d***k wife wants to cum...

the only time my wife gets horny is when she's d***k, other than that she hates anything to do with sex, and i'm left with full balls and a waiting game, so every month or so i say having a drink tonight honey, if she say yes, my cock throbs cause i know i will be getting off when she had a few drinks.

half way though the evening i pretend to have an itchy cock, i put my hand down my jeans saying what washing powder you using, it's given me me an itchy cock n ball, i will pull my pants down and let her see me checking and itch my full balls, then just walk around in just my shirt and flash my hard cock, i fingered her the last time she was d***k asking her when she last cum, she said 3 months ago, she cum heard on my hand, then i said wank me off, cause i had a huge load saved i only lasted a few mins crying out that my balls needed emptying over her tits, she drained my balls, now every month she has a drink and drains my balls...
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