after my k**s was born my wife stopped having sex, not in the mood or only every month or so, I used to wait never had a wank, I was so horny to unload, sometimes she go longer then six weeks for a orgasm, i have played with her when she was sl**ping made her want to cum, my balls were that full my load would fly out like a fountain...

then I met tina in the street she new I could repair tv's asked me around, I will never forget that tuesday in 92, me and my wife had been arguing about her not being in the mood and i needed to unload, think it was about 8 or so weeks since i cum.

tina was telling me about jim who was 16 and asking me how often boys of that age masturbate as he was always doing it, some how it got around to me and my sex drive, when i told her i had not cum for two months she pulled a funny face that's long time to wait don't you do it, no, but I need to soon i'm bursting to do it.

she told me to go up to her spare room and do it and let it fly she said, I was that turned on I was holding my cock through my trousers, I pulled my pants down in front of her, I was almost off, she likes to watch a man cum, she said if ever you need a wank came around, she got a plump shaved pussy which she showed me while I wanked off unloading on her tits, I cry out when I wait a few weeks, every month going to for a wank....
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10 months ago
Tina sounds like a woman I would like to know.........
2 years ago
You are such a lucky man rot maybe, a very imaginative man in which case, you're still fortunate. I need a Tina right now.
2 years ago
tell her im cumming round as well
3 years ago
Just the sort of woman we all need from time to time.