day's gone bi.....

I used to go to the toilet in the park on the way home from school to have a wank, or on the way to school in the morning, I even had to go in my dinner time, I used to run to the park toilet for a wank i could not wait.

one day dinner time there was someone in the cubicle, I creep in the one next to it, never made any noise and as I sat down on the seat their was a hole in the wall, I was shocked at the size of an cut cock being wanked, i watched the precum hang off his huge uncut cock, then he moved I could hear him pulled his trousers
and pants down and wank his cock i could hear the slapping sound and him moaning, then I heard him cum up the side panel.

I was hooked after that, and every day I would go and wait for a man any age to come in and have a wank, i did meet a married man who told me to watch the door while he finished off, his balls was huge, he said he only cum every month as his wife had gone off sex, I wanked him off a few times and he wanked me off, it's a shame all the toilets are clossed down.
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3 years ago
I have sure done that quite a few times ...still do when I get a chance,lol.