roger The Lodger.

My Aunty Tina had a lodger when I was growing up, he always seam to be around on the weekends when I was staying, she liked a bottle, and she was out of it by 9pm.

I used to call up to Rodger to help me get her to bed, he would try and pick her up even though she was plump, big boobs, I could always see right up her skirt, white mesh knickers, I followed Rodger up the stairs to her room, it was when he lay her on the bed that turned me on as I was about 16, her legs open wide hair poking out the sides of her white mesh knickers, skirt up around her waist, boobs almost out.

Rodger would say, ok that's it, I'll sort her out now and get her ready for bed, see you later, I just leave him to it, but this time I watched him through the gap in the door, he first checked to make sure I had gone, the he pulled her pants down while undressing her, he kept stopping to wank himself while looking at her hairy cunt and hairy bum hole, played with her big tits, he had a huge cock and balls, I was slowly wanking watching.

When he was cuming he throw his head back and shoot over her legs, that sent me over the edge and I would drop my load until the next time, which was a few hours later thing of what I had seen...
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3 months ago
I Liked Jacking Off as I read that story, I never had an Aunt to Fuck, just my Mom, Grandma, my Little Sister and then my own Daughter a few years later!
I'm an Old, widowed Sex Pervert who looks at pictures of my Family & Jacks Off to memories now!
10 months ago
Similar happened to me, but it was her husband, (my uncle), doing it all, then when he had finished, about 15 mins later, he came down and said she was sleeping, later on I told my aunt that I had helped carry her up to bed, I had a hard-on while telling her.
1 year ago
fantastic memories very erotic
1 year ago
Nice story, very exciting! I used to get so turned on by my drunk aunts, the smell of their perfume and their thick lipstick. And as I got older their Xmas and new year drunken kisses seemed to become a lot more grown up..! ;-)
2 years ago
sounds so erotic
2 years ago
Nice tale you should have walked in on him and then blackmailed him so you could both use her.
2 years ago
lovely tale. so nice if he had let u join in
2 years ago