d***ken aunty...

So you know now that we had been told it was bad to do our work, and it frightened us into no doing it, we must have waited two wks or more, not only was we turned on all the time, but our balls were starting to ach.

Also found out why he was staying there a lot, she liked a drink, and every Thursday evening she had a few bottles of wine, but as I was staying he never did the things, but this time was different.

He said had to test the water so to speak to see how d***k she was, he told her his eggs was aching, that's how bigs his balls was, they looked like eggs in his ball bag, he was walking funny, she told me to go out the room while she checked mal, I watched through the gap in the door as he pulled his pants down and she checked his balls moving his big cock out of the way, then she pulled his pants up saying you will be ok in a few days....

He said if her legs were bare she had taken off her girdle, cause her stockings were attached to her open bottom girdle, he showed me them there where some hanging over the banister, there where four suspenders hanging off them, told me that her girdle rides up and makes her pussy and bum bulge out, and that sometimes she got undressed in front of him when shes been d***k, and he took out his cock and wanked off in front of her, she never said anything while she was d***k she just watched till his cum flew out over himself.

We had to wank off, we both had a big load saved, we went back into the front room where she was almost a sl**p, he said GET YOUR COCK OUT, LET HER SEE YOUR COCK....WALK PASSED HER WITH YOUR COCK OUT......We was that turned on, we both pulled down and took off our trousers and pants, just had our shirt on dancing and jumping around in front of her.

Her eyes was in the back of her head, she was trying to undo her bra, but it made her skirt ride all the way up to the top of her thighs showing off her white knix stocking tops and girdle, mal said you taking your bra off, he got up to help her, I thought he was going to put his big 9" cock in her mouth, but he leaned over her, but he couldn't open it, so I got up to have a look, my hard only 7" cock, but got a fat cock head was pointing at her face...

I was hopping she would wank mal off, but she never, she went for my cock playing with my fat cock head, I tried to move away but it was to late, I cried out as I unloaded all over her skirt n thigh, mal started wanking and walking around the room, he stopped buy the tv to face use then shot the biggest load across the room...........

nothing was ever said about that night, apart from her saying if you ever need to do that call here and I will do it for you....So I did right up till I was 19.......
50% (4/5)
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3 years ago
you should get her really drunk and then fuck her
4 years ago
just a wank & no more