shaking the bed.

funny thing that, me n the wife would go to bed say good nite, I would be as horny as hell, but she say she not in the mood, about 10 mins later she would say nite again, if I never reply and pretended to be sl**ping she would lift herself up and pull her knix down and start masturbating, why she would not let me bring her off, or suck her pussy, if I moved she would stop then start again when she thought I was sl**ping, I could hear the sound of her rubbing her pussy n fingering herself, the wet sound was loud and shaking the bed with speed she was masturbating and grunting, cock was throbbing and I would cum in pants without touching it.
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1 year ago
fuckin bitch ...
3 years ago
That is cruel, why is she doing that. After all if she is fantisising surely she could close her eyes as she wanks and let you go down on her to help bring her off.
3 years ago
Fine story my wife tells me she as never masturbated but I don't believe her, I know she has pulled me off hundreds of time and I am sure many more before me.